“I felt like a tiny grey mouse heading straight for the mouth of a cat”

Mouse Bradford has just arrived at Perkins Girls College. She has left behind the small town where she grew up, her father and her stepmother. Mouse is quickly adopted by her two senior roommates, the striking, sharp-witted Paulie and the charming and beautiful Tory. These three bond over loss. Mouse has lost her mother, Paulie lost the parents who gave her up for adoption and Tory is losing herself to fit her parents’ expectations. They become inseparable.

Although they are the closest friends Mouse has ever had, she is still confused by the depth of the relationship between Paulie and Tory.

This world comes crashing down when Tory and Paulie are inadvertently caught in a compromising situation. Unable to justify their relationship to her family, Tory gives in to the pressure and distances herself from Paulie and her own feelings. Defiantly refusing to submit, Paulie struggles to keep Tory. Mouse is left torn between her friends.

A haunting connection with the falcon she rescued begins to cloud Paulie’s mind. When Tory gives in to a boy’s infatuation to prove she is normal, it drives Paulie to strike out with dramatic consequences.

Lost and Delirious is about the friendship of three teenagers and how they experience it in a private school. Throughout the film, the lost girls question their relationships with one another and the authority of others, while desperately attempting to seek out true love and meaningful emotional connections in their confused adolescent life.

(taken from the Lions Gate Films press kit, 2001)