Name: txladyjane
Country: USA - Texas Date: Sun Oct 4 07:49:05 2009
Comment: I love your page and I love this movie. Thanks for creating such a great site. Have a great day.

Name: Тот же самый человек
Country: Россия Date: Tue Sep 8 07:16:21 2009
Comment: За счастье надо бороться, чтобы ни было, чтобы ни происходило, за него нужно бороться, всей душой, всем сердцем, за все то, что у тебя есть дорогое.

Name: Один человек
Country: Россия Date: Tue Sep 8 07:14:38 2009
Comment: Удивительная судьба или просто случайность? Посмотрев этот фильм я смеялся над ним, более того он даже вызывал у меня отвращение.

Но буквально через пару дней, я полностью изменил к нему свое отношение. И этот фильм сейчас, его смысл, его слова, сейчас придают мне силы для борьбы за девушку, которую я люблю больше всего на этом свете. Спасибо.

Name: F-Lost and delirious
Country: Greece Date: Sat Sep 5 08:41:18 2009
Comment: Η ζωή μου ακριβώς σε ταινία...Φοιτητική εστία,Έρωτας, Χωρισμός για τον ίδιο λόγο...Πόνος...:(

Name: lavaurs (Homepage)
Country: France Date: Thu Aug 20 16:21:55 2009
Comment: Trиs beau film, j' espиre que vous en referez un autre.

Name: lara
Country: germany Date: Tue Aug 4 22:47:14 2009
Comment: i have watched this movies for first time 3 years ago and it still touches me.i have the feeling,that the movie created my personality in a stunning way.loving the film,the love scenes and the actors-so natural

Name: zach
Country: Date: Fri Jul 24 18:18:59 2009
Comment: The best movie that I have ever seen. Why couldn 't Tori just accept love?

Name: So
Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 16 18:10:20 2009
Comment: Debo decir que el ver esta pelicula me ha cambiado en muchas maneras. Solo quisiera que lo mismo le pasara a nuestra sociedad. Me impresiona ver tantas paginas en este Guestbook. Me hace sentir ke no estoy sola. Al igual que Paulie, you tambien pienso ke el Amor...solo es! Es y punto. Y eso puede ser muy doloroso a veces.

Name: So
Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 16 18:06:48 2009
Comment: I must say that watching this movie has changed me in so many ways. I just wish it would do the same for our society. I am impressed to see the number of pages signed on this guestbook. It shows me I 'm not alone. Just like Paulie, I too feel Love...just is, and it can 't be stopped. And that is very painful sometimes!

Name: violeta (Homepage)
Country: costa rica Date: Tue Jul 14 23:03:30 2009
Comment: Gracias por hacer este site. Esta pelicula es de mis favoritas, es demasiado buena. El site me ayudo a aclarar ciertas dudas del film. gracias!!

Name: Mayra Carolina
Country: Peru Date: Wed Jul 8 02:59:02 2009
Comment: I love this page cause i think it's true lost and delirious is the best movie that i have ever seen! I love u with all my heart Piper Lisa Perabo!

Name: stl L & D fan
Country: USA Date: Sat Jun 20 11:27:09 2009
Comment: It took me a number of years to not keep thinking about this movie and also wish someone would write a fanfiction that has a happy ending. I found one! It's on a site Just look up movies and then the ***le. Change the ratings on top of the page to "all ratings" and click "go" and all the stories will be shown. They have 2 good ones and one where Paulie proposes to Tori and she accepts. I'd love to be at their wedding!

Country: México Date: Sat Jun 13 08:21:15 2009
Comment: me encantooooooooooo la pelicula! sobre todo piper perabo porque es mi tipo.Sufri con su recordo mis inicios...quiero convertir mi leche en hiel.!!

Name: Rickie
Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 10 01:38:54 2009
Comment: amazing movie, thanks for the script so i could understand the movie without the sub***les. :) touching, so sad! wished tori would show her love in public, reveal the truth of her inner! Wonderful directing!

Country: México Date: Wed May 27 18:37:31 2009
Comment: hola la verdad esta pelicula me encanto en todos los sentidos, pues refleja lo que las chicas con preferencias sexuales distintas hacen por maravilloso lo que refleja esta pelicula por amor lo puedo definir asi: como la manera mas perfecta de amar,sentir por ese amor tan real pero a la vez imposible,no aceptado por la sociedad. es una pelicula hermosa. gracias por reflejar nuestro sentir

Name: barbara
Country: Poland Date: Wed May 13 23:41:32 2009
Comment: ooo forget: Piper Perabo is fantastic. Hm... I think that I love her ^^

Name: ...
Country: Poland Date: Wed May 13 23:35:57 2009
Comment: Lost and delirious is the best... love is so sad.. ;( i'm very lonley.. :(
of course this site is the best too.

sorry for my english ;P

Name: Ryin Kelsin
Country: Untied States Date: Sun May 10 23:33:14 2009
Comment: best site ever...for the best movie ever!

Name: Nini
Country: Schland Date: Thu May 7 00:11:25 2009
Comment: So...ich schreibe hier jetzt zum zweiten mal rein ^^ weil ich den film so toll finde... keine ahnung warum...da ist alles drin, was ich mag, drama, lesbische liebe und hübsche mädchen.

Name: renaissance811
Country: United States Date: Sat Apr 11 05:12:16 2009
Comment: I just watched this film last night and now writing this there is a lump in my throat. I don't know if I have ever been more moved by a film. It brought back a pain that makes me feel alive. It makes me wish that time wouldn't have dulled my pain. What if Paulie would have gotten help. Why did I get through it. I guess I didn't love like her but I can identify.

Name: Adriana Ramirez Hernandez
Country: Mexico Date: Mon Apr 6 01:37:44 2009
Comment: Esta Pelicula Encuentro Palabras Para Describir Lo Maravillosa Que Es. La Ecena Cuando Paulie Abre Los Brazos Y Se Deja Caer Es Asombrosa. Simplement Genial.

Name: like
Country: Argentina Date: Sat Apr 4 01:58:12 2009
Comment: buena pelicula,besos :)

Name: AlexLee
Country: Singapore Date: Wed Mar 18 19:56:10 2009
Comment: Sigh, i am feeling so depressed after watching the film. I know i'm really late in finding out abt it. And yes i do agree that for the ending, it wld have made much more impact if they actually showed paulie fall and Tori crying over her dead body, instead of the flying felcon. I probably would have cried more. Now, i'm just hating Tori big time and the scene keeps playing in my head, the way she had sex with someone else without considering Pauli's feelings. gosh, i am so depressed.

Name: AlexLee
Country: Singapore Date: Wed Mar 18 17:32:22 2009
Comment: I never went to boarding school but i totally understand how Pauli felt in the movie. It was heart wrenching, especially so becuz i went through similar thing. You know what i wish for? As evil/mean as this might sound, i wish that "Tori" will live her life with regret and emptiness. Like she could be married afew years down the road, get old with all the grandchild but then one day, she tells her grand daughter about her one and only love that's been in her heart since forever...

Name: onclouds78
Country: Turkey Date: Mon Feb 23 00:44:30 2009
Comment: What a fantastic love story. Great job from Piper.. I really have not watched such a realistic character before..
Thank you Paulie , you changed many things in my mind.
Love is really this.
I am very late to watch it after 7 years :) but i am lucky that i watched.

Name: camilla
Country: denmark Date: Tue Feb 3 16:19:30 2009
Comment: "love is... It just is and there is nothing you can do about it".... paulies wise and true words in lost and delirious.................-

Name: camilla
Country: denmark Date: Tue Feb 3 16:15:10 2009
Comment: ive just watched lost and delirious for maybe the fifth time. Still love it of course! If only tori stayed with paulie...!!! Such a shame that she didnt, they were such a good couple!=) I think that when paulie took her life by jumping out of the rooftop then tori actually regret that she didnt stay with paulie. But of course then it was too late=(

Name: shikitita..!!!
Country: ola Date: Tue Feb 3 06:16:18 2009
Comment: ölïzz....
pöz lä vrdd ke ä mï zë m ïëgö lä plï...
ëz mï fävörïtä..!!!
müzhäz fëlïcïtäcïönez...!!!!

Name: camilla
Country: denmark Date: Sun Feb 1 18:39:31 2009
Comment: lost and delirious is the best movie ive ever seen...- its soo good=).. I love paulie she is soo sweet. but i hate tori for just letting her parents control her life like that. its up to tori herself to decide who she wants to be with. you have to be with the person u love!! as long as youre happy!!
please write to me if you wanna talk more about the movie.-

Name: Marco
Country: Italy Milan Date: Wed Jan 14 19:52:13 2009
Comment: this is the most beautiful films I have ever seen I can not stop crying was so touching when I think of Paulie are the tears I was so beautiful sweet sensitive ..
Paulie i love you
Paulie fly with you
Name: Ghv2
Country: music Date: Wed Jan 7 11:55:25 2009
Comment: ѕлиз поделитесь ссылочкой на песню Me'Shell NdegйOcello - BEAUTIFUL в ћр3. Ѕуду очень -приочень благодарен! ќчень нужно.

Name: Steph
Country: Dominican Rep. Date: Sun Dec 21 20:38:07 2008
Comment: Linda pбgina. Me encanta la pelнcula, es genial! Besosss!

Name: Liz (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 15 20:46:04 2008
Comment: Loved the website. I adore the movie. =)

Name: Nadja
Country: Russia Date: Wed Oct 29 09:44:57 2008
Comment: I think, that this movie teaches us tolerance. And it is just beautiful, that we all are different.
People, please, let respect the feelings of other! LOVE is a wonderful thing independently of whom you love.

я думаю, что этот фильм учит нас толерантности. » это просто прекрасно, что все мы разные.
ƒрузь€, пожалуйста, давайте уважать чувства других. ЋёЅќ¬№ - это же замечательна€ вещь, независимо от того, кого ты любишь.

Name: kirstan brier (Homepage)
Country: united states Date: Mon Sep 29 17:22:18 2008
Comment: hi

Name: Lauritxu90 (Homepage)
Country: Spain Date: Tue Sep 16 20:30:58 2008
Comment: Quй preciosidad de pelнcula... Es tremenda, profunda, te hace pensar, te emociona...

Name: cintya (Homepage)
Country: cintya Date: Fri Sep 12 20:28:58 2008
Comment: lost and delirious

Name: Guest
Country: Date: Wed Sep 3 21:12:09 2008
Comment:  сожалению у мен€ была друг девушка не традиционной орентации и все закончилось точно как по сценарию фильма ѕолли как две капли воды похожа на нее.

Name: Chompoo
Country: Thailand Date: Sat Aug 16 17:20:31 2008
Comment: It is a very sad movie. I feel really sorry for Paulie. She was abandoned by her mother at first and then by her only lover, Tori. Without the one to love, she'd rather be gone. So tragic. It may be bias but I totally blame it on Tori. And I do hope that she will suffer and be sorry for all the rest of her life. She's gonna miss Paulie in everyday she's breathing.

Name: Antonio
Country: Mйxico Date: Fri Aug 15 16:33:38 2008
Comment: Llevaba meses buscando el tнtulo de una pelнcula que vi en TV ya iniciada, y ahora lo tengo gracias.

Name: xxxx
Country: TR Date: Wed Aug 13 10:31:29 2008
Comment: i watched this movie and my life has changed totally

Name: Mel
Country: Italy Date: Sun Aug 10 20:16:20 2008
Comment: Hey all,
the movie is such a love at first sight...I just keep watching it and also know what it means to be Pauley, me being in the same position as her...It ***s!
Love it...Kiss

Name: jessi
Country: germany Date: Thu Jul 24 17:04:55 2008
Comment: awwrrr the movie is sooooo awesome:D

Name: Hugues
Country: Belgium Date: Sun Jul 20 21:23:04 2008
Comment: Thank you for this site. I only speak french.I love this site,and of course also the movie.

Name: isabel
Country: 04125675981 Date: Fri Jul 4 23:48:39 2008
Comment: Muchas felicidades por su pelicula es un placer conocer de ustdes ya que por medio d su pelicula pude reflejar mis vivencias en el ambiente graciasssssssssssss les quiere isabel

Name: kj (Homepage)
Country: philippines Date: Tue Jul 1 16:08:46 2008
Comment: thanks for this site!!its really good reading those review based on experience!i too love this movie, and relate with it!=)

Name: Katryna
Country: United State Date: Wed Jun 18 07:27:21 2008
Comment: i love lost and delirious.
this website is great(:

Name: Mac
Country: United States Date: Mon Jun 16 07:43:11 2008
Comment: If you fall I will catch you
If darkness takes you I will show you a new light

Be at Peace Paulie

Name: Maria Ramos
Country: california Date: Sun Jun 15 21:55:34 2008
Comment: I really enjoy watcging this movie! I think this movie shows subjects that people want to know about! things that really happens! and we should not hide in the shadows!

Name: Erika
Country: MEXICO Date: Mon May 26 14:45:23 2008
Comment: esta sensacional esta pelicula nunca hania vista algo tan emocionante me gusta la historia es genial.
Name: Erika Reyes
Country: craving Date: Mon May 26 14:42:35 2008
Comment: esta sensacional esta pelicula nunca hania vista algo tan emocionante me gusta la historia es genial.

Name: Stephy Wise (Homepage)
Country: International Date: Thu May 22 07:17:00 2008
Comment: Lost and Delirious is a beautiful and moving movie. Dont we all feel like Paulie sometimes? People say that the lesbiam jilted lover commits suicide thing is a cliche, but this movie does it so well its powerful, realistic and meaningful.

Name: Delirious
Country: Brasil Date: Fri May 16 03:02:02 2008
Comment: Descobri esse filme a pouquíssimo tempo,mas não tenho dúvidas de que é uma obra atemporal."Lost and Delirious" é delicadeza e fúria,é felicidade e sofrimento,mas acima de tudo,é amor profundo e verdadeiro.É um filme que toca a alma.Já o assiti diversas vezes,mas nenhuma delas se torna igual pq é há uma atmosfera muito grande de sensações no ar.Gostaria de destacar a atuação majestosa e única de Piper Perabo(Paulie)que,na minha humilde opinião,é a grande responsavel pelas melhores cenas do film

Name: khamy
Country: Brasil Date: Wed Apr 30 22:20:09 2008
Comment: eu amo muito esse filme,é a melhor historia de amor que existe,sou completamente apaixonada por esse filme.adoraria compra-lo mas nao consigo encontra-lo.

Name: jennifer
Country: México Date: Thu Apr 24 22:54:09 2008
Comment: Es una mezcla de sentimientos estupenda, ya que hay pasion, seduccion. La recomiendo mucho se ha vuelto una de mis peliculas favoritas.

Name: Antiffded
Country: Bosnia and Herz Date: Thu Apr 24 09:55:26 2008
Comment: Hello my friends :)

Name: Semon Crantuiton (Homepage)
Country: Canda Date: Tue Apr 15 02:43:43 2008
Comment: Very nice site! Thanks!


Name: laurii (Homepage)
Country: argentina Date: Thu Apr 3 01:02:24 2008
Comment: hoy vi la pelicula, es muy triste.
tory que no se queda con paulie, paulie se suicida que final por dios como llore lo recuerdo y me agarra un nudo en la garganta..
muy buena pelicula.
felicitaciones por la pagina:)

Country: mexico Date: Tue Apr 1 05:39:05 2008
Comment: es increible como el amor nos puede envolver en una locura, es una gran producción que se debe homenajear por que es importante tratar este y demas temas en la sociedad que cada vez es mas agresiva y cerrada, no soy una persona homosexual pero considero que todos debemos tener pluralidad en este mundo.

Y no considero que el tema se centre en el lesbianismo, al contrario la materia prima esta en mentalizar y ***izar la realidad de un AMOR, por que es demasiado dificil encontrar un amor p

Name: mia
Country: england Date: Mon Mar 24 16:44:48 2008
Comment: i think i am in love with jessica pare!
she was so good!
showed amazing talent in scene when she is telling mary b that she can never be with paulie again in library!
Country: venezuela Date: Wed Mar 19 16:03:48 2008
Comment: al ver la pelicula quede fantasticamente enamorado de PIPER PERABO, es el tipo de niña con la que siempre he soñado, al verla en las escenas eroticas, me cautivo tanto que hasta me vi metido en la pelicula haciendole el amor como solo ella se lo merece "COMO UNA PRINCESITA " como lo que es. TE AMO!!! BEBITA LINDA

Name: kerly teresa varela tanchiva
Country: Perú Date: Wed Mar 12 06:35:20 2008
Comment: I really love the film and this page is so good that is imposible not to see it, I LOVE LOST AND DELIRIOUS.

Name: Chanda A
Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 4 17:00:57 2008
Comment: This movie was one of the best i have seen in a long time. Piper P is awesome.

Name: Géhh (Homepage)
Country: Brasil Date: Mon Mar 3 19:39:06 2008
Comment: Site perfeito (Y)

Name: PEKE
Country: Date: Sun Mar 2 19:26:19 2008
Comment: Para fatima:
Creo que no te has visto en la situacion pero te aseguro que la pelicula refleja mas realidad de la que imaginas, mi caso es muy similar y se pasa realmente mal. No te ofendas solo queria que supieras que hay casos que si son reales y el de la pelicula es unno de ellos.


Name: Fátima
Country: España Date: Fri Feb 29 15:36:32 2008
Comment: Muy buena web, bastante currada ;).
La película me gustó mucho, aunque a veces raya un poco que casi todo lo que trata de esta temática acabe mal y las que no, sean irreales. No digo que deba ser todo rosita, es absurdo. Pero no siempre salen mal, y se echa en falta esa parte de la realidad. Pero lo que es la peli, me encantó, en serio.
Y felicidades por el sitio, está muy completo.
Un saludo

Name: john
Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 27 02:48:02 2008
Comment: Why are low-budget Canadian films about the human condition - like L&D - so much better than most other country's high-budget films on the same subject? In my opinion ...

Name: julia
Country: Canada Date: Tue Feb 26 01:46:13 2008
Comment: I haven't written on here for 2 years I think....I was thinking about this movie the other day...still seems to leave an impact..greetings from Toronto :)

Name: PEKE
Country: españa Date: Sun Feb 24 20:16:46 2008
Comment: Quiero dejar bien claro que esta pelicula es la realidad, la gente se engaña pensando que hay libertad! Mentira!!! Es injusto que dos mujeres que se aman esten en clandestinidad!!! Me pasa lo mismo! llevo 3 años escondida en un rincon ocultando lo que siento!!!
Sencillamente increible la pelicula!!!

Name: Jessica (Homepage)
Country: españa Date: Sun Feb 24 20:05:16 2008
Comment: Es la mejor pelicula que he visto!Parece que la hayan hecho de mi vida, realmente es asi..bueno, no me ha dejado pero estamos condenadas a estar escondidas..Besos y felicidades por la pagina

Name: Ann
Country: Россия Date: Mon Feb 18 14:36:07 2008
Comment: не знаете где можно скачать книгу, по которой был поставлен фильм?

Name: L.L. (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Feb 18 10:04:59 2008
Comment: Thank you for making a fan site for the most Beautiful movie EVER!

Name: patricia
Country: mexico Date: Tue Feb 5 19:54:31 2008
Comment: grandiosa!magica
la verdad soy an de perabo y esta es una mas de as pelis que me encantan

Name: Startraveller (Homepage)
Country: Date: Wed Jan 30 19:25:04 2008
Comment: Hello again, I would like to add something here: If only i could go back to those years of school... the "age of innocence". If only! Thank you. (((d-.-b)))

Name: Startraveller (Homepage)
Country: Greece Date: Wed Jan 30 18:36:24 2008
Comment: Ok, it has become my favourite, watched it about 20 times so far...came out of the blue,i was surprised to see something so brilliant! It's perfect: the raptor concept, the performance...Shakespear->great choice! This movie is so true! It's true and deep from the heart. Have u noticed that when she dies the hawk flying above is like a spirit....(along with that narration & haunting music...!!!) THE BEST FILMSCORE EVER!
"Like a flame across the sky" "I rush into the secret house..." _Re

Name: diana
Country: yuc. mex. Date: Thu Jan 24 01:31:51 2008
Comment: hace tres dias tuve la oportunidad de ver L&D al lado de mi novia, y realmente quede muy impresionada de toda la fuerza, pasiуn y amor de esta pelicula.
me identifique mucho ya que estoy pasando por una situaciуn muy parecida; estoy viviendo un amor maravilloso con una persona encantadora y no es justo que tengamos que escodernos.
esta pelicula realemente nos conmovio hasta las lagrimas y nos animo a seguir luchando por nuestro amor.

Name: Sharonaa
Country: The netherlands Date: Sun Jan 13 14:52:57 2008
Comment: Well, at first i really like this website and the movie ..
and i agree with Molls from Sweden .. ;)
I love this website and all stuff.. .

love. Sharonaa

Name: Matthew (Homepage)
Country: United States Date: Thu Jan 10 06:00:55 2008
Comment: Watched the entire movie today. I just love this movie for how it delivers the theme and message that love is beyond genders, labels, and what society thinks. Love can't be branded and shouldn't be branded. In the end, I really think that Paulie and Tori still could have been together if Tori didn't give in to what other people think (homophobia). I also cried during some specific parts. I feel that the three lead actresses did superb and I think everyone should watch this movie. I love it!

Name: Nadin
Country: RUSSIA Date: Tue Jan 8 08:11:04 2008
Comment: Обалденный фильм, пересматриваю каждый день, а музыка в конце просто сводит с ума.
П.С. ищу девушку из России, и не только :) Пишите на мэйл. отвечу всем. Мне 25.
I Find a girlfriend. I`am a girl, 25 years old.
Write me!

Name: Molls
Country: Sweden Date: Wed Jan 2 05:57:00 2008
Comment: Lost and delirious, what can I say? Bravo! I think Iґm in love. I saw the trailer, i loved it. Saw the movie in french, and i donґt know one word in french, butloved it. Then saw it in english and now Iґm stuck. I just wanna see it over and over again and know everything about it. Iґm like an addict. And the movie like breaks my heart over and over again, well thanks for the site and the gb, love reading what everyone said, sad thoug that i canґt understand all language.

peace out!

Name: Ivy (Homepage)
Country: Italy Date: Tue Jan 1 19:11:07 2008
Comment: E' il migliore film che io abbia mai visto. Mi ha commoso fino in fondo, и bellissimo!!!! Dopo la visione mi sono innamorata di Piper Perabo, e ora и diventata la mia attrice preferita) Grazie per il film, i miei piщ sinceri complimenti! Buon anno nuovo!

Name: Anyssa
Country: Belgique Date: Sun Dec 30 03:44:20 2007
Comment: .. C'est un de ces films que, comme d'habitude, je dйcouvre en retard. Je vous adore comme vous avez fait un site :p Merci pour tous les fans, mкme ceux qui ne le dйcouvrent que maintenant. Vive Lost and delirious

Name: Maria
Country: Russia Date: Fri Dec 28 15:32:12 2007
Comment: На днях посмотрела фильм “Lost and Delirious” («Потерянные и безумные»). Честно признаться, никогда не видела ничего подобного. Читала отзывы о фильме, одни пишут, что долго не могли прийти в себя после просмотра, другие – пересматривают его каждый день. Я, наверное, присоединюсь и к тем, и к другим.
Этот фильм, как наркотик: после него наступает ужасная депрессия, но почему-то тянет посмотреть его еще раз. Когда смотришь опять, депрессия как будто проходит, но как только заканчивается после

Name: Caro L. (Homepage)
Country: Germany Date: Wed Dec 26 11:41:10 2007
Comment: Hey u =)
I love the work you did on this page.
Haha and I'm glad I had no mistakes at the quiz :P

If you need some people help you with the page
Just say it
I love working with that movie.
After holiday i'll do a talk about the movie in class..
I'm excited about the coming reactions :P


Name: grace
Country: russia Date: Sun Dec 23 21:02:37 2007
Comment: it's more than just a moovie... it's all about life, all about us

Name: Christina
Country: Denamark Date: Fri Dec 21 01:25:43 2007
Comment: Me too.. Loved it.

Name: Mika
Country: Denmark Date: Thu Dec 20 23:49:33 2007
Comment: Hi from the cold north..Just have seen L & D an it is so great.

Thanks for this site 2

Love from Denmark....

Name: alvaro (Homepage)
Country: chile Date: Wed Dec 12 03:41:19 2007
Comment: hola ya pasaron 4 dias desde que la vi y recien me estoy sintiendo un poco mejor y porfin pude darme cuenta cual fue el sentimiento que me provoco,fue como que me trasladara al pasado y todo el sufrimiento que vivi en la relacion que tuve{con una mujer} me revivio aquel sufriminto. lo mejor de esta pelicula es que llega ha todo tipo de personas hetero gay ect porque el amor que sienten comunica un sentimiento muy fuerte que te llega a provocar por ejemplo lo que me

Name: ALVARO (Homepage)
Country: chile Date: Sun Dec 9 22:03:57 2007
Comment: es una pelicula realmente extraordinaria me provoco un centimiento dificil de explicar como una presion en el intrior con ganas de llorar y votar todos las penas que voy a***ulando a medida que el tiempo pasa,pero por supuesto que no llore y tengo esta presion en el pecho que me provoca tristeza.
ese amor que sieten en algun momento lo pase y esa locura de amar tambien y sobre todo el fin de la relacion que me provoco como una espesie de soledad interior y exterior como que el tiempo se detu

Name: Sarah
Country: Germany Date: Sun Dec 9 16:34:12 2007
Comment: This movie is the best movie I've ever seen! L&D shows the reality and everytime I watch it it makes me thoughtful! I cried everytime I've seen it and I think I will never be able to stop the tears... I hope one day the society will recognize what they do with their painful comments. Love can be everywhere and it doesn't matter what age, Sex or whatever the people have! Maybe it would be great if there is somebody who likes to talk about such things too ;) So please don't mind writing me =)

Name: miri
Country: mexico Date: Tue Dec 4 22:13:53 2007
Comment: hola soy de qro,mex. la verdad vi la pelicula y me impacto espero que puedan hacer una segunda parte ya que seria muy padre ver la continuidad de la historia me gustaria que me escribieran dejo mi correo

Name: Tita
Country: u.s Date: Fri Nov 9 20:35:43 2007
Comment: Just beautiful!!

Name: pierre-olivir
Country: belgium Date: Mon Oct 29 12:15:09 2007
Comment: J'ai adoré le film, ton site est pas mal :)

Name: julia
Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 28 23:37:19 2007
Comment: I first saw L&D when I was 15. It was an eye-opening experience to the difficulties I will have to face later in life. It honestly depressed and scared me at first, but now I feel empowered to be who I am and hopefully change the world's conceptions for future generations. I love this film because it is honest, and if more people saw it, maybe they would begin think twice about their beliefs.

Name: Tommy (Homepage)
Country: Sweden Date: Sat Oct 27 15:40:38 2007
Comment: Nice site

Name: erika
Country: Mexico Date: Tue Oct 23 00:43:58 2007
Comment: bueno vi la pelicula apenas hoy en la mañana, y tenia examen pero simplemente no pude dejar de verla!! es hermosa en toda la extension de la palabra y me hizo un nudo en la garganta que solo pude desatar llorando.. hace mucho que no lloraba así en serio que es de las mejores peliculas que he visto.. siempre hay que luchar por el amor contra todo y todos

Name: Jane
Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 21 03:10:51 2007
Comment: I recently watched Lost and Delirious for the first time....what an outstanding movie! Bravo to all involved in making this movie.

Name: eLii
Country: spain. Date: Wed Oct 10 22:13:36 2007
Comment: Genial web..
y preciosa película, con un claro mensaje,
pero un final demasiado triste.

cuando el amor existe y está prohibido,
el amor es triste porque es clandestino.

Un besiito para mi muñequita de porcelana..

Name: iluvesnowwhite
Country: usa Date: Wed Sep 26 19:29:12 2007
Comment: This movie is amazing, my favorite quote from Tori to Paulie: "Listen because I am only going to say this once, I will never love anyone the way I love you, you know that, I know that, I will die knowing that"... so powerful!

Name: Kristen
Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 24 01:04:57 2007
Comment: I was here.

Name: perfume
Country: PhILIPPines Date: Sat Sep 22 15:53:08 2007
Comment: i agree it is one of the great movies we have in this world. the movie can really change and touch lives in one way or the other. it is something so deep and yet so full of love. and it makes me, incredibly happy to know there's a site that gives recognition to this kind of movie. Rage more!

Name: Ericka
Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 20 04:54:43 2007
Comment: Es la mejor pelicula que he visto, esta hermosa, la vi el lunes por primera vez y llore y llore, es tan real, me hizo ***izar tantas cosas, y ahora estamos a miercoles y ya la vi 4 veces.. Nenas no sean como Tori, piensen las cosas dos veces antes de lastimar a alguien y luchen por el veradero amor!!! luchen por su felicidad, que al final de todo a eso venimos a este mundo.. A ser FELICES!!!!

Name: gayle
Country: Philippines Date: Thu Sep 6 16:39:48 2007
Comment: It's AWESOME!!! it simply Rokzz.

Name: Delirio
Country: RUSSIA Date: Thu Sep 6 00:21:02 2007
Comment: До просмотра этого фильма я и представить не мог, что кино может так задеть...
Ни до, ни после ни один фильм не производил на меня такого сильного впечатления.
Не поверите, но после финальных титров я еще долго сидел перед монитором в задумчивости...
Очень глубокий, красивый и трогательный фильм, заставляющий совершено по-другому взглянуть на многие вещи, а некоторые переосмыслить...
Ну и конечно Пайпер. Необычайно талантливая и привлекательная актрисса. Теперь и я в рядах ее пок

Name: mika
Country: uk Date: Fri Aug 31 02:15:06 2007
Comment: i have just watched this film and now cannot think of any but....... this film is fantastic, i cried throughout, i cant get out of my mind the beauty. Im astonished such a film was made and i only just heard of it, everybody should watch lost and delirious, it could change the way so many people view this issue, and make them realise how can love like that, so powerful and emotional... it cant be wrong......... amazing

Name: Alex Wood
Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 26 03:10:26 2007
Comment: I discovered "Lost and Delirious" not long ago, and it's a wonderful movie, despite the reservations about specific points that I've expressed in the Forum section and elsewhere. I'm delighted this page is here for people who love this movie. I just saw Lea Pool's earlier movie "Set Me Free." It's great too. This is a director whose work is clearly worth seeking out, though some of it may be hard to find because the U.S. is so English-centric.

Name: barbara
Country: Hungary Date: Thu Aug 23 11:55:54 2007
Comment: i really love this movie! i've got it from a russian boy,he sent it to me.and i'm really thankful for it,cuz now i can watch my fav movie whenever i want!
i love how Piper Perabo acts in it! her emotions are so real!

Name: saray
Country: espaсa(sevilla) Date: Tue Aug 14 15:54:32 2007
Comment: ola a todas,esta pelicula es la mas hermosa de este mundo,lamejor kee visto,polie,es una gran actriz y me encanta como hace esta pelicula,ademas de estar muy bien y seguro ke estaiscnmigo,jejejejeje;).espero aser amigas aki,tengo 20 aсos y soy de sevilla.mandadme vuestro mesenger si kereis y ablams.muxos bss para todas y viva el amor y la polieeeeeeeeeee

Name: Must read
Country: Mex Date: Fri Aug 10 19:50:14 2007
Comment: No he visto la pelicula, y se que me deprimiria si la veo.solo los cortos. Esoty en el punto del delirio.Se que me identificaria con Paulie. porque "el amor es, y nada de lo que digan lo hara desaparecer" va mas alla de sexo, color, raza. quisiera poder gritarlo!!!!

Name: dyana
Country: MEXICO Date: Sun Aug 5 23:48:35 2007

Name: aida
Country: spain Date: Wed Aug 1 20:37:18 2007
Comment: Es una película indescriptible, fuera de este mundo...una obra de arte...
Nos hace pensar en el amor hasta el límite má muerte...quizás nos guste tanto, porque nos sentimos necesidad, la dependencia, el no dar explicaciones sobre si se es lesbiana o no..solo amar...y enamorarse de la ruptura, el dolor, el sufrimiento máximo, el soledad...y la vía de escape a todo una película que me ha marcado como persona.

Name: Lenore
Country: Chile Date: Sat Jul 28 02:17:12 2007
Comment: Acabo de terminar de ver esta pelicula, son las nueve de la noche y estoy abrazada a mi almohada llorando como nunca antes lo he hecho con una pelicula. Es increible, las felicito por el trabajo puesto en esta pagina, es genial. Toda la informacion, excelente. Nada, que esta pelicula es muy recomendable... es hermosa.

Name: Courtney (Homepage)
Country: Australia Date: Sat Jul 28 01:01:28 2007
Comment: I absoloutly ADORE this movie. It is so touching and sad.

Name: ceci
Country: mty mexico Date: Sat Jul 14 07:02:43 2007
Comment: hola, que bonito ver que a mucha gente tambien le gusto esta pelicula, la acabo de ver y la verdad es que es de esas peliculas que me hacen llorar y me dejan pensando en como me gustaria encontrar algo por que luchar, pero pobre paulie. agreguenme para platicar de la pelicula!! si son de mexico..

Name: fotinorod (Homepage)
Country: uk Date: Sat Jul 7 09:35:47 2007
Comment: Hello

I am Lucy, I have found your website while searching for some info at Google. Your site has helped me in a big way.


Name: Raissa
Country: Brasil Date: Wed Jun 27 20:51:45 2007
Comment: Adorei o filme principalmente pela participação da Piper, ela é l.inda, maravilhosa etc...O tema do filme é muito intertessante para mim, pois retrata o homossexualismo de uma forma verdadeira,ou seja,que existe AMOR entre pessoas do mesmo sexo.

Name: Kassandra (Homepage)
Country: new york Date: Mon Jun 25 14:04:18 2007
Comment: I found this movie very moving and they if can make a part 2

Name: Meandyou
Country: Russia Date: Mon Jun 25 00:29:04 2007
Comment: Help me somebody please! Where I can find Susan Swan's book "The Wives Of Bath"?

Name: Sophia
Country: Austria Date: Sun Jun 24 21:45:06 2007
Comment: That movie is really´s very sad, but I loved it very much. Lost and Delirious- Paulie and Tori, so sad!
Both of the actresses are very great in that movie...
its also funny to see the young Mischa Barton!
I just can´t understand why Paulie and Mouse are the main characters. I rather think that these are Paulie and Tori?!?
The movie is great..

Name: yo y yo
Country: Date: Thu Jun 21 04:49:30 2007
Comment: hay alguna manera de hacerse escuchar que queremos tener una segunda parteeee!!!!!!
queremos una segunda parte gente!!!
como hay que hacer, digan que hay que hacer para que hagan la segunda parteee :(

Name: sori
Country: Argentina Date: Thu Jun 21 03:15:04 2007
Comment: hola, me encanta esta pelicula, la vi hoy a la maсana y me mato, es muy triste y hermosa, me encanto pipper es una diosa, siempre me gusto pero nunca tanto como ahora, se convirtio en una de mis actrices favoritas, se pasa en lost and delirious, que genial que es.
bueno y seguiria todo el dia diciendo que pedaso de pelicula, no se la pierdan veanlan.
agreguenmen a

Name: bea
Country: sweden Date: Tue Jun 19 20:01:46 2007
Comment: Love the movie!

Name: Yulia
Country: Russia Date: Mon Jun 18 22:53:55 2007
Comment: Очень сильный, проникновенный фильм. Жалко что в нашем прокате называется Вас не догонят. Обидно, что в России подобная тематика до сих пор вызывает ассоциации с группой Тату

Name: ***SpellBound Staff*** (Homepage)
Country: Usa Date: Sun Jun 17 23:03:24 2007
Comment: I love the website.Just watched the movie yesterday(6/17/07).The movie is one of m fav.

Name: dyana
Country: mexico Date: Thu Jun 14 18:36:28 2007
Comment: esta peli esta bvien chida les recomiendo que la vean

Name: Jess (Homepage)
Country: France Date: Mon Jun 11 16:29:27 2007
Comment: You need a french comment here !! ;)
Sans rire, j'ai vu le film et il m'a beaucoup touchйe, la rйalisatrice a fait preuve de beaucoup de sensibilitй. Le thиme (difficile car beaucoup de clichйs sont possibles) est abordй sous le bon angle avec juste ce qu'il faut de fiction pour mettre en scиne les hйroпnes du drame.
Piper est une formidable actrice !!
Bravo pour votre site

Name: Anastasiya
Country: Russia Date: Sat Jun 9 13:36:23 2007
Comment: Hi,I saw this film only 3 days ago and since that I always think about it...This is one of the most amazing films I have ever seen.And it reminded me "Disko-pigs"...but they also different.

Name: lucycleide brito
Country: Date: Thu May 31 21:02:24 2007
Comment: gostei muito do filme.

Name: sara
Country: sevilla(espaсa) Date: Fri May 25 14:52:38 2007
Comment: ola xikas y xikos,veo ke nadie me contesta,si alguna ves algien me contesta espero ke me deis vuestro mesenger para ablar cn gente ke le guste esta peli cm ami ke me encnata ok?ya sabeis espero tener noticias vuestras.un beso para mi poli madreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Name: Evelyn Gutierrez
Country: United States Date: Thu May 24 04:21:17 2007
Comment: I just want to say that i think it's absolutely awesome that there is already a site devoted to this amazingly, beautiful film. I have only just recently seen it and am already absolutely in love with it (and Piper Perabo!). It's gotta be my all-time, never-changing, movie ever!

Name: sara
Country: españa(sevilla) Date: Mon May 21 17:13:09 2007
Comment: hola a todos y todas ke pasa?pues yo vi en you tube un reportage y me enamore de esta peli,de las protagonist y de todo en la peli mas romantica,bonita, podria acabar nunka,yo felicito de verdad a los ke la hicieron pq eske lo bordaron vaya,piper perabo es la mjr actriz y mujer ke ai,me encanta de verdad,no podeis imaginaros asta ke punto,yo soy lesbiana,para ke engañarnos y es una historia realista pq muchas veces sucede eso.espero ke algien me cnt.besitos

Name: sarah
Country: tabasco, mexico Date: Fri May 18 18:02:10 2007
Comment: wow!! soy super fan de esta peli di con esta direc por casualidad. mmm!! esta peli la veo, la veo y la vuelvo a ver y la vivo, la lloro y la vuelvo a llorar...
sera porque estoy 100% identificada con el personaje? bueno que bueno la encontre no?

Name: Guy
Country: USA Date: Wed May 16 23:13:42 2007
Comment: ok movie

Country: france Date: Tue May 15 00:25:42 2007
Comment: beautiful film

Name: Adam-Smith (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon May 14 00:59:43 2007
Comment: Hi!
My name is Adam!

Name: Andrea
Country: ITALY Date: Sat May 12 22:37:25 2007
Comment: Such a beautiful words to describe it, just WONDERFUL! See it if you didnt yet! Its magic!

Name: Mark
Country: England Date: Thu May 10 12:14:40 2007
Comment: Super movie, which I discovered after recently becoming a huge fan of Piper. Am currently collecting all her films, and must say Lost and Delirious is the best I have seen so far!

Name: XenXiTa
Country: España Date: Tue May 8 19:54:11 2007
Comment: Una peli super buena!! Me impactó y lo sigue haciendo! Me gustó muchísimo!

Name: vernerslaw
Country: Hungary Date: Sun May 6 13:32:53 2007
Comment: This is wonderful movie. Really focused me. and this is an even more wonderful site! THanks for creating it!

Name: Elizabeth (Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Sat May 5 15:45:41 2007
Comment: i saw this movie only once and i love it.and i cried cuz its sad
Name: Mark Aaron
Country: USA Date: Sat May 5 03:17:45 2007
Comment: Sweet. Loved the movie and love the site.

Name: April
Country: uSa CALIFORNIA Date: Fri May 4 22:25:01 2007
Comment: great myspace & website...I FREAKIN LOVE THIS MOVIE...i can relate soooo much

Name: shelby (Homepage)
Country: mexico Date: Wed May 2 20:36:38 2007
Comment: esa pelicula es fantastica, de las mejores que he visto, piper perabo es la mejor actriz que he visto y simplemente ella es perfecta.

Name: courtney
Country: united states Date: Tue May 1 09:00:48 2007
Comment: I remember seeing this movie around the time it first came out and I loved it. It really had an emotional impact on me and cried through the entire movie. It is by far one of the best movies ever made.

Name: Sina
Country: Germany Date: Mon Apr 30 16:05:38 2007
Comment: I love this film! and I love the music in the film but I don`t know whats the name of one song may you can help me: it is in the beginning in the movie trailer and in other scenes of the hole film! please help me and I like this page *kiss*

Name: Mayara
Country: Brasil Date: Sun Apr 29 04:45:15 2007

Name: Luana
Country: Romania Date: Fri Apr 27 22:14:02 2007
Comment: I like this movie, i like Piber ,she is awsome!The best actress, my favorite!

Name: natalie
Country: israel Date: Mon Apr 23 10:21:36 2007

Name: alexandra
Country: colmbia Date: Sun Apr 22 19:27:39 2007
Comment: no pense que una pelicula fuera mi vida exactamente,cada ac***ud personaje espacio es mi historia con una persona que amo con el alma pero como a tori es casi imposible

Name: 5
Country: california Date: Thu Apr 12 23:19:29 2007
Comment: me encanto la pelicula xq yo vivo algo similar

Name: Cranefly
Country: England Date: Thu Apr 12 17:35:38 2007
Comment: As a somewhat battle-hardened male of some fifty-odd years I was surprised that this film moved me to tears. Why it didn't receive the acclaim it deserves is beyond me. The anguish so well portrayed by Piper Perabo touched me deeply. I did think that one or two scenes were handled rather poorly with the ***ogy between Piper's character and the hawk rather overstated but overall this is a superb piece of film-making.

Name: Alejandra
Country: Mйxico Date: Wed Apr 11 04:36:00 2007
Comment: Esta pelicula es una de las mejores que e visto, se ve lo que uno puede llegar hacer por amor y la desesperacion por lograr tenerlo de vuelta esta pelicula me hace comprender que cada persona escoje lo que quiere en la vida aunque otros lo vean mal. gracias por esta gran pelicula

Name: virginie (Homepage)
Country: Belgium Date: Tue Apr 10 19:45:54 2007
Comment: hello, lost and delirious is a very beautiful film, i had the english version but not the french version and i don't speak very well english so it's complicated to see the video.

Name: Eugene
Country: Россия Date: Sat Mar 24 12:44:56 2007
Comment: p.s.

Если есть желание, пишите

Name: Eugene
Country: Россия Date: Sat Mar 24 12:43:41 2007
Comment: отреклась от меня. Вспомнил ту щемящую боль в сердце, когда она ушла, вспомнил одиночество и невыносимое желание уйти навсегда.
Этот фильм настолько взволновал меня, что до сих пор не могу придти в себя. Выписал его через Интернет, надуюсь вскоре посмотрю его вновь.
Много я видел фильмов, но этот......это не кино.....это нечто большее.
Спасибо девчонкам и режиссеру. Мой респект.
Любовь это прекрасно, и не важно к кому она обращена!

Сергеев Евгений г. Кемерово


Name: Eugene
Country: Россия Date: Sat Mar 24 12:42:03 2007
Comment: 9 марта 2007 г., как всегда, в пятничный вечер я смотрел TV. Без пяти минут 12 уныло щелкал пульт ДУ и случайно попал на канал ТВ3, где увидел момент из рекламного ролика «Вас не догонят», показанного в середине недели, про молодых девчонок.
Я сам не заметил, как настолько увлекся фильмом, что сон как рукой сняло.
В груди что-то «зашевелилось», казалось, я испытывал волнения, которые спали, как я полагаю где-то 12 лет. Я вспомнил свою юношескую любовь, ту красивую девочку, которая отрек

Name: Chris
Country: Guatemala Date: Thu Mar 22 06:48:32 2007
Comment: exelente pelicula!!! de mis favoritas, demuestra hasta donde es capaz el amor por alguien, y ad+ tiene un exelente elenco... wow. puedo decir q realmente amar nos deja perdidos y delirando....

Name: Delirious
Country: Russia Date: Thu Mar 15 21:22:00 2007
Comment: Приветствую всех, кто любит фильм. Ищу единомышленников. Мне 16, живу в Питере. Пишите мне. Уверена, нам есть,что обсудить.

Name: дАШКА
Country: Russia Date: Wed Mar 14 19:39:03 2007
Comment: Мне до безумия понравился фильм, вот так не где его найти не могу, а посмотреть так хочется, хоть на стенку лезь, короче если есть из питера народец буду оч признательна если подскажете где можно приобрести!!! заранее спасибки!

Name: Философ
Country: Russia Date: Tue Mar 13 19:33:15 2007
Comment: Сегодня купил DVD диск с дубляжом. Просмотрел некоторые моменты на английском. Весь посмотрю завтра. Понял все(кроме научных закидонов).На языке оригинала фильм смотрится еще сильнее. Эмоции и переживания более искренние и менее деланные (интересно, как изгалялись дублеры, озвучивая картину). Рекомендую всем, даже если не бачите на инглише.Помните как в Красотке, Ричард Гир сказал Джулии Робертс (Вивиан)–«Если не сможешь понять слова, музыка подскажет» за достоверность не ручаюсь,но смысл такой.

Name: Mark
Country: Mйxico Date: Tue Mar 13 10:43:14 2007
Que gran pelнcula...grande grande...bien hecho!!!
Las actuaciones estбm...cabronas...

Vean "El pequeсo Vanya"...o en ingles "The Italian", junto con esta, son las 2 mejores pelнculas que he visto...

Name: Nesti
Country: RUSSIA!!!! Date: Mon Mar 12 19:41:20 2007
Comment: тоже смотрела этот фильм по тв3....помоему очень интересный и трогательный...мне понравился.....такая красиваяистория))))Насчёт Avril Lavigne -I`m with you....это точно)

Name: Философ
Country: Russia Date: Mon Mar 12 15:03:54 2007
Comment: Посмотрел в ту пятницу кино от начала и до конца, потом записал с TV 3, на следующую ночь и смотрел днем уже в капитальном подпитии. Кино убойное. С первого раза перекосило, временами отрубал звук, особенно в конце. Мало того, закончил смотреть ночью, черт дернул поставить Эврил Лаии, I'm with you. После этого душу аж вывернуло.
Фильмов на свой век я видел не мало, и могу сказать точно - эта SUPER!!!!

Name: Натаха
Country: Россия Date: Mon Mar 12 10:40:34 2007
Comment: В пятницу смотрела этот фильм.Тяжёлый.Много раз смотреть удаётся наверное только мазахистам.Мне кажется,по характеру я чем-то похожа на Поли.А моя девушка-на Тори,и родители у неё тоже строгие.После этого фильма я начала очень бояться,как бы у нас тоже всё так не вышло.

Name: The_Flash
Country: Germany Date: Sun Mar 11 09:19:44 2007
Comment: Das ist echt der beste Film den ich je gesehen habe. Das erste Mal habe ich Lost and Delirious am 24.02.07 auf RTL2 gesehen und hab ihn daraufhin mir gleich auf DVD geholt. Seitdem hab ich den Film 5 weitere male gesehen und der wird einfach nie langweilig. Ich danke Lea Pool für dieses Meisterwerk. Man hätte keine bessere Besetzung wählen können, Piper Perabo spielt die verzweifelte Paulie einfach perfekt und auch Mischa Barten hat ihre Rolle super umgesetzt.

Name: Натик
Country: Russia Date: Sat Mar 10 22:50:02 2007
Comment: У меня тоже была чем-то похожая история. В меня была влюблена девушка. Отшивала ее долго и очень тактично, берегла ее психику.

Name: Саня
Country: Russia Date: Sat Mar 10 20:21:33 2007
Comment: Посмотрел вчера этот фильм, сегодня скачал и пересмотрел еще 2 раза)))
Супер! Одни эмоции!!
А главное - большое спасибо за сайт!!!

Name: Александр
Country: Россия Date: Sat Mar 10 08:55:12 2007
Comment: Я посмотрел вчера этот фильм, в нашем прокате его перевели как "Вас не догонят". Дело в том, что моя близкая подруга пережила такую же драму в своей жизни. Фильм произвел на меня очень сильное впечатление. Это дейтвительно великий фильм.

Name: Isaak
Country: Belgium Date: Wed Mar 7 16:58:25 2007
Comment: A few days ago I saw the movie, I was really touched by the movie.. I'm male and I didn't cry since I was 14 (4 years ago) and now after seeing the movie I got tears in my eyes and felt sad. I'm hesitating if it's the greatest movie I ever saw but it sure is the second best :-).
I'm going to see it a hundred times again for sure!


Name: Sophie
Country: Netherlands Date: Mon Mar 5 21:55:55 2007
Comment: I just love love loved it!

Name: Mikaela
Country: Sweden Date: Sun Mar 4 14:10:49 2007
Comment: awesome, oh god! This movie.. I can't find the words to describe what I feel for it. I saw it for the first time when I was 15 and know I'm 21. I've finally find me a hole own exemplar of Lost and Delirious! And I couldn't be happier! My girlfriend Jenny and I saw it last week, and I cried som much in the end! This films is the most beautiful film I've ever seen! I love every secound of it and I can see it over and over again. I just want to take Paulie home and hug here,I just love her!!

Name: Bonk a. Bonk
Country: vanatu Date: Sat Mar 3 21:56:54 2007
Comment: this movie is also a excellent portrayal of the anglo upper middle class. Boarding school girls, sigh .... And all the hair do's .... omg what was that?!?!

Name: azul (Homepage)
Country: mexico Date: Fri Mar 2 18:49:40 2007
Comment: great!!!

Name: pogopuschel
Country: Germany Date: Thu Mar 1 19:22:08 2007
Comment: I'm crying.....just crying ;;________;;
I love this movie!

Name: Jahnay
Country: Australia Date: Thu Mar 1 06:04:30 2007
Comment: Hi all, yes i have been ere b4 but im bck to say PIPER PERABO ROCKS TO DA MAXS!!! Im her biggest fan, o man she 's so pretty. Everytime i c the movie i wish im Tori but i 'll LOVE her like MAD n dont care what my parents SAY! P.S I 'll do anything 4 my grl, I was so Crazy Leaving my grl SHERVANNI.. SORRY BABE Come Bck...

Name: marie
Country: Varennes Date: Thu Mar 1 03:19:02 2007
Comment: It is a very very good movie I love the history and actors! sorry my english it's not very good... The soudtrack of this movie is very nice I love it.

Name: N!N!
Country: My Own World Date: Mon Feb 26 10:30:22 2007
Comment: Ich habe diesen film vor ein paar jahren schon einmal gesehen und fand ihn damals schon so toll dass ich mir die wiederholung aufgenommen habe...leider war die Qually net so gut..ich habe ihn jetzt am samstag wiedergesehn und ich war wieder hin und weg...einfach mega hammer geil...ich besorg mir den noch auf kann ihn echt nicht genug anschauen! LG N!N!

Name: Tine
Country: Date: Sun Feb 25 19:29:56 2007
Comment: Dieser Film ist absolut das beste, was ich seit langem gesehen habe. Ich hab ihn mir nachmittags angesehen und war sofort hin und weg. Sogar die Wiederholung, die mitten in der Nacht lief, hab ich mir nochmal angeschaut. Mit diesen beiden Mädels hab ich wirklich mit gelitten. Konnte auch nicht mehr die Tränen zurück halten...Einfach wundervoll!

Name: xXxZeroxXx (Homepage)
Country: Germany Date: Sun Feb 25 18:06:12 2007
Comment: Erstmal Danke, dass jemand über so einen guten Film eine Seite macht find ich echt toll!!

Der Film wäre schon allein wegen den Szenen mit dem Adler genial! (Vogelfreak :))
Aber der Rest natürlich auch..

Liebe Grüße

Name: Andrea
Country: Schweiz Date: Sun Feb 25 13:07:54 2007
Comment: Wow! Mich hat dieser Film SEHR berührt und beschäftigt mich immer noch.. ein wunderschöner Film. Super!

Name: Sarah
Country: Germany Date: Sun Feb 25 10:17:26 2007
Comment: Oh my godness. I have never seen such a feeling and heartbreaking movie. I almost cried half of it. Congratulations for producing such a touching and ingenuous film. I think that everbody can restore oneself during that story. Inimitable, awesome!!!! I'll never forget it!!!

Name: Vampyr
Country: Germany Date: Sun Feb 25 02:18:59 2007
Comment: Der Film war so berührend, er ist wunderschön... einfach nur toll... er war einfach nur toll anzuschaun, und die Musik, so einfühlsam und einfach nur "beautiful"!!! spitze....

Name: Bettainaaaa
Country: germany Date: Sat Feb 24 22:12:40 2007
Comment: I`ve seen this film today (24.2.2007) at RTL 2
And i LOVE it!!!!! It`s very tired id i`ve cried. It was so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Evius
Country: España Date: Sat Feb 24 18:24:09 2007
Comment: Me encanta esta página y todo lo que hay en ella ^^ espero que sigais poniendo cosas!!!

Name: max (Homepage)
Country: ger Date: Sat Feb 24 14:27:12 2007
Comment: thank you alot for the takedown in writing. This was much useful.

Name: Melissa
Country: USA Date: Thu Feb 22 06:47:23 2007
Comment: This movie sums up what I am going through with my best friend.

Name: Migulov ;-)
Country: Date: Sun Feb 18 05:03:08 2007
Comment: Dieser film ist in der tat der brührendste, den ich je gesehen habe! Ein echtes meisterwerk ;-) niemals habe ich bei einem film geweint, aber bei diesem floss mir doch tatsächlich eine träne übers gesicht!! Unglaublich, aber ich denke auch vier jahre später nach dem ich den film gesehen habe noch an diese momente=)

Name: Elmer Antioquia
Country: philippines Date: Fri Feb 16 13:10:38 2007
Comment: Its my movie.I am so touched, I cried

Name: Aleksandra
Country: Ukraine Date: Sat Feb 10 15:14:46 2007
Comment: Hi everybody!!! Thanks for this site!!!
2 webmaster: good luck to you!!! to all of you! THANK YOU!!!
I watched this movie yesterday and today and cried...a's so sad. it's our life.
It's the BEST movie I've ever seen! And I love Paulie and Tori. The love IS!
So if you want to discuss it please welcome. My e-mail:

P.S. sorry for my english. i'm from Ukraine and I speak russian.


Name: Connor
Country: Australia Date: Fri Feb 9 15:08:44 2007
Comment: Great movie hey, the world truly has a long way to come in terms of acceptance, maybe if everyone saw this movie... Great music too!
Great site.

Name: sadgirl86 (Homepage)
Country: Italy Date: Thu Feb 8 15:49:46 2007
Comment: Hi.. How are you?
I love Lost and Delirious!!! It's one of my favourite movies!

Name: ah-block (Homepage)
Country: singapore Date: Wed Feb 7 13:29:52 2007
Comment: a very well informative website...I really like the movie, is extremely beautiful..

hope to get it online soon, need to request for import, can't find it in the store, censorship is too strict here

Name: Melly
Country: Mexico Date: Mon Feb 5 19:31:12 2007
Comment: es una super pelicula la mejor de todas y me facino la actuacion de Piper Perabo soy fan de ella desde hace ya muco tiempo

Name: mary carmen lopez huerta
Country: mexico Date: Mon Feb 5 19:27:54 2007
Comment: es la mejor pelicula que he visto

Name: Aline
Country: Brazil - EUA Date: Fri Jan 26 09:54:49 2007
Comment: Im brazilian but im living in Usa right now..And i really,really love this movie...

Name: Grace
Country: MEXICO!!!!! Date: Fri Jan 26 00:36:43 2007
Comment: ESta peli es buenisima pero mas MISCHA BARTON soy una super fan de ella. me ENKANTA!!!! y la peli es extraordinaria, muy buena trama y exelentes actuaciones... Agregenme si kieren konocerme mas ok...

Name: Steffi
Country: Austria Date: Tue Jan 23 11:18:29 2007
Comment: This is one of the best film I've ever seen. The story about the two girls is so romantic!!!


Name: leliy
Country: russia Date: Mon Jan 22 13:56:01 2007
Comment: I love this film and you!!!

Name: Amy
Country: Date: Thu Jan 18 21:56:00 2007
Comment: I wanna get this movie!!But I can't find it:(
Pleeaasee help me!!

Name: sadgirl86 (Homepage)
Country: Italy Date: Tue Jan 16 17:49:05 2007
Comment: Hi.. How are you? I wish to know all of you...
I love Lost and Delirious.. It's one of my favourite movies.
Bye. Sa.

Name: Avie
Country: RUSSIA!!! Date: Tue Jan 16 14:34:56 2007
Comment: The best movie ever!!!I can write it again again & again...))

Name: Sy
Country: Canada Date: Tue Jan 16 01:52:39 2007
Comment: Bravo!!! Quel merveilleux film. Il y en a un seul et unique. Bravo!! cest genial davoir fait ce site pour rendre hommage!! Plein de bisoux

Name: Julia White (Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Sun Jan 14 07:55:40 2007
Comment: I really love this movie because it represents young love and anyone can relate, young and old. It amazes me that so many souls have commited suicide because of phobias in society.
I love the movie and I even have a poster on my bedroom wall to remind me of the beauty of compassion and love. Live in truth and let your life been known, dont live in fear.

Name: Micola
Country: Italy Date: Sat Jan 13 01:14:56 2007

Name: Monyka
Country: Mexico Date: Thu Jan 11 04:32:56 2007
Comment: Wow!!! es una peli Super buenizima! laz actrices muy lindaz por supuesto y mas Mischa Barton.. tiene una trama muy buena y tmb muy trizte.. agregenme mi mail s

Name: Anthony Scala
Country: USA Date: Sun Jan 7 21:23:32 2007
Comment: I love the site
What a wonderful page
It has so much fantastic information!
I really appreciate it!

Best regards
New York City

Name: Paty
Country: Mexico Date: Sat Jan 6 09:04:01 2007
Comment: Definitivamentee es la mejoor peliculaa k he vistoo!!! la de mejor tramaa y los personajess hacen k te centres las en la peliculaa.... simplementee me encantaa =D es una exelentee peliculaa =) si alguien desea conversar agreguenmee

Name: Avie
Country: Russia Date: Fri Jan 5 08:32:44 2007
Comment: I haven`t enough words to describe it!Watch it everyday...My friends too.The first time I`ve watched shocks me...really!
I love some phrases:"Shall I abide in this DULL world which in thy absence is no better than a STY?"
Important things in L&D are FREEDOM!! and LOVVVVVVVVVVEE!!!!

Name: Crysanthe
Country: netherlands Date: Thu Jan 4 19:13:11 2007
Comment: Oh my god. This is really the best movie i've ever seen.
I've watched it three times now, and every time i had to cry!
really, i love it

Name: Avie
Country: Russia Date: Thu Jan 4 17:00:10 2007
Comment: The best movie ever!When i Finished watch L&D I cried.....
—амый лучший фильм который когда либо видела!!!
Ёто шедевр!!!! I LOVE PIPER PERABO!!!She`s beautiful!.......very nice..)))

Name: Avie
Country: Russia Date: Thu Jan 4 16:28:47 2007
Comment: Hi,Stef!Thank U so much for the site!The movie "Lost & Delirious"- THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IN THE WORLD!!!!The best movie about LOVE!!!PERABO-SUPER!!!

Name: ireth
Country: spain Date: Thu Jan 4 14:31:19 2007
Comment: me encanta esta pelicula. soy bisexsual y tengo novia. por eso entiendo mucho por lo que pasan las 2 chicas.
es muy duro. pero creo que la reaccion de tori tampoco no es la adequada. si la quiere deberia luchar por ella. luchar contra lo que dice la gente.

Name: anja
Country: germany Date: Wed Jan 3 22:36:33 2007
Comment: Hi,
Lost and delirious is the best movie ever
And thank you very much for this site!


Name: xuh.
Country: Brazil Date: Wed Jan 3 16:34:26 2007
Comment: the best movie ever.

Name: Janine
Country: German Date: Wed Jan 3 10:27:50 2007
Comment: hallo alle,
total die geniale seite!!!sehr gut hergerichtet,
der Film ein absoluter spitzenklasse!Ich liebe ihn sehr total!der geht mir ziemlich nah,hatte so ne ähnliche story in meinem Leben!
wirklich viel gefühl,Liebe!endlos geil!


Name: alexdixisa (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Jan 2 12:55:31 2007
Comment: Very Interesting
Thanks you for your work.
Best regards.

Name: kathy (Homepage)
Country: El Salvador Date: Sun Dec 31 22:45:43 2006
Comment: Me encanta este filme, es parte de mi. asi como lo es para mi quiero compartirlo con muchas personas mas. saludos

Name: lindavids (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 30 16:51:18 2006
Comment: Hi
Thank you for your site Resp.
And Happy New Year.

Name: T
Country: chocolate land Date: Thu Dec 28 09:36:59 2006
Comment: Dear stef, just a little surprise here to wish everyone all the best fot the new year! Take care:) Love

Name: Massimo
Country: Italy Date: Mon Dec 25 20:43:23 2006
Comment: Thanks so much, Stef!! The subtitles are fantastic and the site is growing day by day like my love for it. Merry Christmas to you and all the beautiful fans of L&D.

Name: Graham Piper
Country: Australia Date: Sun Dec 24 20:07:55 2006
Comment: Thanks Stef for adding the subtiles. Another great addition to this wonderful site.
Kind Regards and Rage More.

Name: maria (Homepage)
Country: deutschland Date: Fri Dec 22 08:45:16 2006
Comment: ich liebe den film...ich guck ihn fast jeden tag..u ich verstehe ihn von tag zu tag mehr...als ich ihn das 2.mal sah...dachte wow...ich habe alles mitfühlen u durchleben können weil ich all diese situationen aus dem richtigen leben kennen...ich bewundere euch für diesen film...geil...das es jemanden gibt der die wahrheit an den tag völliger das es diesen film gibt

Name: Svetlana
Country: Russia Date: Tue Dec 19 09:47:53 2006
Comment: I love Piper Perabo..

Name: Svetlana
Country: Russia Date: Tue Dec 19 09:46:44 2006
Comment: Hi))
Fine film) Very beautiful and alive! Thanks founders and girls to actresses!

Name: snow
Country: usa Date: Sun Dec 17 03:02:34 2006
Comment: Love...Lost & Delirious...soooo...much...So excited to discover ATTL&D today. Wow! Surreal! Love U guys!
Fell In love with Jessica Pare & all the gang in in. The film makes Shakespere very fashionable & so cool...Music in the film are also very delicious...especially the "Beautiful" song.
Have watched L & D so many times & more to come...

Name: Sa (Homepage)
Country: Italy Date: Thu Dec 14 09:09:17 2006
Comment: Hi! I'm a fan of this wonderful movie... And I love Piper Perabo..
Who want, can write a comment in my blog..
Bye. Sa.
P.S.:Sorry for my english!

Name: Kampster
Country: Russia Date: Wed Dec 6 15:26:07 2006
Comment: Great Thx 4 this site!

Name: reilly (Homepage)
Country: new zealand Date: Thu Nov 30 04:22:04 2006
Comment: wonderful website. lovely to find a place to learn about the film, and find others who were as touched by the film as I have been.

Name: Claudia
Country: Chile Date: Thu Nov 30 03:04:24 2006
Comment: Primero que todo decir que es una gran pelicula agradeciendole a la directora.
Esta pelicula me ha ayudado en muchos sentidos... Cuando por primera vez la vi,fue porque estaba haciendo un zapping y en una de esas vi a dos chicas besandose y luego teniendo sexo.Fue un poco fuerte,pero me llamo bastante la atencion.Luego volvi a verla pero ya por cuenta mia y en ese entonces comence a definirme.Lo cual ahora soy lesbiana.La pelicula estuvo en gran parte de mi reconocimiento como tal, y aun si

Name: jessika
Country: mexico Date: Wed Nov 29 20:31:17 2006
Comment: I love this move,soy fanatica de esos amores imposibles, en fin que fue lo que paso al final? me gusto el papel de piper perabo fue un gran protagonico un reto..

Name: julie
Country: deutschland Date: Tue Nov 28 20:14:53 2006
Comment: also ich hab zwar schon was geschrieben,aber ich kann einfach nicht wiederstehen nochmal zu schreiben...
also ich wollte den tollen serviece bedanken!!
denn ich hab mich riesig gefreut als ich ne mail von euch bekommen hab weil ich hier rein geschriebn hab...
naja vielleicht bekomm ich ja noch eine...
also nochmal:
ich steh auf den absolut besten film des jahrhunderts
und ich steh auf diese total coole seite..

Name: julie
Country: deutschland Date: Sun Nov 26 16:05:15 2006
Comment: ich habe den film im fernsehn gesehen und war hin und weg!!
ich finde der film ist etwas ganz besonderes und derjenige der was anderes sagt hat keine ahnung!
und ich finde diese seite absolut spitze!!
vieln dank für eine so geniale seite

Name: Adam Flanders (Homepage)
Country: United States Date: Fri Nov 24 19:52:32 2006
Comment: Lost & Delirious is my favorite movie, and it's been so relevant to me; my boyfriend just broke up with me and I keep telling him he's acting like Tory, and that we'll just have to play out the rest, 'cause I am just like Paulie.

Name: Fizz
Country: UK Date: Thu Nov 23 17:42:16 2006
Comment: This is the best L&D site! Thank you soooo much!

Name: grace
Country: australia Date: Thu Nov 23 08:15:09 2006
Comment: GOsh. i only heard about this movie one week ago today. and i fel in love with it straight away. This is a nice page you have made. cheeers ExOh

Name: Sus
Country: Spain Date: Tue Nov 21 02:33:57 2006
Comment: Una gran película, es impresionante, aunque el final no me gustó, joer, como pueden caer tantas lágrimas en tan solo 5 segundos, con una sola escena.

Para mi consuelo, en mi imaginación, cuando se va a suicidar, y se lanza, la cámara se centra en el pajarito y todas se quedan mirando como está volando, pero no lloran, sonrien, pues, yo pienso q no se suicida, y lo q realmente pasa es q se tira, pero es ella quien vuela un poco, y se cae en el cesped de pie, y no se muere. fin juntas la

Name: Mikey
Country: Poland Date: Fri Nov 17 21:51:55 2006
Comment: Breathtaking, fascinating, extremely emotious.
This movie is by far the best I have ever seen.
I guess I've fallen in love with Mary B.

Name: flavia
Country: italy Date: Fri Nov 17 16:07:47 2006
Comment: this film is favolous!!

Name: Mafalda (Homepage)
Country: Portugal Date: Mon Nov 13 23:58:38 2006
Comment: It's one of the most beautiful movie of all time.. Drama and Love, Just so poetic! I love it! It's love like this that inspired me to write.. you can see it in my link :)

What I wish to all the world it's... LOVEEE!!! Love make us crazy and happy and so Lost And Delirious!!!!!

Name: Massimo
Country: Italy Date: Mon Nov 13 20:29:14 2006
Comment: Avevo spedito il mio commento in italiano venerdì scorso, ma non lo vedo!!! Se questo riuscirò a leggerlo lo rimando, promesso. In breve, comunque, nonostante io abbia visto davvero tanto cinema, Pauli è l'unico personaggio che rimarrà sempre con me, e questo anche grazie alla grandissima Piper. Un bacio a tutti quelli che amano questo meraviglioso film!

Name: sadgirl86
Country: Italy Date: Fri Nov 10 21:54:14 2006
Comment: Ciao a tutti... C'и qualcuno che parla italiano?
Comunque... I love Piper Perabo and Lost&Delirious!!!

Name: Lo
Country: Ukraine Date: Thu Nov 9 21:20:25 2006
Comment: I haven't seen this film, but I saw "Me and you". This is the best film I ever seen!

Name: Gabby
Country: Germany Date: Thu Nov 9 17:52:38 2006
Comment: Like everyone else said, this is a great movie which touches your heart right from the start. It has such a power.
What fascinates me the most, is the fact that sooo many people from such different countries come to this site to give it the tribute it deserves. And I like the fact that this movie brings people closer, even if it is for just one second, or maybe the duration of this wonderful movie itself.
Thanks for this site and cheers to the Love which just Is.

Name: Cris
Country: United States Date: Thu Nov 9 15:45:39 2006
Comment: This movie blew me away. I loved it. It captivated me.

Name: Lisa
Country: Australia Date: Thu Nov 9 07:24:52 2006
Comment: man, ive only seen this movie once but i love it so much, its such a beautiful movie. its with me all the time. its so real and pure it made me cry so much :)
thanks so much for this tribute site. its wonderful :)

Name: polla
Country: mexico Date: Tue Nov 7 01:01:32 2006
Comment: la pelicula me fasino, desde la historia que es genial y te hace entender muchas cosas que te daban miedo sentir, hasta la espectacular actuacion de cada una de las chavas, en especial piper perabo creo que es genial, al igual que en imagine me and you.

Name: Rolly (Homepage)
Country: Russia Date: Fri Nov 3 16:45:30 2006
Comment: Pleeeease! Send me the songs - Tori Moller Ц I love you,
Beautiful - Me'shell Ndegeocello, and Ani DiFranco - You Had Time. Thanx!

Name: katherin
Country: Peru Date: Fri Nov 3 06:18:48 2006
Comment: excelente pelicula , muy original =)

Name: €ська
Country: Date: Wed Nov 1 15:30:14 2006
Comment: привет!€ хочу посмотреть этот фильм но не где не могу его найти,может кто поможет.help!€ хочу фильм скачать с интернета,дайте ссылку!

Name: Catalina (Homepage)
Country: Colombia Date: Wed Nov 1 02:41:04 2006
Comment: Hola, la verdad es q esta pбg estб muy buena. Felicitaciones!!, de verdad me gustarнa saber q otras peliculas existen mas o menos de esta temбtica..ya me vi Imagine Me and You y la verdad es q me fascinу, ojalб uds me puedan decir.
Otra vez felicitaciones y les agradezco por abrir un espacio para poder decir lo q pensamos acerca de esta asombrosa pelicula

Name: Pushistuy (Homepage)
Country: Russia Date: Tue Oct 31 16:27:21 2006
Comment: I have watched this film today... This is realy sad story. I hope it will never happen between me and my girl...

Name: Kym
Country: US Date: Sat Oct 28 01:23:33 2006
Comment: This movie is amazing. The book was great too. All of the characters are very talented. I don't think anyone could watch this movie and not be totally moved. I was shocked to see how many people were into this movie, and how some people reacted to it. This is a film that I believe a lot of people can really understand and relate to. Definitly the best film I will ever see.

Name: Amy
Country: Netherlands Date: Fri Oct 27 04:36:49 2006
Comment: Damn..I even don't know what to say about it...
everything is just so perfect about it.It reminds me about the real life...This is one you have to see!!

Name: Carola (Homepage)
Country: Santiago - CH Date: Tue Oct 24 05:46:17 2006
Comment: Junto con FuckingAmal, esta es una de las mejores películas de temática lésbica.Me gusta la forma como LéaPool muestra el amor, el delirio y la locura. He leído algunos artículos y creo que sus puntos de vista son interesantes de discutir. Espero que el cortometraje que haré algún día, alcance en alguna medida, lo que ella logró con este film. Los símbolos son algo especial aquí y las metáforas son sublimes cuando se habla de amor y del dolor que nos causa no poder vivir de la forma que deseamos

Name: Carola (Homepage)
Country: Santiago-CH Date: Tue Oct 24 05:38:58 2006
Comment: With Fucking Amal, this's one of the best lesbian movies I have seen. I like the way Léa Pool shows the love and the delirious, of course, and the madness ;) I have been reading some articles her point of view and it's really intersting, I think. I hope the short-movie I want to do reach in some sense, the greatness of the script and the direction of this film. Symbols are something special here and the metaphors are sublime if we spoke of love and the pain not being able to live what we wish.

Name: Isis
Country: Mexico Date: Mon Oct 23 05:08:13 2006
Comment: Hola!!
Hoy vi esta pelicula !! y estoy feliz!! por k es genial ! la verdad k chido k hicieron una pagina para ella! y por cierto la pelicula de Imagine me and you tambien es genial!! veanla la amaran!!! y pss nada mas ... me hizo llorar pero es hermosa y eso no cambia le vision tan bella que le dan a la amor y hasta donde puedes llegar por el... yo tambien lo haria.. bueno pues cuidense mucho!! y suerte! bye bye!

Name: max
Country: Australia Date: Sat Oct 21 02:08:00 2006
Comment: im 14 and i saw lost and delirious a couple of weeks ago. it is the best movie i have ever seen and will see. you can really relate to the girls feelings especially if you have experienced something like them. this is the best movie and it could make anyone cry its the most emotional movie of all time.

Name: Stef (Homepage)
Country: LanD Date: Thu Oct 19 21:11:12 2006
Comment: Hello everyone!

Sorry guys, we had a temporary problem with our guestbook, but as you see, it's working again! :-)

Thanks a lot for all your elaborated entries and therefore keeping the idea of this wonderful unique movie alive! You guys rock!

Very soon we will have some updates again, sorry for the delay while the summer time!

Rage More!

(in the name of all our Lost and Delirious webmasters)

Name: Boy15
Country: germany Date: Tue Oct 17 19:04:47 2006
Comment: When I saw the film first i was 13 years old.
I think it is a very good movie. I have understand the feelings, and would like be a female and a lesbian. Then i want to feel this feelings. I know my english is not very well also I repeat the same in german.

Als ich den Film Lost and Delirious zum ersten mal sah war ich gerade 13. Auch wenn ich ein Junge bin kann ich die Gefühle 100% tig nachempfinden. Ich wäre selbst gern ein Girl und eine Lesbe. Ich würde aber meine Liebe nie verle

Name: sadgirl86
Country: Italia Date: Tue Oct 17 17:40:13 2006
Comment: Questo sito è fatto veramente bene.. Come il film! Complimenti! Ciao. Sa.

Name: Monica
Country: Italy Date: Tue Oct 17 08:15:56 2006
Comment: Hi again!!
Mila, Kate and Stef...THANKS for have create this web's great!!
For Nicole:
a kiss to all my friends

Name: absurd (Homepage)
Country: hungary Date: Sun Oct 15 22:17:42 2006
Comment: its a very nice site, im lovin it!!!! :)
thnx for the create!!!!!!!!!!

Name: dany
Country: mexico Date: Sun Oct 15 04:54:32 2006
Comment: secrety please e-mail me
I would love to talk to u
I love this movie, I just love it!

Name: Mariela
Country: Venezuela Date: Sat Oct 14 23:10:38 2006
Comment: Me gusto muucho esta pelicula, es muy profunda y demuestra lo q es el amor verdadero, no importa el sexo, solo el amor en si.. y esta pagina era todo l q necesitaba para saber + sobre la peli, la califico como excelent

Name: Monica
Country: Italy Date: Fri Oct 13 15:54:42 2006
Comment: how can i go home with nothing to say...
i know yo're going to look at that way...
ans say "what do you do out there? what do u decide?"
you said you needed time and you had time...

i am sad now... :-( ... PAULY ALWAYS LIVE IN MY HEART!!
i will always be lost and delirious

Name: Monica
Country: Italy Date: Fri Oct 13 15:46:47 2006
i love piper...i love pauly...she's the best actress of the world!!
everytime i watch this movie it's like is the fist...
it's like i live into the God...i can't find words ford describe what i feel inside...
and i am so happy to know that there are a lot of people which love this movie like me...
a kiss to all fans...
if i were Tory...i would never leave Pauly..i love her so much!!also

Name: ’ел€
Country: Date: Thu Oct 12 22:43:29 2006
Comment: —пасибо! ќчень хороший сайт и просто замечательный фильм!

Name: Mandy
Country: Germany Date: Thu Oct 12 21:56:06 2006

Name: Anastasia
Country: Russia Date: Wed Oct 11 22:26:19 2006
Comment: It's perfectly. I 'll never forget this film.

Name: Patrcio Trujillo
Country: Brasil Date: Wed Oct 11 22:15:10 2006
Comment: Es una de las mejores pelнculas que he visto y la vuelvo a ver con la misma pasiуn.

Name: Eveline (Homepage)
Country: Belgium! Date: Tue Oct 10 20:26:31 2006
Comment: I like this movie so much! I just love it! He's amazing! I saw him already 3 times, en I just want to see it again!


Name: Z
Country: usa Date: Tue Oct 10 18:39:26 2006
Comment: I adore this movie so much!!!! I'm so happy to see that other people share the same passion for Lost and Delirious as i do!!

Name: Юрий (Homepage)
Country: Россия Date: Tue Oct 10 16:10:27 2006
Comment: Спасибо, Макс и Владимир!!
Тут очень давно не было людей из России и мы очень рады, что наконец вы пришли!!:)
Мы всегда вам рады, заходите ещё!

Name: Green_Monkey23 (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 10 03:47:14 2006
Comment: Sorry for your time.... Why i can't see images on this resource?
My Browser is: Opera.
Thank you.

Name: kitkatsavvy (Homepage)
Country: Australia Date: Mon Oct 9 06:54:54 2006
Comment: I also saw this movie on 6th October on sbs (just like everyone else commenting here did). Unfortunately, I can see parts of my own self in this movie, and I have come extremely close to doing what the main character did to herself :( .. It's a brilliant movie though, but it just hits home too much (I was only yelling at my classmates for laughing at me 2 months ago, before I pulled out :( )..

My msn thing is seriouslykpo@hotmail if you wanna talk.

Name: thalita
Country: brazil Date: Sun Oct 8 20:23:14 2006

Name: Shuriken
Country: Russia Date: Sun Oct 8 10:19:19 2006
Comment: I saw this film twice - yesterday & today and I was crying at the end after the final speech of Mary B. What a strong girl she is! Lost her mother, father dont love her, new people, helping Paulie & co-feelings with she. And final speech... she understand forever her mother image. She understand life with her 15 years. I am in ravishment!

Name: Josh
Country: Australia Date: Sat Oct 7 14:30:15 2006
Comment: I watched this movie on SBS last night..
It's a great movie. I <3 it.
It honestly nearly made me cry. Awesome..

I want to watch it again and again and again and again

Name: sammy!! (Homepage)
Country: Australia Date: Sat Oct 7 04:14:00 2006
Comment: I wached this movie on SBS at about 11 or 12 lat night but i only saw a bit because it was half wat through when i found it!!! ill deffenently head town to toorak video store n hire it!! it was by far the most moving movie ever! from sam

Name: sammyy!!!! (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sat Oct 7 03:52:56 2006
Comment: wached this movie on SBS at about 11 or 12 lat night but i only saw a bit because it was half wat through when i found it!!! ill deffenently head town to toorak video store n hire it!! it was by far the most moving movie ever! from sam

Name: sam
Country: AUZZIE!!! Date: Sat Oct 7 03:33:21 2006
Comment: I wached this movie on SBS at about 11 or 12 lat night but i only saw a bit because it was half wat through when i found it!!! ill deffenently head town to toorak video store n hire it!! it was by far the most moving movie ever! from sam

Name: *bec* (Homepage)
Country: Australia Date: Sat Oct 7 02:18:40 2006
Comment: I had never heard of this movie before but I saw it on SBS one night at about 1am! Unfortunately I didn't get to see all of it but I'm certainly going to find it and watch it again! It was a remarkable movie and I really quite enjoyed it.

Name: I ease your pain
Country: Germany Date: Fri Oct 6 23:12:00 2006
Comment: HY!!!!!!!!
i actually wanted to ask something, maybe it sounds weird but everyone in my age dont like the movie!!! i really love it........but am i too young???? is anyone here that has the same age as me ????? I'm 14, so if anyone in this age excist, please answer, because i feel so alone!!

i hope you understand, my english sucks!!!

Name: Reisi
Country: Australia Date: Fri Oct 6 17:12:50 2006
Comment: It's a great movie! I could really feel Paulie's pain, to be denied by the person she loves (Victoria) when they both know that their love is just once in a life time.
It's such a tragic love story, that everytime you watch it it makes you feel and think more about this character and what they are going through.

Name: sammy (Homepage)
Country: australia Date: Fri Oct 6 16:04:21 2006
Comment: This movie moved me like nothing els this is the only movie like this i have ever seen i usualy only wach comedys but i was flicking and found this about 15 mins in and i will deffenently notify all the people i know about this movie and put it on my myspace! all i can say is OMG! MOVING! fantastic love sammy

Name: Dan
Country: Australia Date: Fri Oct 6 15:55:57 2006
Comment: Well, this is one of the most moving movies i have ever seen. thats all i can say about it. i just cannot find the words to describe hiow much this movie moved me, but i am sure that if you are reading this then you know exactly how i feel. Brilliant.

Name: ray
Country: australia Date: Fri Oct 6 15:16:21 2006
Comment: just saw the movie and it opened up my eyes to a struggled i didn't known exisited.

Name: KiA
Country: italy Date: Thu Oct 5 16:51:53 2006
Comment: i think that it's simply wonderful!
ehm...i'm not very good in english, but i love this film very much! it's vey sweet, but also really tragic...i cried so much! it's fantastic!!!!

p.s. the site is fantastic!!!

Name: Max (Homepage)
Country: Россия Date: Thu Oct 5 11:21:25 2006
Comment: На ресурс попал случайно, но не жалею, Мирсю.

Name: Владимир (Homepage)
Country: Россия Date: Wed Oct 4 09:52:54 2006
Comment: Очень симпатичненько и информативно.

Name: Fernanda Sanchez
Country: Bogota - Colomb Date: Fri Sep 29 02:27:57 2006
Comment: !Q pelicula tan buena... es muy tierna y la tematica es muy bien trabajada... Puedo decir con Absoluta certeza q me encanto!...

Name: karla
Country: Date: Tue Sep 26 23:11:00 2006

Name: Megan
Country: Canada Date: Mon Sep 18 23:03:29 2006
Comment: I like your site a lot! It's such a great tribute to an amazing movie...keep up the good work.

Name: Alex
Country: Germany Date: Sat Sep 16 13:42:10 2006
Comment: Hi, I saw this film 3 weeks ago and it still makes me think about it.Its intense and soulful demonstration of love and wounded love caught me instantly.At first look I expected a usual boring teenie movie, but after a short time I realized that this film and (due to) the brilliant performance of the actors, especially Piper Perabo, moved me in a way none other did before.It brings back memories and reminds one of old feelings.I love the movie and your site is GREAT!!! Appreciation!!!

Name: Yuri/Юрий (Homepage)
Country: Russia/Россия Date: Wed Sep 13 12:23:24 2006
Comment: Привет, but!
Спасибо за отзыв!
Пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь оставлять свои отзывы и писать в форуме по-русски.
Будет классно, если русская версия тоже найдёт свою аудиторию. В общем, чувствуйте себя свободно!
С наилучшими пожеланиями, Юрий

Name: ANA
Country: mexico Date: Sun Sep 10 22:03:14 2006

Name: but
Country: estonia Date: Sun Sep 10 17:43:45 2006
Comment: фильм просто супер, смотрел с удовольствием

Name: christine (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 9 20:04:13 2006
Comment: i loved this movie. i can relate to it so much. Its just true life uncensored, and its def. one of my favorites

Name: Liliana
Country: Mйxico Date: Thu Sep 7 22:34:46 2006
Comment: Ohhh !!!! Me encanto !!!

Name: Hannah
Country: Germany Date: Wed Sep 6 14:29:15 2006
Comment: I feel I just can't watch the film anymore. It's so touching, so intensitive and sad that I always start to cry, even if I only watch the end of the film, where the falk is flying away.
I got a tight grip round my chest everytime I see it. and I always think at the end: paulie don't jump, please don't jump, but there is no other possible end or solution. and thats fucking sad!!!
a really really great film! I love it!! ..but don't know when I've got the courage to watch it again :'

Name: Drew
Country: España Date: Tue Sep 5 22:58:06 2006
Comment: Es muy emocionante. La mejor pelicula dramatica que he visto en mi vida.

Name: colega
Country: Spanish Date: Mon Sep 4 19:24:56 2006
Comment: Sencillamante GENIAL

Name: jessica
Country: venezuela Date: Sat Sep 2 23:06:29 2006
Comment: cuando llega la pelicula a venezuelaaaaaaaaaaa??? diganme a mi mail

Name: Celia Guadalupe Mejia Pedrote
Country: México Date: Fri Sep 1 04:22:44 2006
Comment: Esta es una gran pelicula, donde debe de ver nuestra sociedad que su opresion puede acabar con la vida de adolescentes o gente que al parecer de los demas no sirve el sentimiento si no la normativa de la sociedad, pero esta pelicula demuestra que esa normativa debe cambiar, no solo por el bienestar de las familias si no de las mismas personas, por que como dicen en la pelicula, no importa el genero, si no la persona que tiene el sentimiento.

Name: Candy (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Thu Aug 31 19:04:01 2006
Comment: The Best Fucken movie ever :'( i used to be a lesbian. Actualy no, like Paulie and Torie, I used to be Candy in love with Kaitlin. Actually, I still am Candy in love with Kaitlin, but I can never, ever be with her again. :'( I am in love with another, and I know thats where my place is, in his arms. I will never forget her though. Anyways, this movie is so remarkable, I watch it over and over and over again and everytime I cry. Its touched me so deeply. Love always, Candy xox

Name: Felix
Country: Germany Date: Sat Aug 26 14:14:43 2006
Comment: Today I've seen the movie for the first time - very emotional. I instantly fell in love with the movie.
Great actors, great story!!!

Name: blake
Country: costa rica Date: Fri Aug 25 19:27:39 2006
Comment: hola todos

Name: shanice ramos
Country: U.S.A. Date: Thu Aug 24 01:29:28 2006
Comment: this movie ttly rocks i could see it over and over even though i have never seen it from begining to end 5 minutes of the movie will make you cry or fall in love with the movie my favorite character was &is POLLY

Name: carolina
Country: la victoria Date: Tue Aug 22 00:37:13 2006
Comment: es la mejor pelicula que jamas he visto, demasiado emocionante de hecho es el unico recuerdo que me queda ahora de mi ex pareja la cual adoro. lastima que en venezuela no la vende hay que verla por cable o algo asi

Name: Kirsten (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Sun Aug 20 15:11:04 2006
Comment: Hey there! Just wanted to say great site. :) I'm really glad you made it cus Lost and Delirious really is an amazing movie.

Name: Tazol
Country: México Date: Thu Aug 17 08:45:01 2006
Comment: Hi, I have seen this movie two days ago and I simply fell in love with paulie, I really think That in many ways I'm just like her.
Oh god, This is the only movie that made me cry and I'm proud.
This is art, not only a movie, is part of many people's life (part of mine jeje)

Name: Justine
Country: Australia Date: Mon Aug 14 01:24:22 2006
Comment: Wow, I loved this movie from the first time I watched it. I instantly fell in love with Paulie, Tori and Mary B.
The film 's emotions are so powerful, wonderful and sad. A big credit goes out to Piper, Jessica and Mischa.
Mischa Barton is in Australia now, I wanted to to see her at the David Jones store and tell her what the impact this movie has had, but the store was packed to the max, so it was impossible for me to do this.

I 'll adore this movie and be a fan for

Name: Horatio
Country: Germany Date: Sun Aug 13 20:16:23 2006
Comment: It's the greatest and most interesting movie i ever watched!

Name: amalia
Country: mexico Date: Sat Aug 12 20:19:30 2006
Comment: m ncanta sta peli trata una super historia q muchos deverian tomar d ejemplo

Name: Tenshi Paulie
Country: Date: Sat Aug 12 17:13:03 2006
Comment: oggi per la 20^ volta ho riguardato questo film... raga nn c'è che dire... un CAPOLAVORO!

Name: hannah
Country: london Date: Wed Aug 9 01:12:54 2006
Comment: when i watched this film i couldnt stop crying,
i felt Paulie's pain! i was inlove with a girl who was like paulie how i wish i didnt let her go!
i watch lost and derlirious all the time... so i can cry along with Paulie and feel her pain!
i think love like thats is so hard to find but when you do...keep hold of it dont let that person go! LOVE IS LOVE the best feeling in the world

Name: secrety
Country: Norway Date: Tue Aug 8 18:26:42 2006
Comment: This is the best movie ever! I've loved this movie since I saw it for the first time 4 years ago. Recommended: Cowboy Junkies - River waltz

Name: Naiara
Country: Date: Thu Aug 3 21:34:08 2006
Comment: Esse é um dos filmes românticos mais lindo que eu já assisti!As protagonistas estão de parabéns por interpretar extremamente bem,e os produtores mais ainda!!

Name: Aya A.R
Country: Egypt Date: Tue Aug 1 23:59:27 2006
Comment: This is such a great movie !
I watched it long time ago and I actually was like what the hell..!
but then I watched it like 2 monthes ago again by accident and I truly loved it..amazing!..awesome cast!

Name: stefany
Country: Date: Mon Jul 31 23:31:04 2006
Comment: ola peña no e visot la pelicula ni la encuentro en ninguna tienda asi k wneo alguna dia la encontrare y la vere...

Name: carmen
Country: Date: Sun Jul 16 12:06:13 2006
Comment: i can ownly say just one thing wow i love it !!!!!
greetings from belgium xxx

Name: nika
Country: croatia Date: Sat Jul 15 16:02:12 2006
Comment: beautiful story.Piper's acting-i love was also great-ani difranco 'u had time'-awesome.
btw u have great site!! =)

Name: Marilia
Country: Date: Fri Jul 14 20:17:19 2006
Comment: Y love LOST AND DELIRIOUS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: John Manderscheid
Country: Canada Date: Thu Jul 13 22:08:45 2006
Comment: Your page is a tribute,not only to just an excellent movie, but a look through the eyes of a person who has love into the fabrication of the soul. Of two souls that are different and the same. A tragedy of love, and a myriad of emotion.

Name: lara
Country: germany Date: Thu Jul 13 16:26:47 2006
Comment: hi at all,
today i have watched lost and delirious and i haved cried.i wish that anytime i will have such a strong love like paulie and tori had.
the movie is fantastic and so sad.i love the film.if you love the film too or want to talk to me i would be so happy if you write me an e-mail
the address is

Name: lara
Country: germany Date: Wed Jul 12 21:27:32 2006
Comment: hello i am lara from germany.l and d is the best film ever and it really touched and impressed me.piper is so beautiful and the songs are very nice.the film went deep in every part of my body and i still think about paulie and tory.i`m very happy about finding this page where i can meet fans of l and d.if you want to talk to me you can sent me an e-mail my address is

Name: Estelle
Country: France Date: Wed Jul 12 10:38:51 2006
Comment: I'm a lesbian and this movie really touch me, it's so beautifull. Piper Perabo is so perfect. It's for me the best movie!!! Thank...

Name: Marilia
Country: Date: Mon Jul 10 21:39:22 2006
Comment: Meus parabens a todos que fizeram parte desta maravilhosa obra de arte que é este filme!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Marilia
Country: Date: Mon Jul 10 16:06:31 2006
Comment: Este é o melhor filme que eu ja assisti em minha vida!!!!Parabens!!!!!!!

Name: Rogh
Country: Date: Sun Jul 9 21:55:22 2006
Comment: Saranno troppe le volte che ho visto questo film, posso solo dire, che è un film che ti prende davvero tanto, sopratutto perchè certe emozioni se le hai vissute rivederle in uno schermo ti fanno un 'altro effetto.E ' un film, SEMPLICEMENTE STUPENDO.Roberta

Name: angeles
Country: mexico Date: Sun Jul 9 04:37:20 2006
Comment: hi everybody, this movie is the best i´ve seen it just changed my life and well... what i could say about jessica pare i just feel my heart beating... kisses from mexico
Es la mejor pelicula ke he visto
L&D still alive!! L&D por siempre viva!!

Name: Camille (Homepage)
Country: France Date: Wed Jul 5 16:33:43 2006
Comment: The most beautiful movie in our world ..
And your homepage is wonderfull ..
Tank you so much ..

Name: claudia
Country: argentina Date: Wed Jul 5 00:19:43 2006
Comment: that history happend to me................

Name: TheONE
Country: USA Date: Sat Jul 1 00:37:24 2006
Comment: Most beautiful movie I've ever seen... I watch it a lot, I think Mischa is great, and the performance given by Piper is so strong, you feel her pain, her emotions almost like... run though the viewers, it's incredible!

Name: Julia
Country: Germany Date: Mon Jun 26 08:59:43 2006
Comment: I´ve seen this movie a few weeks ago and i can´t get it out of my head. for me it´s the best movie ever. i really understand paulie´s emotions. i know that my life will end just like paulie´s.

Name: Alesa (Homepage)
Country: U.S./Mexico Date: Wed Jun 21 23:16:23 2006
Comment: I love this's just breath-taking. Paulie's love is just so pure and
If anyone wants to chat, add me on msn:
or of course there's always myspace...

Name: Sylvia
Country: Germany Date: Wed Jun 21 10:53:09 2006
Comment: This movie is not only an entertainment, not only a teenager's drama. This movie is art. All actresses play very well, but Piper Perabo is fantastic! I love her.

Name: Brazilian
Country: BRAZIL Date: Thu Jun 15 21:20:57 2006
Comment: nao assisti ainda, mas to querendo muito ver.
Parece que faz muito meu tipo.

Name: Juergen
Country: Germany Date: Sun Jun 11 19:02:45 2006
Comment: Hi all,
this movie is so nice. I love it.

Name: Tal
Country: Israel Date: Sun Jun 11 15:45:42 2006
Comment: Nice site, well done...Best movie ever.

Name: From Me
Country: USA Date: Sat Jun 10 00:01:21 2006
Comment: I saw this movie several years ago and it was a coming-of-age movie for me as well because I was exploring things in my mind before I ever experienced them physically. Now, I am 27 a dating a woman for the first time and she owns this movie. I saw it in her collection and it all just made sense--the movie, my maturing, our relationship. Thank you for making this movie--it was unbelievably moving the first time and every time I've seen it thereafter. Thank you.

Name: Alejandra
Country: MEXICO df Date: Fri Jun 9 23:12:54 2006
Comment: primeramente Hola a todos kiero comentarles que esta pelicula me encanto la acabe de ver tengo q admitirlo llore como bebe despues de ver el final me encanto una muy buena pelicula bueno lesdejo mi correo por si alguien gusta ay toy I_LOVETATU_GIRLS@HOTMAIL.COM ok un beso atodos chaooo

Name: RonjaeNadia (Homepage)
Country: Date: Fri Jun 9 18:00:00 2006
Comment: hi to everybody...this movie is great..tonight i dreamt about Pauline (i prefer my gf)
I'd like if y'all woul visit my web site and write down something...
thank you so much

Name: Tenshi Paulie
Country: Date: Wed Jun 7 17:22:13 2006
Comment: nn so quanti capiranno questo mex.. cmq volevo solo dire che ho appena riguardato 6 volte la scena nella quale tory dice a Pualie:"Sarei persa senza di te, paulie"... e cm sempre m'è venuto il groppo in gola e ho pianto.... FANTASTICHE!!!!!!!!

Name: Sonu
Country: Germany Date: Sun Jun 4 23:04:15 2006
Comment: I love this movie.. it´s so nice, romantic, moving.. heartbreaking...and so on. It´s one of my favourite...

Name: Inga
Country: Germany Date: Sun Jun 4 19:12:12 2006
Comment: Hey you guys!!!!
you know , i am so glad that i finally find a page about this wonderful movie!when i watched it, i wanted to know more about this film, i wanted to know everything, but i didnt really know where to look for information!but then i found this page, and now i really know all that i wanted!!!
this movie is like, its just so first i didnt knew what to think of, but now its my favourite movie!and i think it allways will be, because its also so timeless!!! : )

Name: Lindsey
Country: Date: Fri Jun 2 10:47:04 2006
Comment: Hi all long time since we talked to each other. I found some music videos for you all.. I hope all is good.. I had my birthday on may 10th..


Name: Nadia & Ronja
Country: Italy Date: Tue May 30 12:13:05 2006
Comment: I love the soundtrack 'beautiful' download it its amazing!...w lesbian love!w women!

Name: Claudi
Country: Germany Date: Mon May 29 23:29:29 2006
Comment: I love the movie! Piper is a very good actor!!!
I love Piper!!!!!!

Name: Lina
Country: Germany Date: Sat May 27 23:05:23 2006
Comment: It´s a wonderfull movie :)!
Esspecially Piper Perabo aka 'Paulie' ;)
Does anybody hear this Great movie soundtracks like ani difranco, cowboy junkies, me'shell or/and violent femmes?
Beautiful music...

Greetings from GER

Name: NAHACSA (Homepage)
Country: mexico Date: Thu May 25 02:56:19 2006
Comment: such a great movie, a little high but good

Name: Patty
Country: Mexico Date: Thu May 25 02:31:41 2006
Comment: Esta pelicula es lo mejor de lo mejor!!! te enseña muchisimas cosas y mucho que pensar...yo tengo algunas cansiones de la palicula por si alguien las requiere. Mi mail es

Name: Katy
Country: US Date: Wed May 24 20:51:19 2006
Comment: I love this movie and can't get enough of it! The first time I ever saw it i fell in love with the characters and now I am reading the book that it is based on, "The Wives of Bath". so far I am enjoying the book and i enjoyed the movie very much!


Name: Nadia
Country: Date: Tue May 23 13:03:59 2006
Comment: i think is a great movie...but i mean not the only one...anyway you know more about actrices?

Name: Matea
Country: Serbia Date: Tue May 23 00:34:49 2006
Comment: I've watched L&D 1000 times, and I just can't get enough of it!!!It's the best movie I've ever seen, and a very sad one too...
If enyone want's to chat about it, or anything else,write to
P.S.for a girl, this is a very deep and emotional movie...

P.P.S.Pozdrav za sve iz Srbije, ako je neko gledano ovaj film, i kao i ja misli da je apsolutno fantastican, nek mi pise na gore pomenuti email;) pozz svima!!!

Name: Nadia (Homepage)
Country: Italy Date: Mon May 22 17:42:59 2006
Comment: thsi movie is great...Paulie is great....BEAUTIFUL MOVIE!!!!

Name: Christina
Country: Date: Mon May 22 09:30:39 2006
Comment: Add me on msn at to talk about this lovely movie. I have seen it a million times.
Lovely site.

Name: Korilynn (Homepage)
Country: US Date: Thu May 18 21:20:24 2006
Comment: This movie is fantastic im in love with it, could never get sick of it, totally amazing, oh yea and paulie is incredibly sexy!!!:)

Name: Beth
Country: UK Date: Tue May 16 21:03:42 2006
Comment: I've only just discovered this movie, and I'm obsessed. What a fantastic movie. And I'm totally in love with Paulie!

Name: supernebula
Country: Date: Fri May 12 07:51:48 2006
Comment: movie reminds me to value love and be kind especially to the one you love because you can only hurt those you love. lovely tribute

Name: Daianna
Country: Mexico Date: Fri May 12 02:59:43 2006
Comment: I love this movie!!! is so beatiful!!I'll buy the soundtrack soon...alguien sabe donde puedo bajar la musica de la pelicula?...kisses from Mexico

Name: Tenshi Paulie
Country: Date: Tue May 9 20:03:37 2006
Comment: I LOVE PIPER PERABO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: elin
Country: Date: Mon May 8 15:57:02 2006

Name: Graham Piper
Country: Australia Date: Sat May 6 02:19:29 2006
Comment: I have just read the scholarly piece by Daniel Schoettler and its fantastic. Congratulations Daniel on such a fine piece of writing.

Kind Regards and Rage More.

Name: Bäf
Country: Bozen/italy Date: Fri May 5 16:59:31 2006
Comment: hey ihr!the homepage is awesome!i think i've said it many times:-) if somebody would like to contact me ,this is my mail :
hopefully i met some new people:-)bye

Name: Patty
Country: Mexico Date: Thu May 4 23:30:10 2006
Comment: Esta pelicula me lleno de pasion y de muchas cosas que pensar...esta fabulosa! muy buena pelicula y muy bien toda una obra de arte.

Name: Sarina
Country: Date: Tue May 2 21:27:07 2006
Comment: Danke Pinky!Da hast du recht,das es verdammt traurig ist,aber der Film ist echt geil,den guck ich mir gleich nochmal an.Einfach geil.

Name: Pinky
Country: Hey Sarina! Date: Tue May 2 19:58:42 2006
Comment: Ja, Paulie, die am Ende vom Dach springt stirbt. Sie beging Selbstmord... verdammt traurig...
aber der beste Film aller Zeiten!

Name: Sarina
Country: Date: Tue May 2 14:33:32 2006
Comment: Hi,ich hab mal eine Frage.Da am Ende wollte die eine doch runterspringen.ISt sie jetzt tot?Oder doch nicht?Würd mich freuen,wenn mir jemand verrät.Lieben Gruß Sarina

Name: Folake
Country: canada Date: Tue May 2 13:34:59 2006
Comment: i love this movie it was the best!!!

Name: Sarina
Country: Date: Mon May 1 16:28:07 2006
Comment: Der Film ist echt voll geil.Der beste Film aller Zeiten!Aber auch sehr traurig der Film.Gut gemacht,macht weiter so,ich wünsche es gäbe bald teil 2 dafür.Gruß Sarina

Name: aerol
Country: Spain Date: Mon May 1 09:47:09 2006
Comment: Great film,great actress,great page.Fabulous. I was Paulie once. The hurt continues.

Name: karina
Country: germany Date: Mon May 1 07:35:22 2006
Comment: ich habe den film vor einer woche im fernsehen gesehen, bzw. fast verpasst und nur die letzten 30 min. geschaut. daraufhin habe ich mir den film sofort auf DVD bestellt und ihn mittlerweile x-mal gesehen.
er ist der beste film den ich je gesehen habe. der film ist mir so unter die haut gegangen, er lässt mich nicht mehr los. meine gedanken drehen sich um den film, wenn ich morgen auf stehe und abends, wenn ich ins bett gehe.
die website ist absolut bombastisch... mehr informationen kan

Name: Rocío
Country: España Date: Sun Apr 30 15:10:57 2006
Comment: Es de las películas más bonitas q e visto!!! Preciosa!!! Enhorabuena a todos los que la han hecho. Es un peliculón!!!

Name: Pinky
Country: Germany Date: Sun Apr 30 14:23:43 2006
Comment: Diese Homepage ist der Hammer!!Super gemacht! Hab noch nie auf einer Homepage so viele Informationen zu einem Film gefunden, wie auf dieser!
Lost and Delirious ist der beste Film aller Zeiten, unglaublich berührend...
Würde mich freuen, wenn einer von euch Fans Kontakt mit mir aufnehmen würde(Icq:202-414-669)

Name: Nana (Homepage)
Country: Germany Date: Sat Apr 29 12:35:26 2006
Comment: hey!
eine echt tolle seite! hier gibt es super viele infos... echt toll!
L&D ist soooo ein wunderschöner, emotionsvoller film... ich liebe ihn sooo sehr!
macht weiter hier =)

Name: Despobar
Country: Germany Date: Thu Apr 27 14:47:42 2006
Comment: Hi!
Die Seite ist verdammt geil..ich wünschte, es gäbe Lost and Delirious Teil 2 !

Ein unglaublich schöner Film - ein Gruß an alle, die er ebenso so im Herzen traf !

Name: Nika
Country: state-Slovakia Date: Thu Apr 27 07:30:52 2006
Comment: no ja si tiež myslím že tento film je perfektný, dos ma zaujal, ma svoju myšlienku... je to jeden z najlepších filmov aký som videla :)PS: I am sorry that I wrote in slovak language

Name: Diana C
Country: Colombia Date: Wed Apr 26 16:58:32 2006
Comment: Es una pelicula que le mueve el piso a todas y todos lo soñadores y enamorados del amor

Name: Ana Brasil
Country: Date: Wed Apr 26 02:11:00 2006
Comment: Poxa, acabei de assistir este filme! Ele foi feito em 2001 e eu o vi agora em 2006..hehe. Peguei ele meio no escuro, mas quando vi que no elenco tinham atrizes que hoje sao consagradas ( bem novinhas nakela época) ja fikei feliz!
História envolvente e emocionante, que demonstra realmente o amor Puro.
Nao sei c este site tem visitas ainda, mas mesmo assim deixo o meu comentário.
Beijos pra todos

Name: Amz (Homepage)
Country: England Date: Fri Apr 21 16:41:33 2006
Comment: Hi i was completely inspieed by the film and thought it really captured the depth behind young girls emotins and how hard it is to be your self in this day in age, esp for to girls or infact to men to be together without some kind of discrimination and i applaud this film for delving in this kind of situation which most shy away from, and as a lesbian myself was truelly touched but the film, definatly one of the best ive seen

Name: bloody (Homepage)
Country: Switzerland Date: Wed Apr 19 22:31:35 2006
Comment: Hello!

Diese Homepage ist wirklich cool. Ich liebe den Film Lost and Delirious

Macht weiter so...

Liebe Grüsse

Country: Puerto Rico Date: Sun Apr 16 01:02:47 2006
Comment: Esta es la mejor película que he podido ver en toda mi vida,donde los sentimientos reales y el amor salen a la luz sin fronteras y dándose a demostrar de tal manera que el amor lleva a cabo la muerte,Deberían hacer más películas sobre este tema.

Name: Xaan
Country: Belgium Date: Sat Apr 15 10:23:58 2006
Comment: great and believable movie..

Name: Barbara
Country: Hungary Date: Fri Apr 14 22:37:25 2006
Comment: This is a gorgeus site about a gorgeus film!;)
from Hungary

Name: Veronica
Country: Venezuela Date: Fri Apr 14 06:54:01 2006
Comment: UFFFF!!!!!!! la peli es genial me encantaaaaaaaaa, lo unico malo es el final debio ser mejor.. pero bueno no todo puede ser bueno.... por si alguien kiere escribirme!!!!!

Name: Paula
Country: México Date: Wed Apr 12 02:01:33 2006
Comment: Me encanta esta pelicula, aunque no me gusto el final... prefiero los finales felices.. pero nimodo aunque sigue siendo genial esta peli ..ojala hicieran mas peliculas de este tipo y la pasaran más en la television...
un beso bye!!!

Country: MEXICO Date: Tue Apr 11 01:38:11 2006

Name: Kori
Country: US Date: Sun Apr 9 23:06:54 2006
Comment: i love this movie. It has to be one of the greatest movies ive ever seen. Pauli IS AMAZING shes so beautiful, GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Þðèé
Country: Russia Date: Thu Apr 6 18:12:24 2006
Comment: Thank you Stef have published my verse.
'Tis really cool to see it here.


Name: Fabricio Rodrigues Iglezias
Country: Brazil Date: Thu Apr 6 17:23:31 2006
Comment: I saw L&D last weekend, and I loved. I´d like to get the songs

Name: Sam
Country: Australia Date: Thu Apr 6 11:53:40 2006
Comment: Hi everyone! I havent actually seen this film as i live in a small town, with super restrictive parents. plus the video shop didnt have it. but i saw a music clip to it on with the song tourniquet by evanescence and it was so sad! been obsessed ever since. u so gota check it if u havent already.

Name: Frenchy Faith
Country: UK / France Date: Mon Apr 3 18:02:40 2006
Comment: Just found your website... wow awesome job guys! It looks really great and it seems like everything's in it.... one thing... if you can find somewhere online the music video made about L&D.... it'd be perfect to add to your fanart section... those music vids were really WOW!
Keep up the great job! Kudos! :@)

Name: Lindsey
Country: Date: Mon Apr 3 12:55:39 2006
Comment: Hi guys I hope all is good.. I miss you guys..

Name: stef
Country: Italy Date: Sat Apr 1 14:54:15 2006
Comment: I also have seen the was de sadest film i´ve ever seen!hmmm...if somebody would like to write me this is my mail :

Name: emma
Country: sweden Date: Fri Mar 31 15:09:16 2006
Comment: It is the most beautiful movie, I 've ever seen, I 've never cried as much as I did when I saw it... I really love it!

Name: Giselle Ferreita
Country: Date: Thu Mar 30 05:08:32 2006

Name: Solomon
Country: USA Date: Fri Mar 24 18:19:55 2006
Comment: I love the page

Name: Yuri
Country: Russia Date: Sun Mar 19 01:53:06 2006
Comment: Thank you a lot Piper, Jessica and Misha!!

Thanks a lot, Stef, for this awsome site!
Thanks Julia and the Group.
And thank you, all, who take part in discussion on the forum and guestbook.
I'm happy i find you!!
Thanx for all!
P.S. I'd like to talk and chat with anyone about movie 'n just relations. If any wants i'll be happy!
Write here:

Name: julia
Country: canada Date: Sat Mar 18 19:37:30 2006
Comment: hey,
well I have to say I 've met some cool people already, so just a reminder, that if anyone else wants to chat about the movie or about love issues, feel free to contact me :) i put in my email adress already but its :
hope to hear from some new people:)

Name: Mike
Country: Date: Mon Mar 13 14:17:41 2006
Comment: Want to thank you about this site. It helped me with the english version of the movie, I'm italian and I think the italian translation is real bad... so I prefer the english one. Bye and thanks all

Name: Irene&Valeria
Country: Italy Date: Sun Mar 12 12:30:22 2006
Comment: Adoriamo questo film perchè oltre ad essere poetico è anche stramaledettamente VERO!!! e' il miglior film che abbiamo mai visto, e Paulie è fantastica!!!
Great movie, and great Piper!!

Name: Giulia
Country: italia Date: Sat Mar 11 17:54:41 2006
Comment: é la terza volta che scrivo su questo sito... STO CERCANDO DISPERATAMENTE VIDEO SUL FILM... vi prego se ne siete in possesso contattatemi al mio indirizzo e-mail (che riscrivo)
Grazie mille.... e forza PAULIE

Name: Piper lover
Country: Date: Mon Mar 6 22:00:02 2006
Comment: Soory I misspelled Piper.

Name: Piper Lover
Country: US Date: Mon Mar 6 21:58:58 2006
Comment: Omg this is the best movie of Popers i have ever seen since Imagine me and you I think that she is the best actress in the intire world. You did great on this website I love it. Gooooo Piper Perabo

Name: I love Paulie
Country: España Date: Sun Mar 5 14:30:55 2006
Comment: Es la mejor película que he visto en mi vida, os la recomiendo a todos; aunque la verdad es que no paré de llorar en todo el día porque es muy triste. Como bien han dicho otras personas por aquí, me encantaría que hicieran una segunda parte, pero a poder ser que no tenga un final tan trágico.

Name: geydis (Homepage)
Country: españa Date: Sat Mar 4 12:06:10 2006
Comment: holaaa! yo todavia no e visto la peli pero me la estoy bajando desde ayer y por todo lo que e visto en internet creo k me va a gustar yo soy muy romanticona jejej bueno adios deww!!!

Name: Giulia
Country: italy Date: Sat Mar 4 10:53:57 2006
Comment: Who it has desire of chattare with me about Lost & Delirious? my e-mail is:

Name: Cossely (Homepage)
Country: México Date: Fri Mar 3 21:56:23 2006
Comment: Una amiga que vive en otra cuidad me recomendo esta pelicula, la vi recien unas 2 semanas atras, no se como nunca la habia visto antes. Es la mejor que jamas habia visto.Me hubiera gustado que victoria hiciera algo cuando vio a paulie arriba apunto de aventarse,=( Pero creo que ese es el caso, que paulie la amaba tanto que prefirio morir a vivir sin ella.i <3 her!

Name: Xuan Li
Country: Germany Date: Wed Mar 1 11:15:51 2006
Comment: Ive saw this movie some weeks ago and still cant stop thinking of it.its one of the best film ive ever seen full of emotions.I watched it with a friend but she didnt like it that much wich i cant understand!

Name: natalia (Homepage)
Country: colombia Date: Tue Feb 28 03:02:21 2006
Comment: es la mejor pelicula que he visto de este genero y esta muy bien hecha ademas los personajes le dieron mas vida a la pelicula

Name: julia
Country: canada Date: Sun Feb 26 03:33:07 2006
Comment: heyhey,
well I can't even begin to explain how this movie is so beautiful...I was devastated and hit hard by it...IF ANYONE EVER WANTS TO TALK ID BE HAPPY TO EITHER BY EMAIL OR MSN:) email is :)
I'd love to chat with someone about it and just about love in general..
alrighty, bye for now


Name: bleeding heart
Country: Date: Thu Feb 23 17:11:09 2006
Comment: I really really agree with steve and melissa, they should make a second part of this film...

...and I'd like to "invent" the continuation *gg*

Name: Giulia
Country: Italy Date: Wed Feb 22 21:37:49 2006
Comment: I am enchanting myself always of more of this film... and I am seeking more possible material on L&D (video, photograph,) my e-mail is:
I love Paulie!!

Name: Steve & Melissa
Country: United States Date: Mon Feb 20 23:40:13 2006
Comment: They need a second movie!!!!!! Where Paulie actually survived the fall but it was kept quiet. Paulie recovers mentally & physically and goes on to a sucessful career.(She was a brain!) Tori finds out by accident Paulie 's alive and tracks her down but this time Tori has to win Paulie back!!!!!!!!!

Name: carlo
Country: italy Date: Sun Feb 19 20:06:42 2006
Comment: I watched it on tv last week for the first time.. I liked it a lot. And the role of Paulie was simply fantastic...
good site!!! :)

Name: LeSerpentRouge
Country: Italy Date: Sat Feb 18 20:39:35 2006
Comment: I will never understand...I had true love brightly shining in my hand...I had it, and I lost it. Have I been lucky for I had it? Have I been cursed for I lost it? what's the answer....

Name: Giulia
Country: Italy Date: Fri Feb 17 18:21:16 2006
Comment: I love this film and I love Paulie!

Name: Cassie
Country: Canada Date: Fri Feb 17 02:33:28 2006
Comment: this website is awesome!! Lost and Delirious is the best movie I have ever watched in my life! words cant explain how amazing that movie is...

Name: Nico
Country: Italy Date: Thu Feb 16 22:52:01 2006
Comment: I saw the movie yesterday for the first time and i really loved it, this is a very nice site, it's good to see i'm not the only one who appreciated L&D :)

Name: Noemi
Country: italy Date: Thu Feb 16 21:49:19 2006
Comment: This site is wonderful like the film!!!
Good wallpapers!!!
Piper has been weird in this film!!

Name: ladybug
Country: Serbia Date: Thu Feb 16 09:12:10 2006
Comment: Hm...all these people said so many great words about L&D... Words, that touch me so deep inside.... but i really do think that there are no words to explain this movie. Like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said: "If you don't feel it, you will never understand it."
Thank you all, great people.
Hugs and Love

Name: Ellie
Country: UK Date: Wed Feb 15 18:15:13 2006
Comment: Hey, Just thought i'd leave a wee note to say how much i love the site!! I come on like everyday!!!!

I love the film it's amazing!!! And the site is just as good!! Keep up the good work lol!!


Name: Ladybug
Country: Serbia Date: Tue Feb 14 09:23:57 2006
Comment: "I rush into the secret house."
L&D is one of the best movies i've ever seen.

Name: austria
Country: Date: Sat Feb 11 14:04:02 2006
Comment: a very good film even tough it's not the kind of films i watch usually, but i saw it with my sister together ind i really liked it
and a very good homepage tgis is ;-)

Name: Lindsey
Country: Date: Fri Feb 3 08:59:39 2006
Comment: Hi guys I hope all is good.. Stef I am sorry about any thing you too Marja.. I wish I could make it up.. But any ways the site looks better and better.

Name: tearful_eyes
Country: Austria Date: Thu Feb 2 18:59:58 2006
Comment: I saw the film some time ago and I've never seen such a good film before. At first I found it funny but then nothing but sadI've never cried so much just because of a film, and I have to say that I really know how Paulie felt. I often read that her feelings were to exaggerated shown, but I don't think so, 'cause I really feel the same way and I was a bit frightened about the end 'cause I could really understand Paulie but I didn't understand Tory! the film is so sad but also so great!

Name: alfonso
Country: u.s Date: Thu Feb 2 05:02:34 2006
Comment: at first i thought this was going to be a soft core *** lesbian flick but when i saw it i fell in love with it

Name: Sophia
Country: Brazil Date: Wed Feb 1 18:02:38 2006
Comment: This site is really great...and so are the people in it!! You all helped me and everyone and it seems like all the questions about the movie is answered!! You all rock!! I'm so happy to have found this is actually on a list that they have in the library at my school in Rio about cool sites for movies that they have to rent. :D :D !!

Name: Yo_MisMa
Country: España Date: Wed Feb 1 00:51:28 2006
Comment: ¡Qué pasada de pelicula!!! Increíble!!!! Me encanta, a pesar de que, a la vez, me indigna ver sufrir tanto a Paulie y la actitud tan insensible de Tory...Pero es totalmente magnífica!!! Ojalá se hicieran más películas como esta, se ha convertido en mi favorita!!!

Name: kyra (Homepage)
Country: Date: Mon Jan 30 14:34:40 2006
Comment: beautiful....=)

Name: LiLi
Country: Date: Sun Jan 29 18:18:25 2006
Comment: This movie is just perfect.....very great....i love lost and mail is if you love this movie add me please.... x]

Name: Maria Jose
Country: españa Date: Tue Jan 24 04:42:47 2006
Comment: que alegría saber de la existencia de esta página....y que el tributo siga por mucho tiempo...

Name: Patrick
Country: usa Date: Sun Jan 22 04:50:28 2006
Comment: All i have to say is this movie is just absolutely amazing, the best movie in the entire world hands down. It gives you a feeling like none other. thank you so much for making this site because this site is VERY great and im sure everyone appreciates it as much as i was.

Name: Lost
Country: Italy Date: Wed Jan 18 18:10:07 2006
Comment: I've seen that another italian girl had written here..:CIAO JENPAULIE!MI SONO PERMESSA DI ENTRARE NEL TUO SIMPATICO SPAZIO MSN.. H CAPISCO IL PERCHè DEL NOME:la somiglianza è spaventosa!in senso buono eh!.. Bye..

Name: Lost
Country: Italy Date: Wed Jan 18 17:59:17 2006
Comment: ..I saw L&D for the second time last week at 1a.m. eyes have seen another heart have seen another movie.. i loved it! because it is LOVE! "just " every way IT EXISTS!..i don 't know why there 're no italian website about this great work.. there is YOU!and i 'm very happy to have found you.. LoSt (please,forgive my english..) ;-)

Name: Jen (Homepage)
Country: Italy Date: Sat Jan 14 22:26:16 2006
Comment: I 've seen this film a case of times and I would never get tired to see it again!I understand what Paulie feels very well..and every time the heart is gripped!then she 's fabulous!you have done a good work, congratulation!

Name: Pink
Country: Russia Date: Fri Jan 13 10:16:25 2006
Comment: Hello everybody! If somebody wants to communicate about Piper and love between women I`ll be very glad! Please write

Name: Pink
Country: Russia Date: Fri Jan 13 10:13:07 2006
Comment: When I`ve seen Lost & Delirious movie I fell in love with Piper. And now I try to see all her movies and read about her. Your site helped me to find all information I need, thank you.

Name: floriane
Country: France Date: Sun Jan 8 12:44:52 2006
Comment: I think that this movie is a wonderful movie about love between two women. And this website is really complet, that's great ! Thank you to you for these memories..

Name: Sanduv-Dragu Vlad
Country: Romania Date: Thu Jan 5 15:42:03 2006
Comment: I must say, I loved the movie. I have never seen it, but the story(board)(or both) was (were) excellent. Good Job!

Name: Inêz
Country: BRAZIL Date: Mon Jan 2 00:19:56 2006
Comment: VERY GOOD JOB!!! Um filme forte! Dá pra sentir todo o sofrimento da três meninas. Pena que Paulie tenha morrido. Porque o suicídio? O final é triste, mas a abordagem muito boa. CONGRATULATIONS!

Name: Elia
Country: Colima, México Date: Sun Jan 1 19:22:54 2006
Comment: La película es una muestra clara de lo que Platón decía: "Cuando el amor es puro, no importa el sexo". Es sólo que nuestra sociedad en varias ocasiones trata de ser juez y verdugo de las personas que aman a alguien de su mismo sexo, sin tener en cuenta que lo importante es ese motor que a diario echa a andar nuestras vidas: EL AMOR

Name: Stéfanie Sorrah
Country: BRASIL Date: Fri Dec 23 03:23:37 2005
Comment: Sou apaixonada por esse filme,se podesse tê-lo...
beijos,besos and kisses,for fãs do fillme,travel.
é a história de amor mais linda,emocionante e ed amor verdadeiro que já assistir.
is history + bealtful, I assistir
i love you's

Name: Mercedes
Country: perú Date: Wed Dec 21 23:12:19 2005
Comment: es una buenisima pelicula, cuando la vi me encanto y desde ahi la he visto las veces q la volvieron a pasar, xq no la encuentro x las tiendas :(!, quisiera leer el libro..alguna web para bajarla???

Name: -mari (Homepage)
Country: Brasil Date: Wed Dec 21 16:55:16 2005
Comment: Assisti ao filme ontem.
E me apaixonei pelo história de amor entre duas garotas. O filme é super bem produzito.
Parabéns ao site tbm.

Name: Daianna
Country: Mexico Date: Tue Dec 20 20:09:00 2005
Comment: Hi¡¡¡ I`ve never seen the movie but I`m gonna see it sooon.

Name: jazzy
Country: Spain Date: Tue Dec 20 13:54:39 2005
Comment: Thanks for this website;It`s obvious your hard working in it.
I haven 't seen the movie yet,I saw the trailer on tv some years ago,but I didn 't keep with the title nor the actress,it just call my attention and I felt like know something about it.And days ago,I 've known finally the title and discovered this web.
Congratulations again

Name: claudia
Country: mexico Date: Tue Dec 20 05:44:19 2005
Comment: la mejor pelicula que he visto.Buenisimaaa

Name: xx budweiser xx
Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 20 04:38:07 2005
Comment: This movie is one of if not the most heart wrenching films to date i especially love the scene where paulie is crying against the windowsill to an difranco's "you had time" because i myself experienced a rejection as painful as that and it feels like the end of the world. I think pool's message is here that this is how we all could love whoever we wanted if there were no rules.

Name: Ron Elardo
Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 18 07:27:03 2005
Comment: There are movies that come along every once in a while that bring out the true and heartfelt honesty of love in it's deepest and sometimes most heartbreaking form and i feel that this movie was like that because it shows how we as a society tend to judge others and also influence others not to be true to themselves and also this movie shows how pushing on the boundaries of love can sometimes be a wonderful and powerful thing but also dangerous if that love is not reciprocated.

Name: Mie
Country: Denmark Date: Thu Dec 15 15:03:48 2005
Comment: Love the movie... And I can't buy it anywhere! :(

Name: MeLI (Homepage)
Country: spain Date: Thu Dec 8 21:34:43 2005
Comment: la mejor pelikula k e visto en mi vida esta genial!!

Name: keren
Country: israel Date: Thu Dec 8 17:28:30 2005
Comment: Hi, I'm keren from israel
I'm not so good with english so I'm sorry if I'll have mistakes.
L&D is my favored movie.
this site is so great.
keep doing such a great job!!!

Name: Cristopher (Homepage)
Country: Chile Date: Thu Dec 8 17:20:43 2005
Comment: Esta película es genial!
que bueno encontrar esta pagina, pennse q era el unico en el mundo q le habia encantado la pelicula!
alguien me podria ayudarv a encontar el libro en la web para descargarlo (el cual se baso la pelicula)

esta buena la pagina!!

Name: LaraJay (Homepage)
Country: Germany Date: Mon Dec 5 19:42:23 2005
Comment: HEy
i 've first viewed this page when l&d was shown the first time in german free tv, i think that was a year ago.
it 's great to see that still so many people are interested in this movie.but it 's understandable
lost and delirious is one of the greatest movies i 've ever seen.
Thank you very much for keeping this page :)
bye, larajay

Name: Angel
Country: France Date: Fri Dec 2 14:03:54 2005
Comment: Ce film est bouleversant, même renversant voir transcendant, pas seulement par son tragique mais aussi parce que nous aimerions tant vivre une telle histoire qu'à la fin de ce chef-d'oeuvre, on souffre d'un manque intense et parfois continue pendant plusieurs jours...Je pense que ce film aurait du finir bien parce que la majeur partie du film est déja insoutenable...le regarder la première fois n'est pas aussi triste que les suivantes car on connaît sa fin mais on ne peut pas la changer...

Name: Naomi
Country: UK Date: Thu Dec 1 13:52:51 2005
Comment: This film is amazing. I came upon it by chance and thought it looked interesting - it was so much more than that. I watched it twice in one day because it had such an impact on me. It 's just beautiful and painful. I love it.

Name: ...
Country: Date: Sun Nov 27 18:48:11 2005
Comment: Thanks for making this site!
I love this site too !!!!
I love Lost&Delirious

Name: Salvia (Homepage)
Country: Austria Date: Sun Nov 20 02:14:15 2005
Comment: Hi, just wanted to let you did a good job. I LOVE this site. There are not much pages about L&D but there is so much stuff on need nothing more. Thanks for making this site!

Name: linnea
Country: sweden Date: Wed Nov 16 08:58:57 2005
Comment: Hello my name is Linnea and i wonder if anywone know what happening whith paulie in the end? she died or what?

Name: Esther
Country: Germany Date: Sun Nov 13 17:15:31 2005
Comment: Wow, I didn´t know there are so many people who love this movie just like I do. I´m deeply impressed. I discovered this page just yesterday and can´t get enough of it since then. L&D is truly the most beautiful movie I´ve ever seen in my life. Words just can´t describe how this movie makes me feel. Everything about the movie is perfect. It´s a masterpiece and I don´t think there will ever be a movie like L&D. I love it!
P.S.: This page is also beautiful. Go on like this! Rage more!

Name: Michelle (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 10 06:30:44 2005
Comment: When I first saw Lost and wuz with my ex girlfriend..she was like you have to see this movie, its like our life story! I wuz totally completely wuz! She wuz like Paulie..and I wuz like Tory..exactly. Its the saddest thing really..wut that did to me and my and her are just friends now though..but if there wuz a day that I cud go back..and stand up to my parents and tell them I wanted to be with her I wud.

Name: Katja (Homepage)
Country: Germany Date: Tue Nov 8 13:46:17 2005
Comment: Damn eure Site is echt Hammer geil, echt die beste Site ever, respect! Mach(t) weiter so!

Lost and Delirious 4Ever

Name: Daniel
Country: Germany Date: Mon Nov 7 12:16:41 2005
Comment: Hello, my name is Daniel, i'm 27 yo and came from Würzburg in Germany. Lost&Delirious is one of my favorite Movies I ever seen. There's no other Movie which has such an soulish emotion like L&D. This website is just great! Greetings from Germany! ~Daniel~

Name: Dánika
Country: Mexico Date: Mon Nov 7 05:43:16 2005
Comment: Lost & Delirious, es la mejor pelicula q he visto y me encanta, mi personaje favotito es Paulie, y mi parte favorita cuando al final se tira desde el techo. Genial Pelicula. The best movie.

Name: Silke
Country: Germany Date: Tue Nov 1 17:46:29 2005
Comment: hey Stef :-)
eure seite wird immer besser, vielen dank dafür, du bist klasse!!!!! sorry das ich im moment so wenig zeit für dich habe, bitte verzeih mir....
aber ich habe eine klasse nachricht für dich: ich mache jetzt super werbung für L.a.D. indem ich den film meiner klasse in englisch vorstelle und diese wunderschöne seite promote ;-) ich hoffe du freust dich ein bisschen darüber. ich vermisse dich, bis hoffendlich ganz bald mal wieder :-) deine Silke

Name: Irene
Country: Spain Date: Sun Oct 30 18:38:19 2005
Comment: Hola.
Mi nombre es Irene y soy de España. He de decir que esta pelicula marco un antes y un despues en mi vida y que me enamore de ella.
Fue una razon mas para estudiar arte dramatico, porque la interpretacion y la historia en si me cautivaron.
Solo decir que gracias por esta pagina, porque es alucinante y por todas las fotos y los posters.
Para siempre,


Name: pauline
Country: mexico Date: Wed Oct 26 05:23:02 2005
Comment: lost and delirious es 1 super pelí, me encanta, la veo mínimo 1 vez al día, sobre todo la actuacion de la niña más bonita, es decir, Piper Perabo es lo mejor!!! recomienden esta pelicula

Name: Juergen
Country: Germany Date: Wed Oct 19 11:45:27 2005
Comment: Hey,
jesterday i saw the film L&D, now i´m searching about information. This film is sooo great, can´t belive it...

Name: Yil
Country: Bavaria/Germany Date: Tue Oct 18 16:29:20 2005
Comment: Ohh II: sorry girl, that means PeraBo..*shameonme*..


Name: Yil
Country: Bavaria/Germany Date: Mon Oct 17 21:43:27 2005
Comment: ohh, that "T" means Team, of course.
And specially **Piper**Perano**. :)

PS: I want to watch it again, but I'm afraid of it. Is there someone, want to see the movie with me?? ;)

Grüße aus Deutschland.


Name: Yil
Country: Bavaria/Germany Date: Mon Oct 17 21:38:01 2005
Comment: I made a mistake! I definitely made a big mistake!
I watched L&D. I cried, I broke and I died (at least five times ;)). And hey, I'm a skateboarder, I don't cry..for usually.

That movie is a unique masterstroke in acting! It touches every cell in your body and shadow in your soul and a little movie, made of every painful picture of your teenage-time and your first, truliest and deepest (and often unanswered) love, begins to play in your mind's eye.

Thanks to Lea Pool & T

Name: Arthur
Country: Norway Date: Sun Oct 16 20:11:55 2005
Comment: After seeing this movie a couple of times on TV it gave me a new perspective on my life. Some years later i bought it and have been watching it like a 100 times;-)It makes me feel the same every time. Theres no exact explanation for what love is, it just is and there is nothing to stop it. Everytime I watch it I see my self, because I have the same situation..........and I'm very glad that there are movies like this one, but this one is the best to show what real LOVE is

Name: Rina
Country: Switzerland Date: Thu Oct 13 00:10:54 2005
Comment: Dieser Film bewegt mich tief und die Erinnerungen meiner Vergangenheit kommen jedesmal wieder auf. Ich finde im Film so viele Situationen, die ich selber erlebt habe. Ich ging auch in ein Mädcheninternat zur Schule und verliebte mich bis über beide Ohren in meine Schulfreundin, ohne dass meine Liebe je erwiedert worden ist. Obwohl ich heute, 5 Jahre später mit meinem Freund glücklich bin, werde ich nie einen Menschen so lieben wie sie damals. Würde mich über E-mails freuen. Liebe Grüsse

Name: Ioana
Country: Romania Date: Wed Oct 12 20:16:50 2005

Name: exoseth
Country: Belgium Date: Tue Oct 4 01:30:00 2005
Comment: (sorry for my english) The love is not a question of sex, the love is not even a question of person or personality: the love chooses you one day and you releases eternally... because you recognized it and that it you recognized: "She is mine, and I am his... and that for always " It 's beyond the life and death, it 's beyond the time and space, beyond the bodies and individualities; it transcends us completely and frees us for always. "Lost and Delirious "

Name: GrahamPiper
Country: Australia Date: Wed Sep 28 19:17:57 2005
Comment: Visited Bishops University on Monday and was given a tour of the campus by one of the students. It was great to see where the film was made. I have enjoyed this film many a time and it was great to finaly see where it was made.
Kind Regards and Rage More,
Graham Piper

Name: Jordan
Country: Germany Date: Mon Sep 26 21:28:50 2005
Comment: Love rocks :) in everyway!!!

Name: Esther
Country: Switzerland Date: Mon Sep 26 19:03:40 2005
Comment: Ich liebe diesen Film! Habe ihn dieses Wochenende zum 3. mal gesehen und er ist einfach unglaublich! Dieser Film hat etwas ganz neues in mir geweckt. eine seite meiner seele berührt, die ich noch nicht kannte, es öffnete mir etwas ganz neues! wenn man sich diesen film anschaut, umgibt einen so ein gefühl, so traurig, schön und einfach nur wow! wenn jemand diesen fil noch nicht kennt- unbedingt anschauen!! nur zum weiterempfehlen! das darf man sich nicht entgehen lassen! Viele Grüsse

Name: Darko
Country: germany Date: Mon Sep 26 17:52:07 2005
Comment: Hi!! I'm so glad to be here, because I was searching for a page like these the last 2 hours. I can't stop to think about these movie since I saw it a few days ago. It goes round my mind and touchs me deep inside. It's so full of love and emotions, so beauiful and so sad. But I guess every other end would be boring. it's a tragic love story. can't wait till I see it again

Name: Jordan
Country: Date: Sun Sep 25 21:44:43 2005
Comment: *thinking* damn, i´ve forgotten what to say :D
Well, what a pity, that the end is so sad...but almost all best movies the end is negative*isn´t it*? ;)
Yes, i hope it for you and i hope that i will have a happy end to someday :)@Kate
So until then *take care and cheers* ;) *smile*
By Jordan

Name: Jordan
Country: Germany Date: Sun Sep 25 21:40:25 2005
Comment: Ah i found the secret ;)
Well, just wanna say that this movie is really good. Unfortunately i couldn´t see it all - but the scenes that i watched was enough to say that it´s a faboulos movie. I really can understand Paulie...not in the fact that she loves a girl, but in the fact that she puts so much love, power and tried to be understandful in this realationship. It´s funny how people change, when they think about other people and what they think - like Tori. A really emotional film-i love

Name: Jordan
Country: Germany Date: Sun Sep 25 21:34:36 2005
Comment: Hey, why do my message not transmit??? Oh damn :(
Great movie, i cried - i´m not the type of person who always cry, but the movie really touched my ♥ and soul :) - Nice Job - ;)
A very interesting and amazing movie!!! :)

Name: Kate
Country: germany Date: Sun Sep 25 19:11:37 2005
Comment: hi leute
ich l&d gestern nacht nochmal angeschaut! und wiedereinmal wurden mein herz und meine seele berührt! ein großartiger film über liebe, freundschaft und auch verrat! die starke und unbeirrbare liebe von pauli ist wirklich erstrebenswert für jeden von uns! und ich hoffe ich finde sie auch irgendwann! (für mich aber hoffentlich mit happy end) adios

Name: vispa
Country: spain Date: Sat Sep 24 21:04:42 2005
Comment: me ha gustado mucho la pelicula, y los actores k hicieron esta pelicula

Name: alena
Country: russian Date: Sat Sep 24 21:02:21 2005

Name: Nadezhda
Country: Mexico Date: Sat Sep 17 22:09:16 2005
Comment: Lost and delirious is a great movie

Name: Melissa (Homepage)
Country: españa Date: Thu Sep 15 17:10:50 2005
Comment: me encanta esta pelicula es de las mejores k e visto!!

Name: Denis
Country: Ukraine Date: Wed Sep 14 09:51:03 2005
Comment: So pure feelings, so dramatic consequences, so perfect actresses, so talented director ... Still under the influence of this magnificent movie. Thank you!

Name: Lisa
Country: kyiv Date: Tue Sep 6 22:41:47 2005
Comment: —пасибо за фильм...не слов, до глубины души..спасибо ѕоли...прочувствовалась та грань ..спасибо!

Name: Anna
Country: Sweden Date: Mon Sep 5 00:38:08 2005
Comment: Saw it today for the first time... absolutely LOVE it, can 't stop thinking about it. So glad I taped it, well see it again soon! All the 3 girls acting are great. Will always rember it...

Name: Elena
Country: italy Date: Fri Sep 2 09:53:07 2005
Comment: Lost and Delirious has changed something inside my soul........I love it...

Name: alejandra
Country: CostaRica Date: Mon Aug 29 03:43:14 2005
Comment: guauu esta peli esta super la eh visto miles de veces i seguire viendola, me encanta el trama, todo es perfecto hasta el reparto...chao

Name: Chloe
Country: Italy Date: Sat Aug 27 02:54:07 2005
Comment: It's a grate site...I really really like it....
I love L&D and I love this site....

Name: Mariusz
Country: Poland Date: Wed Aug 24 21:11:33 2005
Comment: This is very very good movie. super
jest po prostu boski.
JeЬli ktoЬ z Polski to czyta niech napisze gdzie moњna zakupiж ten film w Polsce

Name: Karreu
Country: Poland Date: Wed Aug 24 11:53:41 2005
Comment: Your site is really good, and i like it.

Name: Gary
Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 19 07:19:54 2005
Comment: Lost and Delirious is on as I type this. I love this movie soooooo much! Paulie rocks!! You wouldn 't believe the amount of thought this movie has caused me!!! It 's a shame that a new ending couldn 't be written where they end up together as they should have done!!!

Name: Kevin
Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 18 18:14:23 2005
Comment: I never knew about this movie until it was recently broadcast on the Independent Film Channel. What a great movie. I can't believe I never heard about it...
Even though this movie was about two girls in love it really applies to anyone who's ever been in love and it didn't work out for whatever least to me anyway.
Great website.

Name: Adi
Country: Romania Date: Thu Aug 11 02:25:28 2005
Comment: It's unbelievable! So many people who have seen this movie said: "it was like watching my life". Definetely it's one of the best movies ever made. It tries to tell how love is, but still no one knows what love is... is love the purpose of life?

Name: piper castel
Country: USA (NJ)/Italy Date: Wed Aug 10 18:53:25 2005
Comment: nothing i can say can explain what is inside of my heart and my soul

Name: Bill
Country: usa Date: Wed Aug 10 03:22:02 2005
Comment: First time seeing the movie on 8/8/05 This way realy a great movie, Didnt miss a scene.

Name: Yana
Country: Australia Date: Sun Aug 7 12:26:24 2005
Comment: I watched the movie... it's been almost four years since the day that i saw it for the first time. It never actually been gone from my mind, but then i saw a picture and sudenly all the emotions run through me... i remember it... and i just felt like a grey mouse, heading straight for the mouth of a cat, and there was nothing, nothing I could do about it.
that almost two hours of LIFE.
it will be maybe part of my dream now...
"heavy emotions"

Name: Cynthia
Country: Chile Date: Sat Aug 6 07:30:52 2005
Comment: Siempre visito esta pagina, esta en mis favoritos, adoro esta pelicula y tuve la suerte d encontrar personas k tambien supieran de ella una d las partes k ma me gusta es k se trata de AMOR te eso,ES la razón por la que estamos acá, es el punto más alto y una vez que estás ahí arriba, mirando abajo a todos, te quedás ahí por siempre.

Name: alma casteliana (Homepage)
Country: brazil Date: Thu Aug 4 05:50:22 2005
Comment: Eu não vim aqui
Pra entender ou explicar
Nem pedir nada pra mim
Não quero nada pra mim
Eu vim pelo que sei
E pelo que sei
Você gosta de mim é por isso que eu vim
Eu não quero cantar
Pra ninguém a canção
Que eu fiz pra você
Que eu guardei pra você
Pra você não esquecer
Que eu tenho um coração
E é seu
Tudo mais que eu tenho
Tenho tempo de sobra
Tive voce na mão
E agora
Tenho só essa canção


Name: jessika (Homepage)
Country: BRASIL Date: Thu Jul 28 19:22:26 2005
Comment: eU AMEI O FILME FOI REALMENTE O ME3LHOR FILME DSA MINHA VIDA E É REAlmente o que acontece comigo....
eu fiquei completamente apaixonada pela Paulie...

Name: Nayara (Homepage)
Country: Brazil Date: Sat Jul 16 00:17:15 2005
Comment: Hey girls I'm here again just too say a big Hi to everyone! This Website is wonderfull and bring to me news great friends! thanks! and again if you want to talk with me send a e-mail or add me in your msn messenger!
Thanks girls and Stef!
Kisses with chocolate

Name: Michelle Lima (Homepage)
Country: Brasil Date: Thu Jul 14 07:58:27 2005
Comment: Eu simplesnte Amei de paixão Lost and Delirious, e confesso q estou apaixonada pela Paulie. Adorei o site tah lindu demais!!!! Bjuxx pessux, fui....

Name: Michelle Lima (Homepage)
Country: Campo Grande,MS Date: Thu Jul 14 07:51:44 2005
Comment: Eu simplesnte Amei de paixão Lost and Delirious, e confesso q estou apaixonada pela Paulie. Adorei o site tah lindu demais!!!! Bjuxx pessux, fui....

Name: giuseppe
Country: italy Date: Tue Jul 12 20:47:35 2005
Comment: wonderful movie! I 've watched it about 8times.. criyng like a baby! love is undependant from our sex.. there arent gays or leasbians.. there are only lovers!

Name: Polly
Country: Australia Date: Tue Jul 12 18:02:48 2005
Comment: My..god its been ages since i last saw this film but its stuck in my mind. i really adore this movie...really

'unsex me now!'-polly

Name: Carol (Homepage)
Country: Brasil Date: Sun Jul 10 02:19:26 2005
Comment: Muito lindo esse filme, pena que o final é tão triste :( .

Quem quiser entrar em contato comigo é só add e vamo vê no que dá. hehe

Beijos ae.

Name: DEADCITY (Homepage)
Country: CHINA Date: Wed Jul 6 17:30:01 2005
Comment: Well,love is the best thing.
L&D,the best les film.

Name: MARIJA (Homepage)
Country: YUGOSLAVIA Date: Fri Jul 1 11:46:46 2005
Comment: HI PEOPLE, I am sooo happy to see so many people in our GUESTBOOK !!! Just to say HALLOOOO to everyone here and wish , you come back to this site over and over again ! L&D is the most beautiful movie, forever...


Name: jaco
Country: germany Date: Thu Jun 30 19:32:03 2005
Comment: hey everyone..i just ordert the movie a few day ago,actually just because we needed a fim from canada for school..
but when i first saw the synopsis...i remembered me wathcing this movie about2years ago..and loving it totally..
after that i allway thought about it but never gound it somewhere..
and so..just without searching i got it and saw the movie this week for about..6-7 times..
about true love..!ok..girls but love

Name: Alex
Country: Italy Date: Mon Jun 27 12:18:45 2005
Comment: Very deep....

I went back tonight
where all begins
Love doesn't need rules
doesn't need answers
keep questions in your heart
as a piece of her love.

Alex ©2005

Name: Katty
Country: Peru Date: Wed Jun 22 01:49:26 2005
Comment: I liked the movie because it touched my heart, I think is well done and the 3 actress are reallly beautiful girls

Name: joanna (Homepage)
Country: tecolotlan jal Date: Wed Jun 22 00:21:18 2005
Comment: la pelicula es exelente, me gustaria k sacaran segunda parte.

Name: Juliana Bocoli Cappatto
Country: Brasil Date: Sun Jun 12 00:37:22 2005
Comment: I like very so mutch the movie!!!!!!!

Name: Nayara (Homepage)
Country: Brasil Date: Thu Jun 9 19:42:17 2005
Comment: I LOVE THIS FILM! IS perfect! Is the most prove off love between two girls, is reality about a true love separeted for blind world!
I loved this website too! Congratulate for the webdesigners! I would to like meet new friends, so if you look for new Friends in differents part of the globe, Lets come talk with me!

Name: Dayane (Homepage)
Country: Brasil Date: Tue May 24 14:45:25 2005
Comment: Ai... toda vez q entro nesse site dah vontade de assistir o filme!!! ele eh perfeito!! *___*
eo site tbm!XD

Name: sara
Country: verona.italy Date: Mon May 9 20:50:26 2005
Comment: Lost and of my favorite movies!! When I see it, I cry, and cry, and cry.....this movie is so...BEAUTIFUL...and Piper Perabo....oh my God, is PERFECT!!!!!!I LOVE HER, I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kiss from Italy...

Name: Ana (Homepage)
Country: Portugal Date: Mon May 9 17:01:02 2005
Comment: BEST MOVIE EVER! Thanks for the great site =)
Rage more

Name: Lindsey
Country: Date: Wed May 4 08:45:51 2005
Comment: Hi all. I just wanted to say hi to the new people. I also wanted to say hi to just the one that are looking at the site. Yall have no clue how wounderful the people are who made this site. Marija I love you like a sister. Stef love ya like a brother. To the ones just looking at the site great movie I know. I hope you like this site.

Name: Camila
Country: Brasil Date: Fri Apr 29 08:54:03 2005
Comment: Uhu show esse site,amei tudo as fotos os comentários...tudo muito lindo,pois esse filme mereçe ter essa percursão...poxa se eu soubesse desse site antes já teria vindo antes!!
Bom quem quiser fala cmg mande e-mail adoro fazer news friends...
Bjokás pra quem ler e pra quem passar

Name: georgia
Country: Romania Date: Thu Apr 28 07:29:49 2005
Comment: I love thos's a great piece of art...and ...that's all

Name: Yana
Country: Australia Date: Wed Apr 27 09:00:50 2005
Comment: Great movie! Just love it! Exellent site!
I had a history with this movie, kind of.
And Mischa is great too! Keep going with the OC.

Name: Marija (Homepage)
Country: YUGOSLAVIA Date: Sat Apr 23 04:10:01 2005
Comment: The best movie ever and deserves such a great site like this is !!! STEF : THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING !!!

Name: Jaime Gress
Country: México Date: Tue Mar 29 03:11:50 2005
Comment: Una excelente pelicula y unas actuaciones geniales, realmente la recomiendo

Name: maëlle
Country: france Date: Mon Mar 28 20:22:56 2005
Comment: film magnifique...qui traduit tellement bien une situation qu'aujourd'hui tant de filles vivent! également poingnant... émotionellement fort... sans pour autant être égaxéré... / site trés complet tout ce qu'on espére trouver est là ..grand bravo^^surtout un grand choix de photos.../que dire de plus...les mots m'échappent... Tanpis... MA_L >Nice(france)

Name: liesbeth
Country: the netherlands Date: Mon Mar 21 18:27:49 2005
Comment: what a wonderful movie.. really touched me.. really great that u made such a site.. love it! keep up the good work! :)

xxx liesbeth

Name: Ulrike (Homepage)
Country: Germany Date: Mon Mar 21 15:27:43 2005
Comment: hi @all!
i really like this film! it 's just amazing! i think i have seen it about 5 times till now! and i will see it many times more! ^^
big compliment!!
greetings, ulrike

Name: Lindsey and Leigh Ann
Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 21 03:01:45 2005
Comment: Happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. Happy birthday brother stef. I can not belive you did not tell me. I know you are out. When you get back just know we love you. Leigh Ann and I will try to get you some thing. You might have told me about your birthday and i have just for got. I know you most have had a great one.

Name: Sandri
Country: Chile Date: Mon Mar 21 00:51:56 2005
Comment: Decir que es una hermosa historia de amor, es muy poco para poder explicar esta belleza de pelicula. Personalmente me marco muchisimo, cambio mucho mi vida...Pauly sin duda hizo que me sintiera identificada, por el dolor de un amor no correspondido. Esta peli es mas que una historia "lesbica", es una historia de amor puro. Exelente pagina, muy completa y digna de tributo para la peli. Si desean compartir sus impresiones sobre esta bella peli, me pueden escribir sin ningun problema.

Name: Lindsey
Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 19 16:15:59 2005
Comment: Hi all. I been here so many times. I love this movie so much. It is not just a movie for lesbians. It has some thing way deeper to it. Love a deep thing from our hearts. We do not even pic who we love it pics us. When you have it you are flying so high. When you lose it you are so down you do not want to do a thing it is like you can not go on. Some how some of us make it throw others can not take it and fall. So for me this movie is just great love and what it can do to you. LOVE IS LOVE

Name: lindsey
Country: Date: Tue Mar 8 09:31:36 2005
Comment: Hi all thank you for making this site. It has helped me meet the best friend. Stef buddy i love you brother. This site has also helped me and my g/f closer we are now geting married. I love the site and all of you who made it. Lost And Delirious rocks.

Name: Tip
Country: Thailand Date: Sun Mar 6 05:06:40 2005
Comment: Thanks for making such a lovely website about this movie!! ^_^

Name: Leni_girl (Homepage)
Country: Brasil Date: Wed Mar 2 07:35:56 2005
Comment: Aee.....soh passando por aque ...pra dizer novamente eu amuuuuu esse filme .... ki eh o melhor filme ki jah ateh hj .....
quem quiser conversa comigo ..ou ver minha cara feia .... me adiciona no msn ....

Name: sary (Homepage)
Country: peru -lima Date: Tue Mar 1 01:22:07 2005
Comment: pues chevre los argumtos una buena pelicula, me parce q es uan historia real y q si mas peliculas hicierand e este tipo pcoo a poco la sociedad se hiciera mas abiertay pues me da gusto todo felicidades por todo ... ah si quieren sentirse mas frescos .. pues visiten mi pag .. los esperamons unanse al club

Name: Carol (Homepage)
Country: Brasil Date: Sat Feb 26 21:30:37 2005
Comment: Amo esse filme
Ele mostra o q é o amor!!

Name: your girlfriend
Country: usa Date: Sat Feb 26 21:04:16 2005
Comment: this movie was so great. im bi and i felt something similar to what paulie felt in this movie. I LOVE YOU ABIGAIL!

Name: anonymus
Country: usa Date: Sat Feb 26 21:02:35 2005
Comment: RAGE MORE!

Name: Laura
Country: Germany Date: Sat Feb 26 15:09:36 2005
Comment: I have to praise your site again! It's great, especially the pictures. Does anyone know, where I can order a poster of this movie?
Continue updating your site, it's really beautiful! Greetings to all of you "lost and delirious"- fans out there! Rage more! ;-)

Name: Beatriz
Country: venezuela Date: Sat Feb 26 02:40:18 2005
Comment: well... this movie change my be lesb did it. i never imagine that my life will have to be whit a girl, but am so happy for that, i hate the homofobic people,they never can understand us, but this movie can change some people, and taht is important. L&D The BeSt

Name: Graham Piper
Country: Australia Date: Tue Feb 22 03:47:25 2005
Comment: Great site. I love to read your guestbook. I think it is the most powerfull and moving film I have ever seen. Keep up the good work on this site.
Graham Piper

Name: Laura
Country: Germany Date: Mon Feb 21 14:15:46 2005
Comment: After watching l.a.d. for the first time, I asked myself, if I could fall in love with a girl. Answer to this question is "yes", cause it is not important if you love a boy or a girl. Anything that matters is that you deeply love somebody, and that's what this movie is all about: Love and the connection of two souls, it's less important, that the lovers are girls. But of course, a lot of girls think about if something similar could happen to them. Well, we don't have a choice, who we fall i

Name: Laura
Country: Germany Date: Sun Feb 20 15:52:56 2005
Comment: This page is really great, lots of beautiful pictures and much Information. I love this movie, I 'd like to watch it every day, it touched me like nothing before, it 's a masterpiece. It 's a pity, there is no Soundtrack, cause the music is beautiful, too. Greetings to my angel, who loves this movie as much as I do...

Name: Anna
Country: Italy Date: Sun Feb 20 15:24:27 2005
Comment: great site, you really did a good job!
as for the movie, i simply love it, especially when it comes to piper perabo and mischa's acting. piper was simply fabolous in this film, and her character, even if highly stereotypated, is great... in my opinion, people should see this kind of films more often, they make you understand lots of things... it's a shame that here in italy only the censored version of lost and delirious was shown, maybe they thought people aren't ready for the whole thin

Name: Katja (Homepage)
Country: germany/russia Date: Sat Feb 19 09:20:42 2005
Comment: My english is very bad, but i want try to translate my russian entry into english:
To Webmasters of this site: great job. I love this film and this site.
Since the Russian Girlband t.A.T.u. became famous in germany, i have i girlfriend. And this film is like my life. (Sorry for my english)

Name: amy
Country: paraguay Date: Sat Feb 19 01:42:30 2005
Comment: it remainds me a lot of a relationship i had and unteal now i still love her,and is so sad how something that seemed to be so real,become yust a lie to everyone and you that are the only one who cryes and try to kill the pain with the first thing that comes to your head,while she is probably laughting in the arms of some body else,thats why i love these film,it descrive it perfectly...

Name: anna (Homepage)
Country: paraguay Date: Sat Feb 19 01:25:19 2005
Comment: love the movie,and so tori(jessica parè)love how beoutifull she is and the pasion paulie(piper pirabo)gave,the touching end to make these movie just perfect...

Name: Katja (Homepage)
Country: germany/russia Date: Fri Feb 18 17:07:37 2005
Comment: Priwet Wsem,
wascha straniza ochen klasnaja. Maldzi, dasche jesli na angliskom. Ja abaschaju etot film i wchera jewo kupila usche mnogo ras smotrala.
Wot ja stex po Kak t.A.T.u. stali snamenitije w germanije, stala bi i etot film kak moja schisn
Jesli kto-to xochet somnoi posnokomitza, prixaditi na moju stranichku (skoro budet ona online) ili pischiti mne na msn Wsem webmasterom-jeschö ras straniza prosta klas ;)

Name: Katja (Homepage)
Country: germany Date: Thu Feb 17 22:53:03 2005
Comment: i love this film, its remind me to me and my girlfriend. Paulie is really preatty

Name: xela
Country: Canada Date: Thu Feb 17 04:30:29 2005
Comment: Great website! :)

Name: Angelica M. Garcia
Country: Puerto Rico Date: Wed Feb 16 00:59:53 2005
Comment: Excelent job !!!
I love it :)

Name: psyro
Country: belgique Date: Fri Feb 11 15:00:41 2005
Comment: J 'ai trop adoré ce film et ce site est super beau bravo a toi!!

Name: Ana (Homepage)
Country: BrasiL Date: Tue Feb 8 18:51:28 2005
Comment: Site massa pra karaleo!
amo esse filme de paxaum :~~
principalemente a Paulie

Name: lindsey
Country: America Date: Tue Feb 8 10:05:36 2005
Comment: O man i love you site. This movie was so good even tho it was sad. My heart broke like that and i tryed to kill my self after my love broke up with me and yes i am lesbian.

Name: Loca
Country: sweden Date: Fri Feb 4 19:18:06 2005
Comment: Its a really beautiful movie whith a toutching ending...your tribute is great

Name: Marilyne
Country: canada Date: Wed Feb 2 02:48:43 2005
Comment: Ce film est des plus touchant! Une histoire tellement belle mais si tragique qu'elle me fait verser des larmes chaque fois que j'ose l'écouter!Une mention honorable aux atrices!

Name: T
Country: SWeden Date: Wed Feb 2 02:42:20 2005
Comment: I loove the movie, its so beautiful. And so is Victoria 'tori' (Jessica Paré), damn she is beautiful. I like the moviw very much, its very sad.

Name: Alejandra Rosales
Country: México Date: Sun Jan 30 00:46:05 2005
Comment: ... me interesaria saber donde puedo encontrar esta peli en mi pais, porq' se me hace muy interesanete la trama e historia, pero ps la vrd ni idea de donde la pueda sacar, io vivo en Gomez P. Dgo., y ps en los videos de por aki no la he encontrado.
Me gustaria q me contestaran,... o = gracias

Name: Masha
Country: Ecuador! Date: Wed Jan 26 19:08:13 2005
Comment: I love the movie and i love this website, it's awesome!!! This has got to be the saddest, most beautiful movie I have ever seen. It still makes me think about true love...

Name: Marilia (Homepage)
Country: Brazil Date: Sun Jan 23 20:51:39 2005
Comment: Muito bom.. site cada vez melhor.. :P

Name: Lindsay (Homepage)
Country: US Date: Sun Jan 23 20:35:23 2005
Comment: Hey, I totally love the website! This is my all time favorite movie. I 'm a huge fan of Paulie in the movie ((Piper of course)). Seeing as I am also adopted and having the some of the same qualities in loving people I see myself closely relating her. Always here to talk! Love to all..

Name: Norris
Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 17 03:49:42 2005
Comment: brilliant site - i may have spoiled the movie for myself a little by exploring too much on here. yep - that's right, i havent even seen Lost and Delirious and i'm already like in love with it. i heard that you cant borrow it at blockbusters so in a month, i'm going to order it online. i can hardly wait!!!

Name: amanda8310 (Homepage)
Country: CHINA Date: Sun Jan 9 01:40:50 2005
Comment: Hello,I like the Lost and Delirious very much,it's so moved .
I want to download the songs ,but your briefcase is empty.
Where could I download the five songs ??!
please send them to me,or give the link,OK??!!


Name: Max
Country: Russia Date: Sat Jan 8 13:16:35 2005
Comment: I just want to say that L&D is the sadest and the most beautiful film about love I have ever watched. And again thank you for creating this site where we, fans of L&D, can discuss this wonderful film.

Name: Nicky Tierenteyn (Homepage)
Country: BELGIUM Date: Sat Jan 8 00:19:26 2005
Comment: Dear, Lost and delirious-lovers ... I am proud to present that I'm also one of the most addicted fans of the movie :-$

but I have a nice deal for you, guys ... It's just something that I'd love to give to the site ...

At my pc, I have a own-made movie clip about Lost and delirious ... Music by Brian Adams - Please forgive me ... Clip made by me ...

Maybe, it'd be fun for the fans if they'd had a kind of fanfic, where they can relive the story ...
[I send you g

Name: Isabel Makishi Maeireizo
Country: Peru Date: Thu Jan 6 00:13:31 2005
Comment: A pesar q no he visto todavia la pelicula esta locaza pq principalmente muestra las dudas acerca de la adolescencia y si eres o no lesbiana

Name: Skallywag (Homepage)
Country: UK Date: Wed Jan 5 21:30:46 2005
Comment: Heya, great website, inspired me to make mi own! Have a look if u have time!! Can't count how many times I've watched this film, I love Piper!
Skallywag x

Name: Mari (Homepage)
Country: Brazil Date: Wed Jan 5 19:16:55 2005
Comment: uauu..o site й muito bom!...o melhor site do melhor filme...

Name: Avryl (Homepage)
Country: mexico Date: Wed Jan 5 00:49:04 2005
Comment: Esta es la pelнcula que marco mi vida, ya que gracias a ella, puede comprender lo que pasaba conmigo, ademas de haceptar lo que ocurria. Y la verdad, dede un principio me identifique con Paulie, ya que yo tambien tengo muchos de los gustos que ella tiene.

Name: Kayla
Country: Canada Date: Sun Jan 2 23:19:04 2005
Comment: Now, I've seen the movie and my opinion has not changed. It is my life on film and I am so happy to have found it.

Name: Lonely
Country: Russia Date: Mon Dec 27 15:19:38 2004
Comment: I love L&D!!!! it's best movie ever!!))))
L&D - RuleZzzz!!!)))

Name: Lonely
Country: Russia Date: Sat Dec 25 19:22:18 2004
Comment: А ВОТ И МЫЛО)) :

Name: Lonely
Country: Russia Date: Sat Dec 25 19:18:07 2004
Comment: Привет всем кто говорит по-русски!!
филь офигенный! актеры тоже!!! все круто я всех люблю!!!
P.S.пишите на мыло!!))

Name: Kayla
Country: Canada Date: Fri Dec 24 14:08:03 2004
Comment: I haven 't yet seen the movie, but it tooks so wonderful and increadible!

Name: Lenizinha (Homepage)
Country: Brasil Date: Wed Dec 15 04:50:49 2004
Comment: Oia eu aque di novo ...... eh q eh mto perfeito esse site ..... alem deu amar esse filme neh ...=] quem quiser conversa comigo .....pega meu msn ae

Name: Leni (Homepage)
Country: Brasil Date: Mon Dec 13 04:29:52 2004
Comment: Ahhhhh ....fala serio hein ... esse filme eh tudibom ... o melhor filme q ja assisti ateh hj ..... a Piper tah уtima nesse papel ..... ela atua bem em papeis dramaticos , em animados ela non c da mtobem non ... mas tah уtima nesse ..... quem quiser ..... discutir sobre o filme .... ...... adoraria ..... bjos

Name: Flavia
Country: Brazil Date: Sun Dec 12 21:05:29 2004
Comment: Hey guys! Keep adding me to your MSN list if you want to discuss about the movie!!

Name: Estela (Homepage)
Country: Brasil Date: Sun Dec 12 01:13:44 2004
Comment: Nossa......esse site é o melhor sobre o filme q eu jah entrei....e o filme é o melhor q eu jah assisti....pra kem concorda adiciona no msn ou me manda um email:

Name: Harlemoon (Homepage)
Country: Mexico Date: Thu Dec 9 06:07:02 2004
Comment: Cuando vi esta pelicula me sorprendi mucho, por que justo en ese tiempo vivi algo demaciado similar,y que para colmo, el personaje de Pauline (por cierto yo me llamo Paulina) sufrio como yo lo hice por las mismas por no decir exactas circunstancias. Me impacto el final, no llegaria hasta ese punto y realmente me identifique con Paulie.

Name: Kéti
Country: Brasil Date: Tue Dec 7 17:30:00 2004
Comment: Oi, nossa, adorei esse site, muito perfeito! Também adoro o filme, acho que seja o filme da minha vida, tenho motivos...
Quem quiser trocar uma idéia é só me escrever!

Beijos a todos!



Name: Carol (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sun Dec 5 14:27:14 2004
Comment: Olha, amei o seu site!Muito bem feito mesmo, na real o melhor que eu ja achei sobre o filme.
Eu amo muito esse filme e quem quizer entrar em contato comigo pra conversar sobre ele pode entrar.



Name: laura (Homepage)
Country: mexico Date: Sat Nov 27 04:34:42 2004
Comment: esta pelicula es lo mejor que ha salido al publico, estoy orgullosa de ella

Name: mary
Country: canada Date: Thu Nov 25 00:39:07 2004
Comment: Lost and delirious is the best movie in the world and this site kicks ass....i found alot of pics that i was looking for in the movie and no one else had then but this site soo yea who ever made it you kick ass....the chicks in this movie are HOT. its really sad how paulie cant stand the fact that tori just wants to be friends again....i hate when that happeneds...anyways kick ass site later days AMY LEE IS HOT

Name: samer
Country: Lebanon Date: Mon Nov 15 21:03:06 2004
Comment: I just want to say,that the movie lost and delirious is very amazing movie,it changed my life after all,because of that movie my life became soo sad,I feel an empty space in my hreat,
my hreat beats so hard at night and that hurts,piper is the most amazing actress,and I will love her for every,asif she is in my soul moving.

Name: GB
Country: Quebec, Canada Date: Mon Nov 15 02:12:26 2004
Comment: Wow, I did not know they did a movie at my university. I am a Bishop 's student, so it was quite weird to see the school in a

Name: loreto
Country: chile Date: Sun Nov 14 16:51:16 2004
Comment: hola soy loreto encuento k la pelicula es una de las mejores k he visto pork muesta una realidad k muchos temen mostrar kisa por verguenza o kisa por k simplemente no estan preparados para la verdad en la k vivimos hoy en estos dias.
yo pienso k no se debe esconder el sentimiento de amor ya k uno no sabe cu<ndo y donde encontrara el amor

Country: Guatemala Date: Sat Nov 13 19:55:59 2004
Comment: maravillosa pelicula, increible, toca todos los temas humanos, amor pasion, perseverancia, incluso literatura, en fin la belleza de la vida, el final triste pero a la vez increiblemente nos da una leccion, este sitio es increible, a wonderful site, tres bien,felicidades, por los logros con el sitio and thank you so much for keep transmiting the message of the film.

Name: lunita
Country: chile Date: Thu Nov 11 20:52:35 2004
Comment: exelente tengo hasta grabada por que me fascina...las 3 actrices estupendas....gran actuacion...aunque tiene un final triste...pero eso la hace mas bella...

Name: Lindz (Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Wed Nov 10 17:56:17 2004
Comment: Great site!! Keep up the great work!! I luv this movie!!

Name: Nayanne
Country: Brasil Date: Thu Nov 4 13:09:11 2004
Comment: tipow assim muito afude o filme, e o site d vcs é muito mais...

Name: Anita
Country: Netherlands Date: Tue Nov 2 17:10:11 2004
Comment: I 'm addicted! What a great movie and so real! I 'm glad I was finally able to see it. I will treasure it in my heart forever...

Name: Stephanie
Country: Scotland Date: Fri Oct 29 14:19:43 2004
Comment: I just want to say Lost and Delirious was a great film and it helped me think about things and put stuff in Perspective..This site is by far the best i have seen for the film So Congrats..x

Name: Marilyn
Country: Canada, Québec! Date: Tue Oct 26 00:12:42 2004
Comment: Lost and delirious est un excellent film! Vraiment touchant et intense!
Piper rocks!!!

Name: mile
Country: Italy Date: Sat Oct 23 14:13:17 2004
Comment: wonderful website!
THANK YOU! it gives me a lot of emotions.. :')

Name: Snicky
Country: BELGIUM Date: Fri Oct 22 21:46:49 2004
Comment: I adore you site ... it 's really wonderful

I 've been visiting it for like, a month or something. and I luv it!

Everything I needed to know about this wonderful, beautiful movie, I know now, thanx to you !!!

The movie has put a spell on me, and won 't let me go ... and you know what? I don 't even mind at all!
I own a copy of the movie, here, and I 'm not overreacting when I tell you that I practically saw it like , I don 't know, 20 times in two week

Name: ANA
Country: BRASIL Date: Fri Oct 22 15:30:55 2004

Name: Maite
Country: Spain Date: Fri Oct 15 22:52:24 2004
Comment: HEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Lost and Delirious is the BEST movie of the world and Piper Perabo the best actress of the world!!!!!!!!I LOVE PIPER PERABO!!!!PIPER 4EVER

Name: Phage
Country: Brasil Date: Thu Oct 14 22:26:56 2004
Comment: simplismente é!
a dedicação do persdonangem para a outra é linda, um amor perdido para garotas perdidas... não há como destinguir tanto sentimento com palavras... apenas sentir

Name: Flavia
Country: Brazil Date: Thu Oct 14 18:59:07 2004
Comment: Just one more thing: If anyone wants to talk to me and discuss about the movie, add me to your MSN list!

Thanks! Bye!!!

Name: Flavia
Country: Brazil Date: Thu Oct 14 18:29:13 2004
Comment: Hey, I just want to say I loved your website! It's definately the best site about Lost and Delirious ever! This movie isn't very known here in Brazil, but I was lucky enough to get the chance of watching it! It's great to see that I'm not the only girl going through a rough time! Congratulations again!!

Name: Psyco Girl
Country: Brasil Date: Thu Oct 14 02:58:55 2004
Comment: To presa nesse filme desde que eu vi, o mundo paro cara... e não tem como grita por socorro...

Name: - -HawK . Raptor- -
Country: Brasil Date: Wed Sep 29 06:59:36 2004
Comment: Eu gostei do site soh que eu gostaria que tivesse a trilha sonora, o filme eh lindo escolheu um otimo tema para o site, meus parabens!!!

Name: Crystal (Homepage)
Country: U.S. Date: Mon Sep 27 10:56:18 2004
Comment: This is by far the best movie ever made. It made me re think the way I was reacting to the way my relationship with my ex fiance ended (I still love her though)....but yeah....thank you soooooooo much for making a tribute site. It rocks



Name: Alexandra
Country: Portugal Date: Fri Sep 24 22:23:02 2004
Comment: The movie is way cool, i love it. I think that the movie can really touch the people because it isn't just about a love of two girls but that strong feeling. The site is very good. Congratulations for the people who made de site and for the people who made the movie.

Name: leanne V
Country: australia Date: Wed Sep 22 10:15:09 2004
Comment: this is the best web site ever keep up the good work i love the movie i dont think there is any other movie as good as lost and delirious

Name: leelee V
Country: australia Date: Wed Sep 22 10:14:02 2004
Comment: this is the best web site ever keep up the good work i love the movie i dont think there is any other movie as good as lost and delirious

Name: Turi Souza (Homepage)
Country: Brasil Date: Tue Sep 21 20:46:01 2004
Comment: Esse foi o primeiro filme que eu realmente me emocionei!!!
Eu espero que as pessoas que viram este filme não pensseb que o diretor estava apoiando a homosexualidade ele estava sim mostrando como pode ser forte o amo e que se o sentimento é verdeiro não a nada a perder!!!!
Quem curtiu o filme e teve uma visão parecida com a minha me mande um e-mail!!
E se alguma menina se identificar totalmente com Paulie pode me mandar um e-mail que eu farei tudo por vc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Name: sheree
Country: aussie Date: Sat Sep 18 05:10:08 2004
Comment: this site is so cool...can i have it

Name: volkie
Country: canada Date: Thu Sep 16 21:03:02 2004
Comment: It 's a very nice site!!!

Name: jaqueline de souza
Country: Brasil Date: Thu Sep 16 09:44:47 2004

Name: sara
Country: australia Date: Wed Sep 15 10:12:58 2004
Comment: HEY! i luv ur site....i luv da movie 2 but sadly wat happened 2 me is it was on da t.v lyk last week and i just started 2 watch it wen it was half way thru:( so i hav 2 borrow it from da video shop...:P i luved wat i saw.. and dat was only the last the hole movie must b great!!! luv ya site....CYA

Name: Sogetsu (Homepage)
Country: Brasil Date: Sun Sep 12 07:15:07 2004
Comment: This movie is PERFECT! It really deserves a tribute! *_* And Piper Perabo is so perfect... I'm obsessed for that movie! =P

Name: Dimitri (Homepage)
Country: Belgium Date: Sun Sep 5 23:12:10 2004
Comment: This site ROCKS, and so does the movie. Great work! Keep it up ;)

Name: Trish
Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 3 05:50:37 2004
Comment: I absolutely fell in love with this movie and can't stop watching it. Tonight I found this web-site and just about had a heart attack. It's perfect and whoever made it has my utmost respect. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU... keep up the great work.

Name: Minh
Country: Australia Date: Fri Aug 27 15:54:53 2004
Comment: Great Movie, very moving.

Name: caro (Homepage)
Country: Belgium Date: Mon Aug 23 23:24:55 2004
Comment: This is really a great site about a really really great movie.
It is a masterpiece this site. I wonder how many hours you spend on it !
Keep it alive I will visite it often !!!


Name: Isabella
Country: Australia Date: Mon Aug 16 09:21:20 2004
Comment: The best website on "Lost & Delirious"! Keep up the good work!

Name: Matea
Country: Serbia Date: Sun Aug 8 20:23:16 2004
Comment: I like this film very much,especialy Piper Perabo,this movie touched me very much,i have watched it about 100 times.If you like this movie i would rekomend movie 13 it's similar to L&D

Svi kojima se svidja ovaj film ako znaju za jos neki sa slicnom tematikom nek mi se jave na mail

Name: Gerhard
Country: Austria Date: Fri Aug 6 00:10:06 2004
Comment: hi! normally I don't like kinda teenage-lovestories but this one is awesome. keep on, bye

Name: Silke (Homepage)
Country: Germany Date: Thu Aug 5 10:06:56 2004
Comment: first i wanna great all l&d fans :):):)
and now i want to say again: LOST AND DELIRIOUS is the best movie i 've ever seen!! And PIPER PERABO was amazing in it (and all her other movies)!!! good job!!! ;););)

Name: Marion
Country: Austria Date: Thu Aug 5 02:19:32 2004
Comment: hi!! this movie is just beautiful. I love the music from ani difranco and me 'shell, but most of all PIPER. This movie touched my heart and I guess everyone 's else. I felt in love with it!
-- love is. it just is-- Liebe Grüße, Marion

Name: Angie
Country: Austria Date: Tue Aug 3 18:15:17 2004
Comment: So das ich L&D gesehen hab is jez schon ne Weile her und i hab viel nach gedacht. Jez bin ich zu nem Entschluss gekommen. Man sollte seine Liebe für nichts auf geben! bye

Name: Ashley (Homepage)
Country: United States Date: Wed Jul 28 22:53:12 2004
Comment: i love this movie and i love piper. she was great in it. i had to cry in the movie, but thats ok. it was great, and i want it so much. im gonna buy it, just wish there was a soundtrack.

Name: Manuela (Homepage)
Country: Brazil Date: Wed Jul 28 19:06:45 2004
Comment: Hola! No sabía que uno de los dueños de la página era de México! Soy brasileña, pero arriesgo a hablar en español, espero que pueda entenderme ^_^ Bien... siempre vengo a este site para examinar se hay alguna atualización. "A Tribute to Lost and Delirious" es el mejor site acerca de la película! Felicitaciones! Ya intenté hacer a un site también, pero no está listo todavía. Sería maravilloso si hubiera una versión en español de este acá! Lore, tú has hecho la canción "Ventus"? Es bellisimo!

Name: Juliana (Homepage)
Country: Brasil Date: Tue Jul 27 05:09:05 2004
Comment: Adorei o site!!! achei mto lindo!! adoro assunto de meninas...

Name: Lore
Country: Spain/ España Date: Mon Jul 26 17:17:24 2004
Comment: Querido Manuel,
Muchas gracias por firmar nuestro libro de visitas!
L&D es la mejor pelicula que existe. Queremos actualizar nuestra pagina regularmente para que podais disfrutar de nuestro tributo a Lost&Delirious. Sientete libre de visitar nuestra pagina tantas veces como quieras.
Pronto estara disponible la pagina ene español.
Un saludo, Lore (saludos de Marija, Mila y Stefan)

Name: Juergen
Country: Germany Date: Mon Jul 26 07:46:48 2004
Comment: Hy Guys,
this move is so great and i saw it for many times. I think all the people should see the film. Piper is the best actress and i hope she did still a lot of films. So thank you for this nice side.
bye Juergen

Name: Oscar/ N. (Homepage)
Country: MÉXICO Date: Sun Jul 25 10:22:04 2004
Comment: (Perdon si escribo en español)
One of my favorite movies! it's really good. i like the conecpt, the story and the relation with shakespeare. this is a very good web site, i think the best L&D website, really.
j'adore le film et c'est bon qu'il est quebecois par un cote.
congratulations for the site.
i hope everybody can see the film, as i saw it just a few weeks ago.

Name: gustavo pavanello (Homepage)
Country: Brazil Date: Sun Jul 25 04:23:06 2004
Comment: hey guys thatS THE MOVIE!! in fact needs some tribute ;)

Name: Luna (Homepage)
Country: Brazil Date: Sat Jul 24 21:18:55 2004
Comment: I looooove lost and delirious... it's perfect!!!

Name: Raissa
Country: Brazil Date: Sat Jul 24 21:17:56 2004
Comment: Just loved it!!!! Thats the most amazing movie i've ever seen!!!
Everyboy should whatch it !!!
This homepage rocks!

Name: Manuel
Country: Mexico Date: Sat Jul 24 06:40:15 2004
Comment: Excelente pagina, y una excelente pelicula, no voy a negarlo, creo que define y da un concepto de lo que es el amor asi como la necesidad de sentirse amado y amar aunque sea en dos chicas(ACLARO respeto cualquier creencia o preferencia)seria excelente una pagina en español
Felicitaciones a sus creadores. Desde Mexico saludos

Name: Morskaya
Country: Russia Date: Fri Jul 23 20:16:04 2004
Comment: I saw the movie 2 years ago and till the present I`m interested in it. I saw it 4 times and always cried. Torry and Polly became a part of my life. I began to look for the information about the movie,Piper, Jessica and I even became crazy about them. This happened to me for the first time in my life, I`ve never done such things before. It was really fine to find this site with so much information and photos. Thank you very much. I`ll be back!!!

Name: Nikola
Country: serbia Date: Fri Jul 23 12:32:03 2004
Comment: L&D is maybe the best movie i had ever seen.I cried at the end of the movie.Piper is great,
but my favourite character is mischa barton (Mouse) and her observer role in the movie?
thanks for this site every true fan will appreciate it.

Name: Marija Dimic
Country: Date: Thu Jul 22 21:36:14 2004
Comment: This site is always offering new things to see and learn about L&D. Thank you for that, people (Stef and MILA) !!!
kisses !!!!

Name: Lynn
Country: South Africa Date: Thu Jul 22 13:43:56 2004
Comment: I haven 't even watched it, bur I read the script, gone through all the pictures and articles, and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. A bit hard to find in video stores in Cape Town, SoutH Africa. I see myself in all of the characters. It is powerful, profound and endearing.

Name: nice
Country: germany Date: Wed Jul 21 20:15:57 2004
Comment: Hey,
zhe movie is the best I ever seen! It came on German TV, I saw it with my friend... The movie is a little bit like our life first, but we have a better happy end :-)
Nice page!

Name: loreto
Country: chile Date: Sat Jul 17 22:18:12 2004
Comment: i think that this movie is the open of a direrent world that dont wonna seen.

Name: Lore
Country: Spain/ España Date: Fri Jul 16 22:38:18 2004
Comment: Otherwise we have to tell you that there will be a spanish version of the site soon because we think that the hispan (I don't know the word for hispano ;) ) people are a lot and it's worth the gamble to write it. It will cost a bit because I'm the only one who speaks spanish and it's a lot of work, but we hope you will enjoy it soon.:)
Bye, take care: Lore (regards from Stefan and Mila)

Name: Lore
Country: Spain/ España Date: Fri Jul 16 22:34:03 2004
Comment: Dear Vanessa and Myriam,
thanks a lot for signing our guestbook!
L&D really is the best movie ever!! We want to update our
site regularly, so if you enjoy our tribute to "Lost and Delirious ", feel
free to visit our site as often as you like.
take care, Lore(with regards from Mila and Stefan)

Name: Lore
Country: Spain/ España Date: Fri Jul 16 22:33:35 2004
Comment: Dear Vanessa and Myriam,
thanks a lot for signing our guestbook!
L&D really is the best movie ever!! We want to update our
site regularly, so if you enjoy our tribute to "Lost and Delirious", feel
free to visit our site as often as you like.
take care, Lore(with regards from Mila and Stefan)

Name: Lore
Country: Spain/ España Date: Fri Jul 16 22:30:57 2004
Comment: Por otra parte comunicaros que dentro de poco habra una version en castellano de la pagina, ya que consideramos que el publico hispano es muy numeroso y merece la pena hacerlo, aunque costara un poquito porque soy la unica que habla español y es mucho trabajo, pero esperamos que lo podais disfrutar pronto.:)
Un saludo, Lore (saludos de Stefan y Mila)

Name: Lore
Country: Spain/ España Date: Fri Jul 16 22:23:48 2004
Comment: Queridas Vanessa y Myriam,
Muchas gracias por firmar nuestro libro de visitas!
Lost&Delirious es la mejor pelicula y queremos actualizar nuestra pagina regularmente, asi podeis disfrutar nuestro tributo a Lost&Delirious. Sentios libre de visitar nuestra pagina tantas veces como querais.
Bueno, ahora me presento; soy Lore de España y como vosotras me encanta esta pelicula por todos los valores que transmite y la cantidad de sentimiento que se refleja en ella:)

Name: Miryam
Country: México Date: Fri Jul 16 09:19:59 2004

Name: Vanessa (Homepage)
Country: México Date: Fri Jul 16 09:15:36 2004
Comment: Esta página está genial,lástima que la mayoría de los integrantes del foro sean ciudadanos Americanos o de habla inglesa.
En lo particular la película tiene una excelente trama, que mantiene al espectador en su asiento desde que da inicio, hasta que concluye.
Fenomenales actuaciones de Piper Perabo y Jessica Paré, aunque no puedo dejar atrás el nombre y talento de Mischa Barton.

Name: every_name
Country: Poland Date: Thu Jul 15 22:09:56 2004
Comment: Hi, could you imagine? I watched this movie without sound and despite of this I´m under great impression...Deeply moved. No words can express what I feel. In addiction the relationship between Paulie and Tory mirrored my own past relationship...Yes, I was like Paulie...
By the way great site, well done!

Name: Rike
Country: Germany Date: Thu Jul 15 15:44:33 2004
Comment: Da meine Englischkenntnisse nicht so gut sind schreib ich auf deutsch! habe den Film letztens auf RTL2 gesehn und den Anfang verpasst! Hab reingeschaltet als Paulie erklärt was Liebe ist. Am nächsten Morgen bin ich sofort zur TV-Zeitung gerannt, um den Namen dieses Films rauszukriegen. dann bin ich sofort ins Saturn gerannt um mir den Film auf DVD zu holen, gabs noch nicht! musst ich besellen und am 1.7. hatt ich ihn dann! hab ihn mir seitdem ungelogen 30x angesehn und muss immernoch heulen!

Name: Ericka
Country: Mexico Date: Tue Jul 13 17:39:36 2004
Comment: I just want to say that L&D is a total reflexion of my own life. The bad thing in that my role is Paulie´s and as she did, "I´ll rush into the secret house"

Name: Silke
Country: germany Date: Sat Jul 10 22:52:14 2004
Comment: thank you for making this site!!
i love "lost and delirious " (especially piper perabo as paulie) and it 's really a good tribute for this excellent movie. respect!

Name: Ouxsie (Homepage)
Country: Italy Date: Thu Jul 8 22:49:50 2004
Comment: I really love this movie... *__*
And this the best web site I've found about it!!

Name: mary
Country: usa Date: Mon Jul 5 07:08:41 2004
Comment: i love the movie.

Name: Marija Dimic (Homepage)
Country: Yugoslavia Date: Mon Jul 5 03:03:20 2004
Comment: This site is GREAT !!! STEFAN - THANK YOU FOR THAT !
What can I say more about L&D...than it's the best movie I've ever seen...and I'm prety sure, that L&D will be MY BEST MOVIE EVER !!!

Name: Clemens
Country: Germany Date: Sun Jul 4 15:20:21 2004
Comment: Hi!
I 've seen this wonderful movie a couple of days ago and and I was really fascinated.It 's probably the sadest film I 've ever seen,but nevertheless it 's absolutely great!!

By the way,thanks to those who created this site.,I really like it!

Name: Rafaella
Country: Date: Thu Jul 1 20:13:13 2004
Comment: This movie is really fantastic.A beautiful story and sensitive with glad actors.Love must to follow rules? I don't think so!

Name: Day (Homepage)
Country: Brasil Date: Tue Jun 29 20:37:23 2004
Comment: Esse filme é sisplesmente lindu!! e triste.. a Paulie naum deveria ter morrido.. mas ele é realmente maravilhosu!

Name: jassi
Country: Germany Date: Mon Jun 28 20:03:21 2004
Comment: Hy at all!
I 've seen the movie "lost and delirious " a few days ago. It sone of the greatest films I 'veever seen. i think the story is really realistic and the film is done well. and i really love the songs.

Name: angie
Country: austria Date: Mon Jun 28 17:38:19 2004
Comment: hi
ich hab gestern echt viel nach gedacht und i bin zu dem entschluss gekommen das i echt hilfe brauch. i mein wann merkt man das es echte liebe ist? oft denkt man man ist verliebt und wenn du dann mit dem oder der jenigen zusammen bist ist es wieder ganz anders. warum nur? need help :-) baba

Name: angie
Country: linz Date: Sun Jun 27 21:45:44 2004
Comment: ich habe den film am wochenende gesehen und ich hab ihn so schön gefunden. das ende hat mich total traurig gemacht und ich bekomme diesen film nicht mehr aus dem kopf den ganzen tag denke ich darüber nach. ich weis wie paulie sich gefühlt hat das kenne ich und ich denke ich würde paulie auch lieben. naja das sind spinnerein eines mädchens das allein und bi ist. bye

Name: Chloe
Country: France Date: Sun Jun 27 15:49:33 2004
Comment: what a wonderful movie! I've never such a great film!

Name: Elisabeth
Country: germany Date: Fri Jun 25 21:47:17 2004
Comment: I just watched this film...
It 's wonderful... I don 't find any words.
Especially Piper Perabo is so beautiful, and she 's such a great actress. The story is so heart-breaking...
I 'm totally depressed now. great movie.

Name: MK
Country: U.S.A. Date: Fri Jun 25 01:59:06 2004
Comment: I love your tribute. I was looking all around for the script and you have it here. I was so happy to find it. I like your recomendations, and movie info also.

Name: ·.¸¸.·Ra¸.·´¯`·-
Country: BrasiL Date: Tue Jun 22 18:55:51 2004
Comment: M.A.R.A.V.I.L.H.O.S.O !!!!!!!
·. ·´ ·. ·´

Me fez pensar em várias coisas... Comecei a enxergar as coisas c/ outros olhos ...


Name: Lynn
Country: Netherland Date: Mon Jun 21 16:38:26 2004
Comment: oh my god...i love paulie :( she's so cute,beautiful and lovely!

Name: Jennifer
Country: Brasil Date: Mon Jun 21 15:50:08 2004
Comment: eu achei esse filme maravilhoso fantastico e perfeito amsi não gostei da Paulie ter morrido recomendo a todos assistirem pois vão se emocionar muito mesmo.

Name: Lena
Country: Germany Date: Sun Jun 20 18:12:14 2004
Comment: @Henriette: Ich habe den Film auch gestern Abend angeschaut!Ebenso wie dir fiel es mir genauso schwer am ende des Filmes wieder zur Realität zurückzfinden!Ich fand es so verdammt traurig das es so enden musste,hätte mir so gerne ein Happy End gewünscht.Aber der Film ist echt gelungen und ich finde ihn fantastisch.Besonders Paulies Charackter und Art gefallen mir sehr!

Liebe Grüße,Lena

Name: Henriette
Country: Germany Date: Sun Jun 20 10:27:38 2004
Comment: The movie was on TV just yesterday - the first time I say it. Wow, I was crying so much at the end, one of the best films I ever saw... It is hard to see such an intense love which is not given back. Hard to get to reality after that.

Name: Michelle
Country: Brazil Date: Sat Jun 19 03:56:04 2004
Comment: I liked this movie very much and I think that they should think about continuing it...
If they thimk they can make a great end...
Love and kisses...

Name: Scarlett
Country: EUA Date: Mon Jun 14 18:58:19 2004
Comment: We just begin to believe in love when we live the real feeling... I loved this movie

Name: paulie
Country: Date: Mon Jun 14 00:34:02 2004
Comment: o melhor filme do mundo pra mim é esse...depois dele, eu começei a acreditar mais no amor...não sei como um filme pôde tocar tanto assim...

Name: Joe Douglas
Country: Australia Date: Sun Jun 13 12:22:27 2004
Comment: An absolutally brilliant site! A Tribute to Lost And Delirious is deserving as being named the BEST site on the BEST film ever! Cheers!

Name: astrid
Country: Belgium Date: Sat Jun 12 11:11:19 2004
Comment: this is such a beautiful movie,I really love it
It gave you a strange feeling,but so great
Never ever saw such a great movie
I like your site and the many pictures,
thanks :)

Name: ilse jochmann (Homepage)
Country: brazil Date: Mon Jun 7 13:19:57 2004
Comment: in teh last days i search many sites, but this one made my mind!
i made some infos with pcis from the movie and others. go to my site and see it! bye!

Name: Aline Ponciano
Country: BRASIL Date: Mon Jun 7 00:51:28 2004
Comment: Amei este filme, pois conta uma história linda entre amores verdadeiros. Gostei do decorrer do filme ( apesar de ser triste ), mas se Pauline não tivesse o amor de Tory ela não suportaria viver sem seu amor. Assisti a este filme há duas semanas, e não consigo tirá-lo da minha mente. Amei de paixão! Indico-o para todos que acreditam realmente no amor!

Name: Rick
Country: China Date: Wed Jun 2 12:10:48 2004
Comment: very nice site! I really apprecitate what you have done for the fans of this film!

Name: Gothic Baby (Homepage)
Country: BRAZIL Date: Tue Jun 1 02:57:12 2004
Comment: Oisssssssss amei seu site, fiquei fãn desse filme e tava loka atras do nome dele rs...

Name: Cassie
Country: Date: Tue May 25 01:08:50 2004
Comment: Saw the movie for the first time the other day. It's truly a remarkable film. Piper and Jessica were amazing in it. Good job on this site too.

Name: Eula (Homepage)
Country: Barroso-MG Date: Wed May 19 20:33:02 2004
Comment: Adorei o seu site! Vou estar sempre por aki... Visitem meu flog tb! Eh do filme Lost and Delirious também...

Name: Valy (Homepage)
Country: Italy Date: Mon May 17 17:50:05 2004
Comment: This movie is the best movie in the world!! Paulie is too sweetie!!!

L&D 4ever

Name: Dri (Homepage)
Country: Brasil / Rio Date: Fri May 14 21:57:08 2004
Comment: Hi! Oi!
This site is very good!
"Lost and Delirious" is wonderful, a love lesson, this film is a poetry. That it never disappears, that remains in the head and the hearts of the people for a long time.
Much love for all!!
sorry my english...

Name: s
Country: united states Date: Tue May 11 04:07:57 2004
Comment: Nice site.

Name: Anett (Homepage)
Country: Germany Date: Tue May 11 01:58:43 2004
Comment: Hey! Nice Page! I just visited 'cause i was looking for a picture of the L&D Soundtrack! I need it for my Homepage. Is there a Soundtrack??? Please help me out!


Name: Natalina
Country: Italy Date: Mon May 10 13:01:32 2004
Comment: Hello everybody!I really love this film!And this site is really good!

bye bye



Name: Leslie Hopen
Country: USA Date: Thu May 6 18:59:11 2004
Comment: I was surprised to find that anyone had a site dedicated to this film, let alone one that's still being updated. This is definately my favorite movie, and probably one of the most overlooked, underrated movies of the last ten years. I can't wait to get the DVD (I've been watching a video I copied off of TV).

Rage more,

Name: lingling
Country: china Date: Thu May 6 18:24:28 2004
Comment: great movie, love it!

Name: psycho
Country: Germany Date: Wed May 5 23:31:34 2004
Comment: i've always searched for such a great website. i have to take a closer look the next days. i'm really fascinated!

Name: Marlene
Country: Austria Date: Wed May 5 18:43:38 2004
Comment: Your homepage is great. I really love the movie so I was surching for some information and this site is one of the best!
Greets marlene

Name: Jamie
Country: Canada Date: Sun May 2 04:37:23 2004
Comment: Wow, I read the script and I was crying...havent seen the movie yet, but if I get a chance to see it no doubt I'll cry again. So powerful and emotional.

PS : When will it air on T.V ???

Name: *Luha...*
Country: Date: Thu Apr 29 02:09:55 2004
Comment: i love this movie, really is the best...

Name: Натали
Country: Date: Tue Apr 27 08:17:39 2004
Comment: ... с тех пор, как я осмотрела этот фильм, я вижу немного по другому... это один из самых прекрасных фильмов о любви, о такой чистой, опасной и такой правильной, именно правильной, только такой должна быть открытость человека...
Вот за эту откровенность и часто расплачиваться приходиться. Очень часто смотрю этот фильм, музыка, актеры сыграли просто великолепно, музыка просто супер, все замирает при этом, именно замирает...

Name: aloha
Country: HKSAR Date: Mon Apr 26 18:52:47 2004
Comment: i am totally in luv with this mov3
and i am happy to find such an excellent website about L&D.
piper is such a great actress~she makes me feel for paulie~

Name: P
Country: Chile Date: Thu Apr 22 04:19:11 2004
Comment: Amazing movie, is my fav now ... Thanks for this amazing homepage, great work

Name: karla
Country: u.s.a Date: Sun Apr 18 05:12:36 2004
Comment: this movie was awesome , i really like how piper perabo did this movie to feel real.

Name: Luna azul (Homepage)
Country: Chile- Santiago Date: Sat Apr 17 20:37:49 2004
Comment: Me parecio una muy bella pelicula y tambien muy triste... muy buenas las actuaciones y preciosas las dos actrices

Name: Angel
Country: Canada Date: Wed Apr 14 01:22:47 2004
Comment: You have no idea how much I Love Lost and Delirious! I know it may have disturbing scenes in it but it is a really ~*Touching*~ story! I cried when I read the scripts and I'll probably cry when I see the whole movie.

Thank You for making the movie, Lost and Delirious. I'll make sure I read the novel based on this movie ... The Wives of Bath by Susan Swan. Good Job Lea Pool, Piper Perabo, Jessica Pare, and Mischa Barton ... including the whole cast!

Name: Otohime-san (Homepage)
Country: Brazil (Brasil) Date: Tue Apr 13 18:22:31 2004
Comment: O filme mais bonito e triste que jб vi na minha vida! A histуria й linda, os personagens sгo encantadores, e a atuaзгo da Piper Perabo й emocionante! Paulie й simplesmente fantбstica! Nota mil! Parabйns ao site, o melhor que visitei atй hoje ^_^

Name: Julian
Country: Austria Date: Tue Apr 13 12:21:48 2004
Comment: This is realy the greatest film on the world.
It is the first film who brings such a world of emotions to the viewer.

The site is also very good.
Lg Julian"The weathermaker"Wildauer

Name: Mariuxi
Country: Ecuador Date: Thu Apr 8 02:48:21 2004
Comment: I have to admit that this webpage is totally awesome! A true and great honor to this amazing film. I loved it, i can say its one of my favourite films.


Name: Bliss
Country: Date: Thu Apr 8 00:38:54 2004
Comment: I love Paulie. I connected with her passion, poetry and heart.

Name: Phil
Country: Canada Date: Wed Apr 7 21:08:38 2004
Comment: Great site. I attend Bishop's University, so seeing this movie was a great experience.

Name: nick
Country: peru Date: Tue Apr 6 17:00:45 2004
Comment: i just saw the movie 2 days ago, and i loved it, is a beautiful masterpiece. I saw Piper in coyote ugly and i hated her now she is my favorite actress. Jessica and micha are great too

Name: beth
Country: peru Date: Tue Apr 6 17:00:00 2004
Comment: I love this movie!! Great actreses!!

Name: beth
Country: peru Date: Tue Apr 6 16:59:31 2004
Comment: I love this movie!! Great actress!!

Name: Mink
Country: Perú Date: Tue Apr 6 09:20:14 2004

Name: karen sakamoto (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sat Apr 3 17:25:29 2004
Comment: eu adorei este filme os atores enterpretarao muito bem o que eu mais gostei foi o personagen da Piper Perabo a Paulene "Paulie "Oster e eu me emosiomei nuito este filme

Name: karen sakamoto (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sat Apr 3 17:21:51 2004
Comment: eu adorei este filme os atores enterpretarao muito be o que eu mai gostei foi o mersonajen da Piper Perabo a Paulene"Paulie"Oster e eu me emosiomei nuito

Name: Mariana
Country: Brasil Date: Tue Mar 23 06:37:12 2004
Comment: Não sei bem o que dizer sobre o filme, mas ele é lindo. Apaixonante e tocante, principalmente para adolescentes confusas, perdidas e desvairadas, como eu! Ele me dá vontade de apenas viver o amor sem barreiras, sem medo e sem hesitar, mas me vejo ainda mais perdida, pois meu coração se divide entre fazer o que eu tenho que fazer, e o que eu quero fazer. Enfim, o filme é um alívio, pois coloco nele um pouquinho da minha vida, e o uso como válvula de escape para minhas angústias... Lindo filme!

Name: Katie
Country: Canada Date: Fri Mar 19 01:30:48 2004
Comment: Incredibly touching... I felt like I was right in the middle of it all. This is a movie that will remain forever in my heart, I've even visited the site where it was filmed, before I even knew the movie was filmed there, so I was really surprised. "Beautiful" is the most amazing song for this movie. God bless everyone

Name: lost
Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 16 12:46:16 2004
Comment: i cried so much while watching the movie, it's like experiencing my whole teenage years all over again, i feel emotionally attached to Paulie - i was some kind of Paulie myself, and those were painful and difficult years... luckily the darkness didn't take my life away, and now i'm sitting here watching this powerful production... thank God for love and passion, and i'm happy to be still alive.

Name: Melanie
Country: Date: Sat Mar 13 17:44:18 2004
Comment: This movie changed the way I see love. I love this movie and the themes and the characters.

Name: Andrea Santiago Maia
Country: Brazil Date: Sat Mar 13 00:20:58 2004

Name: Tatiana
Country: France Date: Wed Mar 10 16:36:06 2004
Comment: this movie is so great !!! Piper rocks !!!

Name: Dorothy (D Brave) campbell
Country: United States Date: Mon Mar 8 23:39:59 2004

Name: Priscila
Country: brazil Date: Mon Mar 1 12:53:40 2004
Comment: I am in love with the´s just so great!
and the music is perfect as the cast!

Name: Andrew (Homepage)
Country: Ru Date: Tue Feb 24 06:32:34 2004
Comment: This is my favorite movie too...

Name: RON
Country: USA Date: Sun Feb 22 17:39:06 2004

Name: Claudia (Homepage)
Country: Brasil Date: Sun Feb 22 01:11:16 2004
Comment: Ok, isso vai soar idiota, mas ainda não vi o filme...só que sou apaixonada por ele há muito tempo!!!Misha Barton é a menina mais linda do mundo e uma ótima atriz...Esperava assisti-lo há muito tempo e hoje finalmente realizarei esse sonho...Assim que assistir volto para dar minha opinião!

Name: talie (Homepage)
Country: Belgium Date: Mon Feb 16 21:45:39 2004
Comment: i love the movi. i've seen id more than 1 time...
just love it...

Name: Johanna
Country: Date: Mon Feb 16 19:01:02 2004
Comment: Thanks for your answer!
Of cours! This webside is simply outrageous! Super!


Name: Johanna
Country: Date: Sat Feb 14 15:15:36 2004
Comment: ...And from my side of personal feelings...well, I love girls too (women) and the way this Film showes such a complicated side of human being is simply beautiful. Many of us know the way we can "fall" when we are in love with someone, and the director and everyone who worked in any creativ way in this movie had definitly a vision. Wonderful! Thank You for shareing this with us! (my english is not my mother tounge, it´s to be a mess, sorry)

Name: Anna
Country: Russia Date: Fri Feb 13 19:21:25 2004
Comment: this film is amasing, the more i see it, the more i like it)

Name: Lily
Country: US Date: Wed Feb 11 04:29:55 2004
Comment: It's refreshing to know that I was not the only one touched by this movie. I was affected for days after watching it. It brought back some painful, but BEAUTIFUL memories. It is truly an awesome movie.

Name: Chris
Country: Germany Date: Mon Feb 9 17:59:36 2004
Comment: Well done, this site... the film is maybe not the best I've ever seen, but for sure the most stirring one...Due to the great director and the excellent actresses it never acts overdrawn, I think...

Name: Anna
Country: Sweden Date: Mon Feb 9 08:23:24 2004
Comment: This is my favorite movie...I love it so much!! It has so much soul it makes me cry...!!

Name: Josef
Country: Sweden Date: Sat Feb 7 23:57:00 2004
Comment: A truly great website, about a truly great and phantastic movie. The way love is portrayed is beautiful. How it is so wonderful, but at the same time, how much it hurts.
I give all who have worked with this site my best regards. As to all visiting the site too.

Name: Jade
Country: Date: Fri Feb 6 02:58:03 2004
Comment: I saw the movies couple months ago. As soon as I had finished it, I fell in love with the beatiful scenes,the wonderful background music, and, of course, the touching story. It's sad, but, at the same time, hopeful. Mary said that she could remember her mother's face. I took that as a a sign for the "spring". As for Paulie, I thought Mary is right. She didn't have the light so that she had to fly away to haven or a better place. Maybe, it is the only way to end up her breakdown and sufer.

Name: Maixa
Country: Catalnia, Spain Date: Sun Feb 1 01:00:23 2004
Comment: Hello on you guys! L&D is a really good film, but when i saw it for first time i though, what a s***. It was so sad that i got like angry but then i saw that the end is what make it a really good film. by the way i 'm almost 17 and live in Barcelona. What do you think about the film? Have a nice life!

Name: Michu
Country: Switzerland Date: Tue Jan 27 23:12:11 2004
Comment: Hey :-) Yesterday i've seen this movie for my first time and I think this movie is the best i've ever seen! Also congratulations for this page. It's very beautiful! Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz! MICHU

Name: steph
Country: Date: Mon Jan 26 00:50:34 2004
Comment: great wed site, i love the movie lost and delirious so much it talks so much about wut can really happen in life if you love someone and it 's just great lol P.S. there should be more L&D sites!!

Name: Christine
Country: Canada Date: Sun Jan 25 04:18:45 2004
Comment: Hey. This is the best webstie ever. all you need to know this movie is here at this one website. who ever created this webstie is a Genuis. your my hero. I watched this on the movie channels. I have been on the site for like 3 hours. well done! the movie is the bomb. who ever did not see. rent it. whoever saw it and hates it or doesn't want to see it. than your crazy. well gotta go tah tah

Name: Candace
Country: usa Date: Fri Jan 23 20:54:09 2004
Comment: excellent website, i really enjoyed reading the character bios and the scripts, keep up the great job.

Name: Chris
Country: USA Date: Sun Jan 18 00:27:58 2004
Comment: Just a gay guy here that LOVES the movie and wanted to say "Hi" to everyone. Very delicious website! Thanks for sharing. Anyone (male or female) please contact me if you'd like. E-mail or AIM: Woobtacular. Bye for now!!

Name: Rêveriz
Country: Date: Thu Jan 15 14:33:28 2004
Comment: I don't want to repeat what everybody told, but this movie is wonderful, no comment!I was so sad after seeing it! I'm in highschool and want to talk, so If you wanna talk,write me!;)

Name: Kathy
Country: Germany Date: Thu Jan 15 12:31:24 2004
Comment: I love this movie! It`s the best movie I`ve ever seen! A film about reality.. abaut girls in love! We need more films like that!!!!!

Name: Piper
Country: Germany Date: Thu Jan 15 10:08:29 2004
Comment: Ok, I have read some comments, and i have the same opinion about the film and this site.
The site is very good and interesting, I have learned something more about the film, and the pictures are great. My problem is the english, because it isn 't very well *g* but I think it will be better, when somebody writes me an email, and we can talk about the film, the actors or other issues, it would be fine.
Ok I hope somebody answered me *g
At the end I want to say that Piper Perabo is

Name: LíviA (Homepage)
Country: Brazil Date: Thu Jan 15 05:03:03 2004
Comment: The best movie ever... not only because it's about lesbians, but the way they show the love, and that mix with love, homosexualism, and literature is simply perfect.

Name: Rick
Country: USA Date: Sat Jan 10 17:19:28 2004
Comment: Hey i just waned to say this site is so cool and i love the movie it's my favorite movie. If anyone wants to talk to me about it my AIM:Rickeredval110 or you can e-mail me.

Name: raptor
Country: switzerland Date: Sat Jan 10 14:32:59 2004
Comment: I'm sorry for my previous message. I don't want to be dramatic. I just don't know what to do. For months I felt bad and one day I read a very old magazine and saw an review about this film. I search everywhere for it,but nothing. After a week I could find it on a swiss net shop. I waited every day my post. And when the dvd comes,I saw it immediately and felt in love with it! No one around me know this movie so I don't know with who to talk about it, before this site! Thank you!

Name: Raptor
Country: Switzerland Date: Sat Jan 10 11:25:53 2004
Comment: Hi, I've just seen the film for the first time 5days ago,and I can't think of anything else. It was SO BEAUTIFUL!I was so sad in the end and I feel bad. I'm now 18years old,and I can't tell anybody that I love girls since ever.I'm afraid to lose everybody,my friends,my family... Help me,I wanna rush into the secret house but I'm not strong as P. Write to me to take me out of the darkness.
ps:I got the songs of the movie, do you want them for this so cool site?

Name: Angelica
Country: United States Date: Sat Jan 10 07:21:26 2004
Comment: i am in love with the whole idea and concept of L&D. it is a beautiful movie and just recently my mom found out i was a lesbian and i am still in high school so i can relate to Tori 's insecurities, but i would NEVER do anything to hurt someone like Paulie. I love Piper and now i want to know if anyone would be interested in talking. i 'd like to meet more people who are like me, possibly looking for someone. e-mail if you 're interested and i 'll tell you more.
Much Love to all! -

Name: Tommy
Country: Australia, Bris Date: Fri Jan 9 12:20:18 2004
Comment: Movie was 5 stars, you dunno how annoying it is though to go to your friends the next day and say "any of you guys seen 'Lost and Delirious'?"
and them never hearing of it...hmm maybe that makes it more special...

Name: Cameron
Country: Australia Date: Fri Jan 9 12:15:16 2004
Comment: I was channel surfing some Sa***ay night or something, and spotted this film after seeing the gardner and going "That's the guy from the green mile"...well I tell you lucky for me this movie was commercial free cause I didn't blink from beginning to end, and hey the idea of sex was the last thing on my mind, it was so romantic.

Name: Ty
Country: USA Date: Sat Jan 3 22:03:38 2004
Comment: Lost and Delirious is by far my favorite movie i have ever seen. I would like to thank this site for introducing this movie to me, because I never heard of it until I visited this site.

Name: Lara Love
Country: Italy Date: Sun Dec 28 10:39:15 2003
Comment: This film is the most beautiful I've ever seen!
I have discovered a lot of things about myself thanks to it.
It's so erotic, so full of meaning...the greatest!
Sorry for my english, but I'm not to good!
You can write me if you want to speak with me.

Lara Love

Name: Debra
Country: usa Date: Wed Dec 24 04:40:28 2003
Comment: This movie was so amazing and very erotic! i loved it. [i cried too btw, lol] I felt everything the character had felt. It had so many different emotions, but i felt it all. It was such a great movie. I'm looking forward into buying it soon =). And this website is great. You have just about everything i wanted to look for, except the very erotic sexy pictures that were part of the move when Tory & Paulie made love.I wanted to show it to my gf, but i haven't found any yet. Anyway, HAPPY HOLIDAY

Name: Joanna
Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 22 06:22:52 2003
Comment: I love this means everything to me.
I do have one question...The song Sanctus what's it's English traslation, and how was it related to the movie. I guess I'm asking what's the meaning of the movie? If you could find that out I'd be very grateful. rage more.

Name: Paulie (Homepage)
Country: Italia Date: Tue Dec 16 17:10:30 2003
Comment: This site is very cool..
I love Lost and Delirious..
I love Piper Perabo!!!

Name: gwynna
Country: uk Date: Mon Dec 15 20:49:03 2003
Comment: Just seen this totally brilliant film!!! Cheers for the site.

Name: bianca
Country: Australia Date: Sun Dec 14 09:55:08 2003
Comment: i watched the movie while i was babysitting ,i felt so in touch with the movie and the characters i think trufully i know piper from a past life ???i guess that sounds weird but i love her!

Name: wendy
Country: KOREA Date: Sun Dec 14 04:56:04 2003
Comment: HELLO! I am girl from Korea.
Saw this movie so interestingly ~ last the first impression deep in the linen weave film happy ending be should like to ...
I want to exchange mail with foreigner friend who like movie contact

Name: Eddy
Country: Australia Date: Fri Dec 12 00:01:59 2003
Comment: At a time when most of the stuff shown on television is annoying drivel, it was great to see such a well-made and fascinating film. And by the way is it just my imagination or I am the only guy in the guest-book.?

Name: Kaydee
Country: U.S, Oregon Date: Thu Dec 11 01:38:18 2003
Comment: Lost and Delirious is an amazing movie, I 'm so glad I came across your website... I loved looking over the still-cap pictures and reading the script. Thank you.

Name: Cyndie
Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 9 02:14:54 2003
Comment: I have watched this movie 4 times, And I am completly amazed by Piper Perabo's performance. It's not often that you feel exactly what the charecter in the movie is going through, but I felt the love, the pain, ect., right along with her. She is a top actress and this movie is one of my top 5 of all time!! I would love to hear from fellow fans of the movie or Piper!

Name: Alicia
Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 3 22:46:13 2003
Comment: Wonderful site for a wonderful movie...When I seen the movie the first tyme it was with my gyrlfriend & it touched me in so many ways its just letting you know that you can fall in love with anybody it doesn't matter what gender it is you can't help who you love L&D is a movie for everyone to watch & has been at that stage where being in love its a heartwarming, beautiful movie Piper Perabo such a great ACTRESS! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK..=)

Name: Permafrost (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 3 04:18:08 2003
Comment: I have only seen the movie a couple of days ago. While i thought the bird could have been dealt without, with the exception of the ending, I thought it was a very lovely and romantic movie.
The kind of romance I starved for years ago when I still cared.
It was beautiful, and I only wish I could have been more experienced and open-minded in my quest for love....perhaps I could have connected with a female in such a way, and saved myself a lot of trouble.
I only have what's left to co

Name: Pam
Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 2 13:22:10 2003
Comment: I really appreciate the effort you put into this page. This movie is really worth it. And it deserves the contribute. Having this happen to me before (me as Paulie) it really helps to ease the pain. It could not have been a better movie. Thanks.

Name: Sabrine (Homepage)
Country: Brazil Date: Sun Nov 30 20:47:10 2003
Comment: Wow!!! i loved this web site. it's wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... i still didn't see this movie, but i see some parts..
its a wonderful love story.. its a deepest movie that i've already seen..
soo.. congratulations for the site!!.
kisses.. see ya!
Name: Rachel
Country: USA Date: Sat Nov 29 19:56:16 2003
Comment: I remember the day I saw Lost and Delirious. I was sitting on my couch and flipping through the HBO guide, when I first came across it. I read the info and I was su***ious to watch it because it mentioned lesbians, and in my heart, homosexuality isn 't exactly the most "right " thing in the world to be for. But I watched it anyway. My curiosity was killin ' me. Lost and Delirious changed me. I 'm a better person now after having watched it, and witnessed emotions that people go throug

Name: Rachel
Country: USA Date: Sat Nov 29 19:55:42 2003
Comment: I remember the day I saw Lost and Delirious. I was sitting on my couch and flipping through the HBO guide, when I first came across it. I read the info and I was su***ious to watch it because it mentioned lesbians, and in my heart, homosexuality isn't exactly the most "right" thing in the world to be for. But I watched it anyway. My curiosity was killin' me. Lost and Delirious changed me. I'm a better person now after having watched it, and witnessed emotions that people go through daily.

Name: Jennie (Homepage)
Country: Sweden Date: Mon Nov 24 13:29:51 2003
Comment: I saw this movie yesterday, it was so great and wonderful, but so sad! I didn't want it to end that way!

Name: ::.. s h e r a ..::
Country: AUS Date: Sun Nov 23 15:14:24 2003
Comment: wow, i stumbled across the movie a couple of weeks ago on SBS and ive been watching SBS lots since hehe. im bi and a teenager so its like i can relate so much with Piper's character and i was totally feeling what shes feeling and its scary like hell because its like finally someone understands how i feel. The movie's really awesome and this site is like the first site i found that has quite an info of the movie. awesome site, keep it up

Name: Serina
Country: ned Date: Tue Nov 18 19:26:43 2003
Comment: hey i liked the movie a lot i've seen it this summer ists sooo good


Name: Aurelia
Country: Date: Fri Nov 14 18:04:19 2003
Comment: sorry... i meant keep UP all the great work.... ;)

Name: Aurelia (Homepage)
Country: canada Date: Fri Nov 14 18:03:33 2003
Comment: awesome site guys!! this movie is soo great and Piper is amazing in it!! =)

keep us all the great work!!


Name: Carrie
Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 5 22:37:41 2003
Comment: Great site!! I accidently stumbled across this movie a month or so ago and am now looking for any and all info. about it! It's very touching... loving... passionate... Anyone have any info. about if it's availiable to rent/buy in stores, rather than buying over the internet? Thanks! And feel free to e-mail me, about L&D or whatever... :)

Name: Ana
Country: Brazil Date: Wed Nov 5 17:54:24 2003
Comment: Hello! I'm a brazilian girl, my english is not fluent but I hope make some friendships. I love this film and he change my life...very sensitive,emotional but extremally trully to, because when we fall in love...found your soul mate, we are able to make everything for this love. Ana

Name: Katerina (Homepage)
Country: Belarus Date: Wed Nov 5 09:27:07 2003
Comment: to Dreamer: спасибочки за замечание. Всё исправим, как только найдём время. Ещё раз спасибо:)

Name: Dreamer
Country: Date: Wed Nov 5 08:26:52 2003
Comment: Не за что, у вас в самом деле очень славный сайт:)

О неправильный линках:

Когда открыта русская версия сайта, там у вас есть два вида ссылок: левый столбец, и наверху. Так вот, наверху ссылки правильные только на странице "актерского состава". Как только переходишь на страницу ДВД, и тд, там все верхние ссылки не работают, потому что ссылаются на страницы на диске С, т.е. С/Meus Do***entos/L&D.


Name: Katerina (Homepage)
Country: Belarus Date: Tue Nov 4 20:51:06 2003
Comment: to Dreamer: спасибо за добрые слова:) Приятно знать, что и среди русскоговорящего населения есть почитатели данного фильма. Будет просто отлично, если Вы пришлёте нам свои отзывы:)
Что касается ссылок, то не могли бы Вы уточнить какие конкретно там есть ошибки, т.к. лично я всё только что проверила и вроде бы всё нормально. Всё равно, спасибо за критику. Наш сайт ещё молодой и мы все заитересованы в том, чтобы он был лучше:)

Name: Dreamer
Country: Date: Tue Nov 4 16:10:06 2003
Comment: Здорово, что есть сайт на русском!! Спасибо!
Постараюсь тоже написать впечатления..
Только исправльте пожалуйста ссылки, а то ошибок много, ни в другой раздел не перейти, ни картинки посмотреть:(

Name: Sabrina C (Homepage)
Country: France Date: Sun Nov 2 23:33:19 2003
Comment: Hello, Great Site !!! (sorry my english is poor)... Iv an lost and delirious website too but in French... come if you want...

Name: Pat
Country: Australia Date: Fri Oct 31 10:54:34 2003
Comment: I 'd never heard of this film before it aired on SBS, the movie itself was good but Piper Perabo was outstanding...its hard to believe this was the same person who was in stuff like Coyote Ugly. Hope she gets some more good roles as she can really act.

Name: cynthia barnhill
Country: America Date: Thu Oct 30 20:38:58 2003
Comment: this movie was awesome, it was very realistic. An reminds me of when I was in high school. I just obviosly didn 't committ suicide. But I was so like Paulie.

Name: Shirley
Country: USA Date: Thu Oct 30 02:27:52 2003
Comment: I truly have to say that Lost and Delirious is the best movie that I've ever seen in my life! Your site totally rocks and it's really great that L&D is finally getting some recognition! Keep up the great work!!!

Name: Nicholas Argiroudis (Homepage)
Country: Australia Date: Mon Oct 27 00:39:06 2003
Comment: I think its about time Lost and Delirious recieved some form of recognition. The film is fascinating to say the least and the performance by Piper Perabo and the rest of the crew was astounding. One of the greatest films yet. My sincerest appreciation goes out to the creator of this site. A JOB WELL DONE!!!

Name: nobody special
Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 26 22:16:08 2003
Comment: This movie was pretty good but it was sad. It makes me think about the world a lot. The song "Autumn's Monologue" from Autumn to Ashes reminds me of Paulie and Tori and their relationship.

Name: Lihi Cohen
Country: Israel Date: Sun Oct 26 21:18:03 2003
Comment: Hi!
I just wanted to say that your site is beautiful, and that it's a great idea to do this for this movie, cause it is one of the best movies ever!
you know? the funny rhing is, Micha Barton (Mary B) acted in a t.v series calld "once and again" and there she played a lesbien girl... so it kind of funny...
anyways, thanks a lot, and i'm sorry about my heavy misspeld words, i'm from Israel, so "go easy on my..."
bye bye ;) Lihi Cohen

Name: Joseph
Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 24 12:29:04 2003
Comment: Wow! Great stuff on Piper. I can remember when I was recovery from surgery in a veterans hospital when we turned on HBO and saw Piper with a sword in hand, You see we had to do fencing as part of our physical therapy. So every time L/D came on the whole ward would go nuts.

Name: sway
Country: aust Date: Fri Oct 24 11:52:15 2003
Comment: it would be better if it had the movie to download off the site otherwise its great!

Name: Cathy
Country: Australia Date: Thu Oct 23 10:19:22 2003
Comment: I just wanted to convey my surprise at this movie touching so many people, even a bunch of Aussies like myslef who saw it for the 1st time last weekend (probably had never heard of it), and were inspired enough to search for further insights here on the www.

I was blown away by this movie mostly because I was also in love with a girl who broke it off because of her own personal issues. Lucky for me, I'm a bit more stable than Paulie and am still standing strong!

Name: Dale Z
Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 21 23:07:28 2003
Comment: Nice page. I only just finished watching the film 20 minutes ago and had to come get some more depth on it. That in itself is odd seeing as im a 19 year old male...but still ... Great film. Great site. keep up the good work.

Name: Peter Michael
Country: ireland Date: Mon Oct 20 01:35:28 2003
Comment: Great Film - Great Acting - PIPER IS THE BEST AS USUAL.

Name: shaun
Country: Australia Date: Sun Oct 19 14:09:11 2003
Comment: wazzup.....Im 18 and a skater,i watched the movie last nite b4 goin out to this party and i really enjoyed every aspect of it, if you want to chat to me feel free to email or chat on msn messenger

Name: Alexis
Country: Australia Date: Sun Oct 19 09:18:40 2003
Comment: Thnak you for putting together such an informative site. There is some really interesting and detailed information about the movie which I enjoyed reading through. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into maintaining this great website and I will be sure to reccomend it to anybody who I know enjoyed this film as much as I did

Name: Clayton
Country: Australia Date: Sun Oct 19 07:25:32 2003
Comment: Saw the movie on SBS last night 18.10.03 and enjoyed it, thought I would do some research on the film and actors and this is where it took me.
Great Site Well Done

Name: Clayton
Country: Australia Date: Sun Oct 19 07:24:37 2003
Comment: Saw the movie on SBS last night 18.10.03 and enjoyed it, thought I would do some research on the film and actors and this is where it took me.
Great Site Well Done

Name: Hayley
Country: Australia Date: Sun Oct 19 05:25:52 2003
Comment: I sam Lost and Delirious recently and really enjoyed it. The acting by the three girls was exceptional. Your site is quite informative and it is interesting to read another person 's persepective on the film. Thankyou

Name: C
Country: Date: Thu Oct 16 14:03:45 2003
Comment: ta da! finally i'm here ;)
man, good job guys! what a great site! i really love this place already. thanks for your hard work 'n time.
keep up the great work!

Name: Rhoda
Country: HK Date: Thu Oct 16 07:02:18 2003
Comment: I really appreciate you (Mila, Kate & Stef) to provide us a wonderful website and I love it very much. You have done a great job. Keep up!!

Name: ire
Country: Date: Tue Oct 14 11:17:08 2003
Comment: Beautiful site, both the graphic and the contents. I like it.

Sorry for my horrible english,

Name: Greg
Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 14 08:51:08 2003
Comment: Great site. Great movie.

Name: Nicole
Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 14 01:16:23 2003
Comment: I watched Lost and Delirious for the first time , a few days ago and cried. I watched it for the second time and cried again. Well.. I watched it for the third time.. and yes.... i cried again.
Piper's performance was so powerful. It touched me to tears. Her character paulie, hit home for me, and I have in the past felt some of those exact emotions. Great site, i love it. Piper could be the next Angelina Jolie =)

Name: Emma
Country: UK Date: Sat Oct 11 11:07:07 2003
Comment: great website for a great film!

How about adding a fan-fiction section, so people can elaborate on how Tori & Paulie were a couple before the story in the movie.

Name: Mila, Kate and Stef (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sat Oct 11 07:48:05 2003
Comment: Hi and welcome... our site! we dedicated our site to – as we believe - the greatest movie ever: "Lost and Delirious" directed by Lea Pool in 2001. We want to offer you an excellent resource for
detailed information about L&D. It would give
us great pleasure if you sign our guestbook and we hope you enjoy our site as much as watching this masterpiece of a movie itself.

Mila, Kate and Stef

Name: Ant
Country: Malta Date: Wed Oct 1 00:37:36 2003
Comment: Heya!
When i saw the site finished, after loads of work you three did i was like "WOooW!!". It's an incredible job you did guys and it's the best site for the best movie ever!!
It's just so great!

Well done,

"My bounty is boundless, just like the sea. The more i give to thee, the more i have for thee, for Both"

Name: Katerina
Country: Belarus Date: Tue Sep 30 15:17:07 2003
Comment: Hi guys!

Thanks Nio for your warm words:) But the greatest respect to Mila! She totally changed the layout of our site and did a lot of great things! Great job!

Name: Nio (Homepage)
Country: Jakarta Date: Mon Sep 29 16:59:52 2003
Comment: WooOOooOOoOW! This site is soooooo...great!! i don't have words to describe..i mean this movie means alot for me it change me, my vision about love, about my past and my future, and getting the chance to meet the L&D family(getting better i hope)and become a member of the family..
Bravo Stefan, Bravo Katerina, Bravo Marce, Bravo to all who contribute to this's so wonderful..Bravo..Two thumbs up!!

Name: Stef
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Comment: Welcome to the homepage of "A Tribute to Lost and Delirious".

We hope you enjoy our site as much as watching this masterpiece of a movie itself.

Mila, Kate and Stef