The Original Lost and Delirious Soundtrack 
by Yves Chamberland aka Apjiw

order the soundtrack here

order the soundtrack here

The hazard arranges the things sometimes.

During summertime 2000 I worked in a studio in Montreal. A couple of months before I’ve read a very interesting novel: The wives of Bath by Susan Swan. While I was working in my studio someone knocked at the door. It was the film director Lea Pool. She listened by chance from the next room the piece I was playing, one of my compositions. She has been impressed by the music and she talked to me about the film production she was involved into: Lost and delirious. Incredibly, the movie was inspired by the book of Susan Swan! Then, you know what happened afterwards.

There have passed by a lot of “things” in my life since a year. Everything began with the composition of my new CD, “Things”, and with the meeting with an extraordinary artist from Romania.

Let’s get back in time a bit. There are several years since I was teenager and i was a music addict in all ways. I was absorbed by everything concerning the alternative genres: Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, Steve Reich, Pink Floyd. I have to say that, during the period when I was playing drums i made part of a band that interpreted the pieces of Genesis, King Crimson and Yes. But I had a strong interest also in roots music by then. It’s the same moment when I exchanged my drums for a minimoog… well… for a small mixer and multi-track recorder, so that to be able to compose. Under the title of Yves Chamberland, Janitor’s Animated and recenntly Apjiw i conceived ballet and theatre music and also documentary soundtracks.

Back to the last year: i made several trips in Romania, a country where i felt like home from the first moment. Well… eventually i moved in Bucharest and I will start working on theatre projects soon and preparing my next album. Hope you will appreciate the Lost and Delirious soundtrack and my new album titled : "things".  

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July 2009, Yves Chamberland aka Apjiw


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