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Tori, Paulie, and Mouse go out jogging. Tori notices that Mouse isn't speaking, and she looks as if she's having a difficult time breathing. This might be partly due to her physical condition and partly because she's still thinking about what's going on between Paulie and Tori.

Suddenly they hear the crying sounds of a bird. They stop running and see a bird standing on the ground in the leaves. It looks like it might be hurt.

Paulie: "Whoa, whoa! Oh shit!!"

Tori: "Oh my god! It's soo beautiful"

Tori steps forward.

Paulie puts her arm back in front of Tori.

Paulie: "Don't touch it, if you don't wanna get bit."
Actually this raptors name is Woody and he belongs to a company called the Canadian Raptor Conservancy. It is a Harris Hawk. The raptor is controlled by a few voice commands it learned since its birth when it was feed.